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this show is completely out of control
Harley Quinn is a blast of the character and she’s not she is trying to extract
herself from the Joker’s let me try to maniacally laughs and Harlequin is
striking out on her own become the criminal queen pin of Gotham City I am
more than just Joker’s and girlfriend there you go
Kaley really embraced a I’m gonna just give the craziest
performance I can and then start to figure out exactly where it should live
it’s me dickhead everyone watching this is like oh my god
and the other day this is a show that has super villains and super heroes so
it needs to have awesome battles and crazy fights and shit exploding you know
it is sort of a nexus of no punches pulled action with comedy that kind of
diverges between highbrow and lowbrow let’s hear the name Harley Quinn I want
them to pick themselves I want to taste of that you want to taste it okay we
have a rogue’s gallery of comedic actors you take these superheroes who are
always on and they say the wonderful speeches but what’s going on behind the
scenes something about having some friends over to the house for a barbecue
no we love what we’re doing and we care about what we’re doing and a bunch of
nerds making it happen this is the biggest badass in the world bring it bitch

100 thoughts on “Harley Quinn | Coming Soon | DC Universe | The Ultimate Membership

  1. thing about Harley is she is one of the most tragic comic character, lets hope they bring those sad moment and feels to the show

  2. This Harley Quinn is way better than the Harley Quinn we saw in Batman the Brave and the Bold series. And why do they keep changing voice actresses for Harley every time? Just stick with Tara Strong.

  3. remove worst actors tom holland chris patt ryan reynolds chris mcavoy to make movies 10 fold better and so they wont ruin the movies and characters story etc

  4. 00:19–00:22 There letting a Schumaker work on a Batman project AGAIN!?!?!?!?!? HAVE THEY LEARNED NOTHING!!?!?!??!

  5. Glad I live in America to watch my favorite DC TV-MA shows Titans,Doom patrol,Harley Quinn and soon Star girl when it comes to the app.

  6. But was there a need to shoehorn in a big star name as Harley's VA though? There is already a group of tested and proven actresses whose voices audiences have come to associate with Harley.

  7. I hope there’s a physical release, I want to watch the show but I don’t want to add another subscription service to my bills

  8. I didn't see Tara Strong in the casting. Whats going on? There wasn't even an accent. Still have high hopes for it tho.

  9. DC: Hey marvel meet Harley quinn the show a.k.a the show deadpool could have been
    Marvel: Tayler Swift be damned give deadpool his show dc can not win the game of shows (or animated shows).

  10. If they have her beat one of the Batman family members in a hand to hand fight the show is trash and really she wants people to be afraid of her more then the joker joker has cut his own face off yea you’re no where near on his league so hun

  11. I guess everyone forgot when she helped the joker spoof superman and got supes to kill pregnant lois lane and then nuke metropolis that led to the deaths of more than 10 million people. But, hey! Let's give her a zany cartoon!

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