HACKED emails from George Soros Open Society Foundation Shows Involvement in American Foreign Policy

You know, I’m not a particularly
religious guy. In fact, I’m an atheist. But I was raised a fundamentalist christian
and my parents still believe that eating watermelon and prayer are a better cure for
cancer than chemotherapy, but I’m getting a little off the point. Every time one of
these leaks happens whether it’s the Panama papers or the DNC leaks
or whatever a certain Bible passage always comes to my mind. And that is, “all
that is secret will eventually be brought into the open and everything that is
concealed will be brought to light and made known to all.” I like this passage.
And I happen to think that it’s true. And more so true today than ever before
because of the Internet. Thank you God! (that I don’t believe in) So
George Soros, everybody’s favorite George Soros the shadowy IMF World Bank
government policy manipulator billionaire super billionaire has been
hacked! YES! More than 2,500 files from Soros’
organization the open society have been leaked by hackers who run a site called
DC leaks. A site which claims to be launched by American hacktivists who
respect and appreciate freedom of speech, human rights, and government of the
people, of course in this age of rapid disinfo you know we got to take
everything with a grain of salt so.. Anyway now all 2576 of these files are
just sitting on this DC leaks webpage waiting to be combed through. They’re also
grouped into sections such as, ‘geographical regions’ ‘the world bank’
and ‘the president’s office’ quotes Whatever that might be. And they cover the period of time from
2008 right up to 2016. Apparently documents in this leak reveal a range of
priorities like specific financial grants and reports on European elections (not creepy at all) migration hmm and
asylum inside of Europe another big hmmm. ? ..scratch your chin. With one paper titled:
“Somalis in European cities portfolio review” As always, never take anyone’s word for anything,
not even mine. You can actually see the leaks right now
personally yourself I’ll have all the links in the description. If you read
their mission statement they say: “we believe US citizens have the right to
know how domestic and foreign policies of the United States are shaped and who
the real policy maker is our aim is to find out and tell you the truth about
the u.s. decision making process as well as about the key elements of American
political life.” Okay fair enough. I appreciate that. I’d
love to believe that. Either way, even if the group’s ulterior motive is to
influence the outcome of the election. I actually don’t care as long as the info
is confirmed to be true. Then that SHOULD influence the election. That SHOULD
influence who you vote for. Lies by omission are still lies. I wholeheartedly
support full transparency in government. And even if it is indeed Russia leaking
the info quite frankly I don’t give a shit. It’s keeping our elections honest. I
think that’s a big deal. Now of course Bloomberg and other
establishment media outlets are trying to do damage control and instead of
addressing what’s actually contained in the hacks Bloomberg and another’s are
just saying you know it was Russia. Just concentrate on Russia just keep saying
Russia Russia Russia Russia. And another interesting point about the
Bloomberg sort of coverage of it is that it was immediate. It’s one of the oldest stories in the
last few days as the hack broke the news of the hack broke. Bloomberg, like
almost a minute later released a damage-control article. Even though DC
leaks has released previous emails from NATO secretary himself
general Philip mark Breedlove (hopefully I’m pronouncing that correctly) which
showed him egging on Obama. Egging on President Obama to start a u.s. conflict
against Russia over Crimea. Now speaking of foreign conflicts and provoking
hostilities with Russia another interesting article which was an opinion
piece that George Soros wrote, this article he wrote this article back in
February. Saying that, Putin is a bigger threat to Europe’s existence than ISIS!
Now considering all the events that have gone down since February, since he wrote
this article. I really want people to think about that. I really want you to
think about that. If you read his opinion piece. You can see just how soft this guy
George Soros is on ISIS and you know.. Hmmm… Again, hmmmm.. I wonder why? I wonder why? Could it be
because this is the very same radical group that the u.s. financed and help
grow inside of Libya to get rid of Moammar Qaddafi and is now trying to
overthrow Assad inside of Syria? The same terrorists who have been committing
countless attacks in Europe??? Hmm…? Big ‘hmmms’ a lot of big ‘HMMMMMMMs’ Remember, this is the same man who had a
somewhat controversial hush-hush White House meeting with obama’s ISIS Czar! No
red flags there and if you want to know just how in bed Obama is with this Soros character just
visit his son’s Instagram page. Now, this is what I call: “connecting the
dots” you know.. You don’t think that these people are manipulating where the United
States goes with their foreign policy at all? Here’s Alex Soros. George Soros’ son
bragging about how he’s hanging out with Barack Obama the president of the united
states who just stopped in for what? A fucking snack and some basketball
chitchat??? Hmmm somehow I doubt that. I find it
highly unlikely that the president of the United States during his busy schedule presumably busy schedule golfing with Republicans and secret handshakes, decided to personally visit
this guy at his home for what? Shits and giggles? Nah. I don’t think so So let that show you the pure influence
these people have over our leaders. “Our leaders” ..you know I hate that phrase but
unfortunately the way the system is set up…you know those who govern us under
threat of imprisonment, policymakers, people who keep marijuana as a schedule
1 drug even though their daughter gets to smoke it publicly at Lollapalooza! *SIGH* These people are hypocrites and liars.
They deserve to be exposed. I’m glad when this happens, I’m glad when
there are hacks. Even if these people are foreign governments or some kind of
opposition foreign opposition I don’t care. These people need to be exposed! They’re (the leakers)
doing patriotic work. And if we do that for other countries that’s good because
it empowers the normal people the ordinary citizens. That’s what we want. That’s what I would like to see
presumably. Well, I would like to see a system where we don’t have to deal with
this amount of corruption. It’s so blatant you know.. I would love it if
there was nothing for hackers to find but unfortunately our our government is
essentially like just like the Russian government is and that’s a shame because
this is the United States and you know of course we all want better than that.
And some people are hanging their hopes on Trump of course and I don’t want to
go into Trump but anyway.. One last thing before I end this video,
I’m going to show you a few more pictures from Alex Soros’ Instagram
account. Speaking of the 2016 elections
coming up in November.. And I’ll just let you come to your own conclusions based
on the photos that you see. Peace.

17 thoughts on “HACKED emails from George Soros Open Society Foundation Shows Involvement in American Foreign Policy

  1. I want to say one thing about Trump, he is not a lifelong politician, he did not start all this bullshit we are dealing with in DC. Judge him by his actions and results, see what he can really do, the man can't be bought like these people have, realize that! realize he wants to help, and who better than someone who knows the inside working of corporations. he's admitted to befriending people in both sides of the aisle to put his businesses forward, but which one of these suckers hasn't, he knows exactly what people like Soros will try. That is why he says he is running against the media. Lame stream media is the one trying to make him look bad, it wouldn't matted if so many sheep did not believe it, but they do. they believe these liars. I have faith in him. You all should take a big long look at why they hate him so much, THEY ARE ALL CONNECTED. THEY KNOW HE IS NOT ONE OF THEM.

  2. Soros has never earned an honest dime in his life , he sucks the lifeblood out of millions for his own agenda. He is a wanted criminal and should have his funds frozen and be jailed.

  3. Good young man!! You have a great capacity to follow a stink to its source. Keep it up! The West needs you. And with the West viable, there is some hope for the rest of the World's peoples. Anti-NWO Western nations patriotism is the true Internationalism of today!

  4. OBSERVER EFFECT (SEE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHSra0Wqx1I ).
    Police State cameras & spying on citizens is the most important social engineering tool simply because people change their behavior if they know they are being observed. Conversely, the observed refuse to observe back & and bury their heads in sports, fashion, spiritism, religion, nationalism, partisanship, social networking, video games, & other distractions (At least pornsters still have some feeling left). For over 40 years I have travelled the country trying to raise awareness on environmental & peace awareness and only met two men who persistently cared. One was beaten and left for dead, but still persists and the other still struggles. When I point to the obvious chemtrails in the sky enviro-NAZIS refuse to look up knowing that their NWOrgnisations refute what even governments now admit to. Green Peace & Green Parties force out any government official that tries to expose this ecoside.


    Not to rule out revolution but the change is only superficial & temporary but if the observers know they are being observed they to will change their behavior. WHEN THE HERD IGNORES THE PREDATOR THE PREDATOR WILL BE OVERTAKEN BY A KILL FRENZY TO DESTROY THE SICK HERD AS A FORCE OF NATURE. Play dead & you will be.

    Is free speech only for those who have naught to say?
    Do you really think free spirits will just go away?
    It'd be easier for you to hold your breath for a day
    for Nature does not really work that way.

    As stewards of Freedom… WE CAN ADAPT.
    Oppressors can't… It is they who are trapped.
    They would rather see Freedom scrapped
    for at passion, and love, they are not so adept.

    As for us… Our words are our children
    and we'll defend them with equal passion
    for we are of the comprehension:
    Greatness is forged on the Anvil of Oppression.
    Any Questions?



    Disclosed in the leaks: “THE GOAL WILL BE TWO-FOLD:

    (1) To persuade President Obama to secure a legacy of transparent,
    accountable, and rights-respecting DRONE use by the time he leaves
    office in January 2017

    (2) “In countries like MALI, where the use of DRONES FOR TARGETED KILLING
    could begin imminently, there is still time to get out ahead of the problem.”


    Soros is a eugenicist and intends to eliminate those he deems unworthy to breed (see Eugenics and U.N. Agenda 21 for insight into such plans). LGBTQ fall into his category of "DEVIANTS UNFIT TO BREED".

    Those who attend the parade will be killed!

    Help spread the warning so innocent lives can be spared.

  6. You have the power to change America in your HANDS. Hold them up and look at the palms of your hands. Do you see it? Eternity is written there. More powerful than any nuclear weapon imagined and already built. The power of stillness you were born with. Use it and stop America from burning and flooding.

  7. Even though u don’t believe that is a powerful scripture that is always always true. God’s light is so powerful , He always brings everything to light. Nothing or no one can hide from Him.

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