Haikyuu!! Matsuri – Day Event – Member Introductions (Eng Sub)

After losing to Aoba Johsai – (Karasuno High School
Volleyball Club) Karasuno begins to move again. “Fly” Sides: “Fly”
Center: “Haikyuu!!” Hinata Shouyo Kageyama Tobio Sawamura Daichi Sugawara Koushi Azumane Asahi Tanaka Ryuunosuke Nishinoya Yuu Ennoshita Chikara Tsukishima Kei Yamaguchi Tadashi Shimizu Kiyoko Yachi Hitoka Haikyuu!! Matsuri We will now be doing… …Karasuno High School Volleyball Club’s… Member Intoductions First year, Middle Blocker, Hinata Shouyo’s actor – Murase Ayumu “Send your toss to me!” First year, Setter, Kageyama Tobio’s actor – Ishikawa Kaito “As long as I’m here, you’re invincible!” Third year, Wing Spiker, Sawamura Daichi’s actor – Hino Satoshi “Let’s go and stand there again – at Tokyo’s Orange Court!” Third year, Setter, Sugawara Koushi’s actor – Irino Miyu “My teammates are definitely strong.” Third year, Wing Spiker, Azumane Asahi’s actor – Hosoya Yoshimasa “Send me the next one – I’ll make sure it scores!” Second year, Wing Spiker, Tanaka Ryuunosuke’s actor – Hayashi Yuu “If you underestimate us, we’ll eat you alive.” Second year, Libero, Nishinoya Yuu’s actor – Okamoto Nobuhiko “Rolling Thunder!” Second year, Wing Spiker, Ennoshita Chikara’s actor – Masuda Toshiki “As long as you guys aren’t giving up, I will do my best.” First year, Middle Blocker, Tsukishima Kei’s actor – Uchiyama Kouki “Uselessly hot-blooded people irritate me.” First year, Middle Blocker, Yamaguchi Tadashi’s actor – Saito Soma “Please teach me the jump floater serve!” Third year, Manager, Shimzu Kiyoko’s actor – Nazuka Kaori “”Do… Do your best.” First year, Manager, Yachi Hitoka’s actor – Morohoshi Sumire “I-I’m Yachi Hitoka. It’s very nice to meet you!” And now we welcome our important
audience to today’s festival event
with their support for everyone!

61 thoughts on “Haikyuu!! Matsuri – Day Event – Member Introductions (Eng Sub)

  1. wahhh thanks for subbing this. i was hoping you could do for the rest of the event.. huhu it's quite hard for me to find the full video for the event btw nice job <3

  2. Haha the female seiyuus didn't get much of a scream from the audience. Makes sense….considering the majority of the audience are filled with females.

  3. I love how other seiyuu say something inspirational or something then Nobuhiko (Noya's VA) be like "ROLLING THUNDERRRRRRRRRRR!!"

  4. I hope I find an eng subbed version of matsuri soon. ;-; please tell me if youve found one, take pity on my poor soul. (lol)

  5. 細谷さんかっこいいっっっっっ´∀`)=⊃)`Д゚);、;'.・グホォ

  6. 旭さんとか田中さんの時歓声ちっちゃくない…?…

  7. Audience: yamaguchi and tsukkishima pops KYAAAA!!!

    Me: sees a small glimpse of sugawara KYAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! maniky screams

  8. Yachi’s seiyuu is just 16 year-old in this event, but she looks quite calm. Must be the result of being an actress and seiyuu for more than 10 years.

  9. 縁下くんの笑顔が眩しい
    潔子先輩の「が、がんばれ」の前にスっと静かになるの本当に好きです 潔子さぁぁぁん

  10. Emiko: Kiyoko-chan is already beautiful in the anime and now her voice actor is beautiful it makes me jelly most especially when Nishinoya-kun is talking about her pouts whispers I wish he would also pay attention to me not just her tries not to cry

    Nishinoya: Emiko-san! Kiyoko-san talked to me! jumps up and down

    Emiko:R-really? good for you then fakes a smile

    Nishinoya: But what I really want is for Emiko-san to talk to me everyday smiles


    (WTF am I doing?! T~T Gomene for this!!!!)

  11. ノヤっさん(岡本さん)の時、

  12. 皆さんいい声過ぎて耳が昇天しそうなんですが。

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