Happy International Women’s Day 2019

The main struggle I’ve faced being a woman coming into the field of technology was the lack of representation of women. I guess a struggle that I’ve come across is judgment right off the bat, when
someone sees me they believe I might not know enough. It’s a very much
male-dominated field still but there’s definitely room for women and we belong
here just as much and it’s important for especially younger girls to have these
role models in the STEM field that they can look up to because, you know,
education is not based upon gender and we can learn just as much as men do and
it’s really important for young girls to see successful women in tech. As a strong woman you shouldn’t run away from challenges. You should look at it in the
eye and just wink, because the most alluring thing a woman can have is
confidence. We can’t just rely on men to fill these jobs. We need more women, we need more diversity, and just for posterity for the ones coming after us to see that they too
belong in the field and that technology should not be seen as a male dominated
industry, it should be open to any and everyone. So yeah, coming into Drexel
freshman year last year I did transition from my high school to college in a
field that I didn’t really quite know about so I was very anxious and confused
as to where I want my life to be, but I was introduced to the Women in Computing Society and Freshwomen Cohort. It was a very open community where they told me
their stories and motivated me to keep going. So in my freshman year I joined
program the Freshwomen Cohort Program and their aim was to really retain the number of our girls that remained in CCI. Coming
into sophomore year, I also started networking with other CCI professors. I join
organizations like the National Society of Black Engineers and I really expanded my
network by using LinkedIn to really connect with other students who are in the field and who
also wanted to build a community that was inclusive and that was diverse. While I’ve been a
student here on top of, you know, just being involved in the student body here
at Drexel, I’ve also been a CCI peer mentor so I’ve been able to interact
with a bunch of the freshmen in CCI and it’s been great meeting so many bright
young women that are just starting their careers at Drexel and I’ve really gotten
to know a few of them and they’re so smart and it’s just – it’s wonderful to
see so many women at CCI and personally, as a student, there’s many
women faculty that I’ve had the privilege of working with and having as
my professors and I’ve really looked up to them as successful women in computing. I am a woman who will continue to use her voice to speak up about matters that affect us all. Happy International Women’s Day. Happy International Women’s Day. Happy International Women’s Day!

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