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hey guys were up here again with supplement corty calm and it today's review we're going to be talking about a product called hard-on helper if you haven't guessed it from the name of the product it's a supplement that's designed to help improve sexual function and control and basically get you heart and keep you hard as always I'm going to talk a little bit about who makes this stuff the ingredients all that kind of fun stuff before I jump into my personal results but if you'd like to skip ahead to my review you could just click on the link in the description box below it'll take you to my website supplement corty calm or go into my personal results but this particular supplement so anyway hard-on helper is a product that was developed by a gentleman named dr. seltzer he developed the product way back in the day called hangover helper which is you may have guessed was supposed to help with hangovers he sold a ton of this product back in the early 1980s and I believe he ended up selling it off to a company located in Boca Raton Florida for a whole bunch of money and after this he ended up retiring to South America I believe to pursue his main interests which apparently was women while he was there he started noticing that he was having issues down there and he started to experiment with various types of herbal remedies smoked all sorts of stuff and he even worked with a couple of local herbalist to develop some sort of a remedy that would actually help with with getting the Hartigan and this is apparently how hard on helper was born if you take a look at the ingredients label here you'll notice that it's pretty substantially different for most of the other fast-acting pills out there normally you'll see things like l-arginine yohimbe ginkgo biloba catuaba bark extract but in this case the only greens that are actually relatively familiar to me at least our immediate red ginseng American ginseng and wild yam almost all these other ingredients are completely new to me and I'm not going to really go into any kind of details about exactly how each of them work it's sort of boring but I do have all this info on my site so just you know check it out there if you're interested in it the one thing that actually caught my eye about this product is that they actually show the exact amounts of each ingredient on their website this is actually unusual most companies hide behind what's known as a proprietary formula which is really just a fancy way of saying you know we're not gonna tell you exactly what we're putting in this stuff so anyway as far as my my personal results if you've been following my videos for any length of time you know that I've tested out dozens of these so-called male enhancement pills some of them have worked fairly well most of them didn't really do anything and some of them worked really well but gave me someone like the worst side-effects that you could possibly imagine for example I tried out a pill called the Rhino eight not too long ago and it actually worked really well gave me a massive boner I could definitely have sex for hours it felt like and it even felt like I lasted for a couple of days if you look at the label here they categorically state that there is no headache but do you want to know what the actual worst thing about run away it was it was the headaches when I was originally contacted by the guys over at hard-on helper they actually asked me if you know they could send over some samples for testing I said sure why not send them over and I'll you know see if I can get around to testing it out mind you if you look at the front of their label it says no headaches pretty prominently in the in the upper right hand corner here as you can probably imagine I was a little kind of hesitant you know to even think about trying this product out based on my previous results I ended up getting a box of 24 pills I think it was from them a couple days later and I kind of just threw it on on top of my boxes of supplements um I get a ton of supplements sent to me I probably get anywhere between two maybe three requests per day and in most cases I really don't get a chance to even test them because they're just you know there's only a couple of us here and there's only so many supplements that we can test I mentioned in a in a previous review probably about a month ago I've been having some some erection issues lately I would probably attribute this to the fact that my testosterone levels seems to have quarter sort of taken like a pretty massive hit this year um when I had them checked back in like 2014 my free testosterone levels clocked in and around somewhere around like fifteen point eight picograms per milliliters I was about 32 maybe 32 and a half at that point and at the time that was actually on the higher end of the spectrum so if you fast-forward to this last October a month and a half ago or so they'd actually fallen to twelve point seven picograms Pro no leader which is almost a 20 percent drop I think it's like nineteen point six percent I don't think I have to explain to you that that's a pretty substantial impact on my and my overall sex drive and it's sort of been kind of a pain in the ass recently so anyways the pills basically sat on my big boxes of supplements here collecting dust for maybe like three or four weeks I said the hell of it one day I just decided to pop one of them um I actually didn't really think of anything of it for like the rest of the day I hit up the gym for like maybe a minute after work after even workout or so and then almost literally out of nowhere to kind of hit me I was like in the right in the middle of doing squats and right as I was finishing up like maybe my third or fourth set I started to get this massive boner and I'm talking massive boner it literally it just kind of came out of nowhere and I kind of had to do this like stealthily ninja like tuck in the top of my shorts I kind of like turned away from the gym so that nobody would see me doing it it was actually a little embarrassing but it started to go away after you know a couple of minutes but um then I was on my way on my way home probably about five minutes into my drive and I was just kind of thinking about this this hot chick that I solved the gym and in literally what felt like seconds it was like boom I got this another massive erection I got home like I don't know maybe ten minutes later so I went straight to my office and I just rubbed one out as fast as I could I will definitely say with 120% certainty that this was probably one of the most massive erections and orgasms that I've had probably close to a year a couple hours later my wife gets home from the gym and she just comes walking in she's looking real sexy in her yoga pants and she's got this like tight tank top on and it just kind of hits me again I get this massive boner I'm not gonna go into the details but obviously you know I can assure you that it ended it ended very well so one of the things that they mentioned on the directions label here is that it lasts for days this wasn't actually the case for me I would say realistically it probably for maybe a day day and a half tops I would probably atribute this to my metabolism and also to the fact that I drink a lot of water every day probably about a gallon or so so you know it may have got washed out of my system quicker than maybe what it's supposed to as far as where to buy as of this review I think it's available in some Adam and Eve shops those are like sex stores I think just in the Jacksonville Florida area I guess they have plans on maybe getting in other stores but that's where they're starting off for now you could also find it on their website which I'll put a link to in the description box below a one pill package costs about 10 bucks so it's a little expensive on a per pill basis but of course just like with most other supplements if you order larger quantities they're gonna give you a bigger discount all in all I would say that this is literally one of the best fact fast-acting pills I've ever used I've been recommending any extent for the longest time a lot of guys have some issues with the you heavy content and extend an extent if they have a heart condition or something like that they can't take anything with stimulants in it and because you know Hemis a stimulant they they can't take that stuff like I mentioned earlier you know I've tested dozens of these fast-acting pills really the only ones that ended up working were the ones that contains some sort of illegal ingredient and them they would work really well but I would get like the worst headaches from them and all sorts of other like side effects that more or less you know kind of didn't make worth you know worth using this was definitely not the case with with hard-on helper it gave me a great erection there was no side effects at all and it's definitely worth giving it a try you know you've been having any kind of problems in this area that's pretty much all I have for hard on helper if you have any questions just leave them in the comment section below or you can send me an email to contact at supplement critique comm and I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible you know we're back soon with on our review take care

9 thoughts on “Hardon Helper Review

  1. Thank you for information and it works I like it. It works different for everybody. Sometimes it kicks in right away or later its very different its work

  2. Couple of quick pointers through my experience: 1) Alcohol and this product don't mix 2) Stay hydrated/drink plenty of water for best results 3) Take two hours before 4) Enjoy the ride as it does wonders

  3. Gave me migraines every other day. Took it in March and it’s still occurring. Lost my job because of them. Product works but this side effect has ruined my life

  4. Did it have you any type of headaches? I went through the same issue with Rhino to the point i had to go ton-the ER so im kind of scared of using anything.

  5. Thinking of hot chick on the drive home…………wife comes home later…………don't love your wife much, huh? I'm sure she feels just great knowing you are drooling over women other than her. I see an STD in your future.

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