#HatchKids are Challenged to Disconnect from Social Media and Group Texting for a Week

I do a lot of things with my phone each day. I go on YouTube… probably some Netflix. I check Instagram. I go on Safari and, like, watch Youtube videos. Check my texts… I go on Snapchat. I use my phone a lot as a stress relief because there are a lot of things I have going on in my life. I think, like, 90 percent of my friendships, like, rely on my phone. Like, I feel like I wouldn’t have any friends if I didn’t have my phone. “On average, how often and how many hours do you use your phone, iPad, laptop for non-school related activities?” Three hours or somethi- I don’t know. About four hours a day. An hour and 45 minutes to two hours a day. Five… probably. “How many of you think you can go without your phone for a whole day?” “Who could do that for one week?” “Who can do that for one month?” “We’re going to ask each of you to give up all social media, video viewing, social texting, all the fun stuff on your phone… for one whole week.” NO! What about?! I’m crying. I don’t like this. Um, like, can we group text like, um two people? No. “Your parents have all signed off on this.” “How does that make you feel now?” Betrayed. Stressed. Nervous?

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