H2U at Coliseum Health System

– H2U is a social group for
adults over the age of 50. Coordinator Jennifer Jones
says its primary mission is to build fellowship among friends. – We have a monthly meeting,
where we eat breakfast, we fellowship, and we
have a guest speaker, it’s someone affiliated with the hospital that talks specifically about conditions that are pertinent to
someone over the age of 50. – [Beverly] The program
costs only 20 dollars a year, covering 12 breakfasts and newsletters, plus bingo and bridge activities. – [Jennifer] For additional
costs we have group travel. They get to go to places that they might not otherwise go alone. A group like this gives
them a sense of belonging, and a sense of friendship,
and that’s really important. – To join H2U call Coliseum
Medical Centers at 478-765-4116. I’m Beverly Herbert,
here’s to your health.

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