Hai Thanh Niên Đo Ruộng ( Xóm 5 ) – Nghĩa Phong social group

I’m gonna be hard way now boy I’m up with a lot like you oh my my my my gosh I know right now I know a guy oh my god you don’t like well I gala oh why you rock all night but hey I’m gonna lie nigga where you guys online I one night Bella mm I your item a loaded on now my you’re a liar I yeah Domo hai may I got whenever we have right now why you wanna man you are my only one come on my right and my you don’t I’m and slow I got go away but Lee bye y’all I yahoo there one long when my yard am I don’t know I’m right anytime got the highway hold on i’ll be waitin on y’all all right but I will get right you’re working with like I’m long ago ohio i got in my my you’re a guy why you like i am on a call haha goodnight my love don’t die without you Oh y’all good one I am not yet oh wait I gotta go mama alright i’m leaving i will come on there are you little rat y’all ready oh mama llego by you are you right oh yeah I know y’all one you no longer

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