and , of course includes longer has a a SS if if they if the if you can and can : the citizen can yet despite the safest in New York and then going and then owner taken away the command welcome to the meat is any of your poll cast with myself and Jason into this isn’t a five I believe Jason Kidd even a friend yet that and has ever this this specific things like everybody is and to structure the show’s quest and this was the only other team over the cash and the need and the three men in the fairway doing for and just looking at the top four places and introspective lead them over the teams and what will oversee the desert many games my fish and game has not finishing last in the west is west of the moment of a quite a few of the teams have four players play in tonight’s include myself ago killed them really expect too much into my own really had to clean sheet of the stint as Astra’s manager of sonar might spend too much from him today for that of course is Jason mention we will be am looking over this -16 intent last night I know that this be brutally honest have risen one told you about Jason is a simple facts and Zedillo one, says above them is that just happened to some of the self user agent on at the moment whether I hit the wall, one of the two free transfers are 1.3 the banker Michael in front of your screen right now and for my screen for other potential and while commenting on the do that again all the information on Friday the block of the old and may consider coming onto the showpieces and exactly the same positions me just nothing seems to be going well for him whatsoever and I just have no idea what to do with my teen mops and whether I know there are good for the show baby of your pantry turn the one that sends just awesome questions for is a share of if have long known thank you and that the incident began when you are the absolute mother said this and I aren’t they give you any doubt that we as usual standard to any questions for one of these said shows another symptom of one of the stairs to do the team the Russian happy with this just calls and embarrass it’s and it’s been one of those games will get into that and in a minute done nothing Jason just crack, look over what’s happening in all cash and in the back of the sea that this particular and here is what about its fifth corps you forgot about it because weld and interesting as one of the mass and your teams as well so the three teams that are used well above it and it’s not as bad as you expect is not as bad as the host and excel and your guns that when it said that those sending the money messaging anyone saying the one at some 0.1 guess is microphone fixing will come live and then you really do for them if anybody said Wayne Handley me just mention council form within a brand and mails for Terrence leaving a game of chess directed any of you all marked on the disk or right now would come live in there and talk about how you are in the top four cash and in the places wyoming’s Conant as Americans going back to that show me the money is top of the moments he hands go up again and your main complaint and minds is anyone point clear that all the moment like a sensual two plays playing tonight’s end to end that the burning ship as you surf of jason’s the triplecast and warns you so far this season because of the council in the middle to second place in 74000000. of top sports personalities got heated and an airplane to like he has used his wildcard for and said, and 1/2-over these teams are we saying this it’s been nothing special in the show them unable to say that the is the mail payee pick which stands out from the fair place you for bringing in the painting Allies and second spots that entry form equals in its he isn’t enough yet plays going to be made until end of another club on the beds that Cantwell the bench that is particularly big And sell again everything moving swimmingly along for a fair and the that’s and moving all and 2/3 bolts he’s earning four of the five points of tokens said close that between the top form an evenhanded in general and the cash and the beginning of the main gap so to speak as between fifth and sixth between mal Moore former top spot and David Foster where there is a six points and was renamed two but everything about here is just getting anything at them and social person for sports mills USC’s Brendan mills and we have no place playing tonight so he’s 56 formats and And sell this week to get new cell And Simpson legal standing in that era last known for process as to why they may well as some of the citizen histories because they have an easier fixture who knows that’s an user and then follows Spokane defenders were more coverage of forces the top four places all the cash sports and leisure services Terrence me via that of them just let me know that these particular plaza will use their wildcard ship apart from top spot and wear hats and napped 78 points to two the maiden aunts money captain congratulations for them and for what was fined a statistic about two key people who oppose points and deployment standing combined with that surpasses the maze and that isn’t a U.N. demand content money And fair that planes and congratulations on a welding fourth India that the domini the cash many games for the school’s mean you are you’re 29 points or fourth and I’m 63 and then you throw into account you’re a love affair into you can’t -16 as it sounds right 929 points oath and the four police said that the Nelson two: Dinsmore was question which club the first 41 and only found an adjacent supports 996 months that this moving on to all three in cash and freedom in the need and that the guy that’s all it’s from Jordan Christ who hailed king came 150th in the world and the club’s he has used were his chips said any congratulations been a high up in the drove around Kings of any team is absolutely love and seems to me is looking absolutely fantastic for people is an order you’ve got me had been gold robes and Alexander uninsured face an outstanding a gain of deployment two key eight have any And the quiero any of money that’s being a fan of that he was guess you’d never been a consensus approach into us congratulations to you that from moving on to second sports we’ve got four Soros man’s body after 40 and gained an icy sorry my apologies of your falcons played was chips its rule harewood king came as enclaves while, my apologies this is actually again from soros’ the team will open up and scream and he’s played for this ships and he’s 19 points while for top spots in the moments of the school Mancini and Andrea among the deal that could be tonight’s matter guerin’s team team captain and then what was standing pat Campbell on the on the bench which was contained some suggest that this is the strange thing to do is end transfers were adjacent includes malaise and from the demands for Guerra control source despite the fact that Russia was a dangerous and can’t get that no story is -5 because of a particular Trojans into the hit on maps and moving on to first spoke Indian and piracy it’s sending your notion seemed again Boeing planes wildcard race next page triple And Danny Wachter, quiero me fair trial and that what you said triple Is morning and interaction with space is gonna have to receiving shoe coming off the bench for greenwood’s that May 2 sub was Cantwell said the market with That you are fortunate place to her son is too well done to you for the defining kids are a friend and my family friend and your friends it’s the best assured me and he’s just dropping falcons inside me was six team in the whole world is now than 2 to 3000 and is transfers when absolute failed ended up being the terms of -7 overruled he got rid of Josh king and trends and production bonds and we’re going to some size markets and some up dropping into 34 points is gaining he has got Wesley plane flies just can’t close as well any katz’s sell should arise when Captain Picard everything began selling and two brothers in a row number 1% and he was 16 from the oval rankings and are you a no drop down to 3005 and 40 instead amazing rank absolutely extraordinary but said that city contends the Jason that I did mention about the glass when you’re gonna have seen wealth to raise the Wolcott single 36 lead that your original transfer of the deeds and which was eight and friends for Russians for -4 and that runs on ran for one 2nd that would only 42 and the 46 visit to the -4 to 42 taker if you just stop without taking hits you got 45, that’s a really intend to you missed out on well be the way one of the nine points for your nine points you’re you’re getting a lot worse that said Leslie brown to be listed Jason people are wanting to hear that bounce what happened last night’s as the people of the brown Unison to shed that we did a stream of the stream last night and Jason Conley came on the I think Jason Nava greatest all through my question to U.S. only taking another corner because you start stale air and he’d taken -16 Jason taken away from the field 24 hours later can you can you are one ordinance of the transfers he did last night for this one a 16 bit exits to the game sounds pretty trapped in a city is known of the moment airways has come close to gain was sent through those taken down and people think they should have gone them down for a penalty that it just sounds pretty good to be in for the missing in the rain in the moment of the most exciting thing for everybody’s hearing about -16 and services that was just the defense point is well and last night was just phenomenal entertain of our salaries into the stream of Wheaties saying this to now it’s Wilkins Chapman said to us and private conversation which is the streams on our history is uneven 2 hours until the two hall 3 hours sometimes 44 half hours and you guys just think we give us live from the whole show into the Jason commanding say thank you because just extraordinary and to show the support needed as the entertainer last night was fantastic meaning release into the show 3 hours just gold banished to the lavender and innovations you guys come on providing us with them conversation for us to have a number is talk of which is you want to live ahead with the self and Jason a minute and just get into the discord waiting room and said Jason has been created a wonderful new menu where just above the waiting room if you want to think about coming alive and that if you postal team in the team screen shots into spring season for Jason myself to upload for the team and the adjacent to 17 is wide open at seven in an president will show culture and come up and said that he would be, some of the capsule after the next international group that we have to steal services there is discussion last night and bad ones that actually sacking off crown 0.3 defenders said the cheaper ones could be the better way for two from two funds they were from three to use go along with a leading reason the city field and did the server and over in an whereabouts for either the 1. was killed as was gonna again: everything and even even potentially a red card said I’m Jamie not have known this game OPS with me to again what she does everything I’ve ever send the show but I wouldn’t change it now is game centers can be ending the owner of joe’s more than two and is commands 334 and even if anybody getting the money on this that west stands and four mailed and killed at two can get you a card game early on that and then bring them a lot of money because I can just see that happening then lined up for regarding fantasy football this farming for 29% of soreness screen in the moments basically my midfield is money standing deploying a mountainside from two will the ballet and two key of all I have two defenders spots left of goal will relay the instrument and dean year and a three defenders but the problem is that I can’t have over legal 5.4 in the bank so shiny to make money and this is potentially just explain if I was too conservative in the wildcard which the four processed using my head for even OPS one goal two free transfers and I am genuinely have known I did what to do with those two free transfers all I want to get Mr. Bell sees an absolute waste of space will soon get recession bonds to do these use what would be ceo of the 1.3 the bank the easiest will want to do would be the popular eight have been four Russian bonds than that would require the safer exiled get to a which would happen your survey of a city that this now and the servers to gains son that it would require the I can do it a NAFTA taken minus York and that it would be impossible for me to get something going on some of the opinion that said having two king is is as you stated just an interception you have to have a mean thing I think that what you said and you can order them no known solution if you’re gonna go places like jimenez’s and last season I think if anything was the better than this last season and seems to be getting in double digit returns suffered in a proven wrong that one of the A’s and straps that’s me and Galt don’t even talk to me about the number-guarantee announces Apple’s an affidavit into say that that’s what comes standard by claims they mean she was came last night when talk about very well the massive and member of the fanciful will scan sites in the other ultra two plays the game with patients and is limited right from all she was insane and please correct a wrong he still owns Wilson Fraser new and its various other players because just thinking patients with them he’s really is no reason why people were released because he was in justify the price of a million because they’re cheaper planes doing best that reality is that you know the way my home and away scaring the moment that Wilson seems a pretty good option bringing consistent points you know and any other leads the devils made two free transfers to get rid of Ashley Barnes an example of eight and that leaves me with 6.2 in the bank that the main idea to do that just do the one free transfer just have eight other NAZI died the same last name depends on what I meant as though the masons that an arc that medical necks and microcenter can see by the gaps and pasting for the shells and has won for that matter is easier to completion end of an inner in the second thing second adjacent show receivers and onetime lover no surprise then be sold a dozen women can live a mentor to stick his novel still below 20 minutes to go once I often offer them from the get into me in the robbery on on IE had a pretty bankable captains be a part of your new home in their search engine jets ~ ~ possibly close to five from the sister of gold that he would be normal for flaming Nora and senator and more true than you do use any one any form of attackers has good because we’re seeing in the past he’s absolutely middle of an attribute And a ride all the other markets in the system to capture the last few seasons said that getting a goal and dissent on the season for the and ER on that and not just around 900 K Hahn and I just full less damage from this season and have fallen sitting in the bee high scoring one race teams so I just can’t , I’m not as a year – I know there is a message drain bonds to eight, one that sucker down graded to do , maybe at surgery and are he’s not consistently stalling so released a 4.5 and a negotiator finest 40; a call for a week here and have them and thank you very much choose to just distant objects of: -4 at the moment on my screen essentially is about me and and Cantwell in for Barnes and sub Elsinore goal is the thing that put 4.1 and the bank that means the hat to get rid of and I like to fund this: she us in first set panelists and bones that one of the golden action and frank has been cleared for and Multnomah and their because of a red and black said essentially essentially mime team would be of 35 two for Asian student guards it would mean getting rid of and dunk and oracle 4. plant PacBell ½ to get the care about partner I get Paul and great vintage and been forcibly as is no one with interests in a four million pound bracket to bring in an recounting his stops he started 12 games this season and the first game of the year and endorsing linux and Saturday as our yesterday other than that I don’t really trust and two stolen think and to well it would mean playing even strewn Kildare and that the studio where well as tension and share for the markets and the board for the way it’s a handsome only well guess the question of rotation between boomer for share from June 9 and march in court room for a bill doesn’t hurt either I don’t know this is just for resource that are near an what would I would if I was to do that moves based on the day history of the party captured the men’s wear offered a dinner party and the bones and one of the sub else that and then the 4.1 just under five and I like the enemy and to rest at some length as well as at Dana whenever injecting do it and we’re just looking at the mentors for the transfer is in page the second on the north and the rich than the one time I actually want to use the status think it’s drunk and reports the action taken of one is smaller custody since I wanted on the state is beyond the main page and he won’t work which you believe that the transfer same page one of on the web site is bloody broken to rise as a base that was likely that many Cantwell rising tonight and they’re 4.1 week and having that sent down involving whole is saying memorize tonight’s sermon yet the club and what about the kneeling record the day every inch as also going off with what you did last night when shoes and basically the same to two toss a: that’s a FS here and it’s I don’t know for a love story Sunday and Schatz just mention them because of the four million yuan of that poverty or 4. them to spend and is no one know defenders worth bringing in a four million of them recover without the you’re saying is that the squid in indexes talk to, just a dozen season next six see an old is that the open is just a minute for this point again said after the open reading This -4 bones said demos brand going to add to recover Cantwell and the Downey and those made a point again from -4 at downing Cantwell and retailing for Vandyke sub else and dashing bonds however I could just an window was in the headers saved my family and see it sounds like a really boring game the students have a better chances said to be a rumor that Serbia a definite condition as long as the deferral and the rule of thumb for them are owned by your insurance to live picture for what you force on them this potential -4 I can do live tonight rather than Mr. To an Atty. and the dns and airframe and sends to the line from the unseasonably ever that one of those games where he could be in for this report was points to an then guess said the Bali and Cantwell and the cantina four Vandyke Constance of else there are an honor system and, most of shoes like acting up to the Captain Barry and is well for instance : Jurassic terminal that a routine field is absolutely phenomenal he his salary the tragedies 80 can challenge the Jason all 10 points this week that is fantastical Connecticut you must be happy that the Lassen ash assist them something department was a saying you must be very happy that the lesson that uses of their browser to lead off on the premise likes of support from coffers of helicopter crew was working on this and the air and had two hits for a current of some of sentences error was four for vs. wade unknown before the government kept offers old center scorching summer summer, or from another table and rivals there is a guy and analyst for around, current approach I had hoped for me and put into this role was 10 and the confines of this close off the fame of them could slide came to the sport race which currently working to return them are for if a new mayor of new 1,000,000 asking if a displaced or subgroup residing in from the government for a rather more college or pro three or 49. lead times in hours: 10:00 AM or no I was thinking or switch into performing other focus on personal repair work could come as a sauce for your friends or moving to the mourners four and then returned to the report calls for Bowie and meld pace in the yorkville for possible copy me that says if someone got out of the night of the polls for bob and it as it went nine other, with forms from one of 10 or chilled or Wilshire and watch or earth and budget when you get rid of the those two players will fuel left to spend defended her or more children point for the Pennsauken Garden fork of 4.5 , we are unwelcome attention for much else to mark a former mayor Ed Rendell for the end of the four train and bolster abandoned and 31.411 to 1.3 in the bank and the spurs one million difference there was a founder of NASA’s issue more close to 1. for some time to come from 2.54213.9 Richter been working well and well have his mom or nothing comes to the world is still a little kid more than other water to hear that was emotional, was averaging a way to do was to course, some 1.1 or more are working or looking for a very good fortune two Olympics will we are for some jason’s -16 as the head of the mother is a way that was part of a prosperous city, where lots and two whites Owens story number that the than one person said Roberti the thing is assigned situation may of armed with the clicker monocytes of my mentor eyes of the time, round of staff and battles over the old 169-7523 hits and one + 18 Online’s mind was that way for me is buying the commencement bay cost 24 points and through the local root that are no new data-center with Oliver falsetto from unsafe, but that didn’t authorize an older group for two ~ which Jason and that this week’s predictions that we won’t know until I actually failed and news for the little said you and internal three points you go OPS six points nothing histories and 7% more than your joined your joint history is down to tonight’s game basically nothing key 1217 to history to the some of the Ramsey was called for making him a single to results from those that he was fired a citizen of this is almost a third of engineers on to the level of one share for the missing when one as we talk about shed any of your goal, she go to bed and Jason is creating school predicts that game where simply can’t you just had to score predictions and there is a medical surviving haven’t gotten realizes of days into when the city of Yoko co others that I heard a brilliant as amazing as any of your goal, everybody wants a lead of the record score it gets the same wall and he predicted our and Olsen of its software programs for the best U.S. As a famous informational choir and the system with fennel encourage people to Charles the winner tomorrow is the school’s financial or address them are called the cases of local level head of the vulnerable women, Lebanon, reform school project and hope will weld you’ve just mention the word community on the field and windows and summary that was always interested in the community team and that wanted poster communes to team up until December we unfortunately we neglect because was so wrapped up in a room that she used its we forget about its think will be any of your committee met this week he got 15,000,000 points that were needed up a number five and 2 seconds was written to find any menus are gone to school would toss and that sent us a list opens then there’s been posted notes the discord and growing thing that Jason but said yes to the community team is ample rank 351,000 solid as copied a stay of a company’s you and the second world its second in this particular many me and we all 17 points of top sports but that anybody playing tonight while some of the partition of winning a plum colonel parsing a picture of your mind as a: there’s caller told balance of all hundred or 1.40 think it was in there for a 40 year that sent you a thing I think what we would want to do it is to take a community and Jason as soon as some point will hold up in the thing again about a few good team wants to get well, not as a large injuries in there and everything on shore people 12 and will likely keep saying we want to kind of have this represent you guys in the stand in getting your debt has indicated on cross the bench with a whopping or if that’s an incredible tumors were some typos Tuesday said ARI Ben mink coat of the new-found a knife or are in here are all the entries in the posting of the IP number three. Find scrip center not earned this week are treating the proceedings, of course if you were marching under the symbol where are still a high level of the six million on route one and three options Isaac chinn of future not one was Richard Gere report. Sasser Bio riles about the Austen and wore it was either well near the interest me bring up because all I was alarmed by the way of opening doing this that’s all I was actually contemplating doing a minus eight together are not doing this to free up funds one game in the cellar from 0:50 of the cell to cell for money this week but again, such as the waist and transfer of the other me know that yet well that’s what they want, but he goes live in a studies that prove with the four processed and they’re all people proven that this into 1¢ : money and information on giving and one table and information and to the region and all of Seattle and this year are a lot to do that in a can of adults take the mind is eight linking the snow chancellor but that’s a lie and sent to go out that this to the downing said that Cantwell and just losing Vandyke sticks and all that it can present on the only game in demand on for Rican me having sing sing your demands a stinker or your is it are enriched which at our local and long in the air near or at Lacey are news that the ready due just don’t get me is that anybody to bring in some battles are small center, is supposed to match the races space completely useless and are ready for our lives are were below our game but to take it a hotbed of the work you ought to rename Tuesday to scare them and the 1998- run ads have done at the democrats in a while back in and around the Omaha, man ray at least understand that each year later, O’Toole few shots were sold opening at some point this article . Mail from an alternate routes. Another surprising we were there before the fixtures number like Chelsea and setting was just our so near as my next next on week have no problem are a near Napa right workers and that it said yet, but some are long-term decision Abraham were close after that are too low and some great pictures were four or reselling Mr. Mysticism and be used to that one of two free transfers from -4 playground and a promise a minus for hot dog and I and a longer running or the ban can run for your country in which underwrites you go in for a nasty and be a brilliant but the frontline a comment that I think he’s made the pain over bringing the Downey and for crying out loud and to use, done that for more than -40 a man -4 booths are dozens of other battered image and earned over the next no 16 weeks but will be nothing I think for the table in 19 I think from attacking point of view and the Norwich said that any older students mansions by do think that a march of got some really nice fixtures are conceding scoring and staff as the crystal palace away now that he’s gonna be a tough week with an extra four crystal palace eagle burn the crystal palace a suitable as crystal palace is the hardest game all firms the ticker fixtures where is in the symphony’s case when utopian will simply know it’s an awesome up next to no head for the norm Shumway Brian Hoover Albion Bernie Mac II think I think on the right one to no one on very very tentative and that minus for now yet unknown type of transfers you can come near where it’s just a minute and I can do yeah I know what they do additional features, makes like five or six weeks styled and arguments, to gamble would take just and just a quick update the installed your your you can do when down the most in the you may be coming off from the end of the Vietnam wall and open up either they see saying they never tackled the game and should be settled and can have all this is due on the disabled by a just to make and these points and made clear send Chelsea away from the pool fixes this is just the way 7 July the way Mr. Hand man United Way toddler had well as chest and the turn of the needle 4.1 and the bank that’s the difficulty with this decision that netted two that a minute you and your bet there’s not like we’ll have someone else to play down to where is that for the lot at Dubai concierge can’t see it won’t know my fancy my fantasy football season is just it’s disgusting so far as to 1.7 million months ending their rubbish and older may have done nothing wrong this season in fact it was James twelfths, FBI was that we can actually are acquiring the James O’connor be a major point that he sees as do Russians why is choosing the wrong captains to savor me the team’s five is just the And choices and each week are incomplete failed of the name game week one of these singers be a very bad you can really suffers in younger, or I can think and it happens in the inning, adding that the complex last two more weeks and of the Boston red Aerostar and it happened U.S. unemployment And well stood in game three golden goal and an extra bonus points and everything to test whether anyone gets that is depleted with what to do with the team in my case anyone to answer the net economy, Canada and on ongoing stand and on top of the stats from that are too large for some warm and onto the stats are for the particular game week, compared to acquire a requirement standing around her head standard of living and that I know KB article on for the second of her works 10 and her husband bought some respects, but where all my old song, conference by the national near we’re on the history near this Ryzhkov and the senate year to the senate where rings 7 miles to assist and sometimes so sell it was too much and says it would be a dummy and why I’m sorry what made this decision on turning people now often I am going with whether the history says Is rising, what this week into the grid sense is that the best LC oceans of the ticker players chosen was and seller Germans are almost yet Santa Ana Monday history suggested in a wonderfully but it had it’s still got the captain’s each was one of five in five games and are now and am sorry nothing so posted 127 standing vs. Wilson has got some 15 goals in two appearances surfing history test national government or so in Jason but it’s going to bother my mother stayed or nearing career or artillery and one world are requiring more art world war or corporate art world war near Orting and ninths them very nice position where you come over and then moving them caption that their fourth place to place spot no less an effort to not just moving forward in general and Montana and art form a corn or more are working school or armor to remove call arm are remembered her new right arm broker or are not good for our new record for oracle reform are more work or hang or more for a firm worker bees were armed you are working on her or reliever mark Rickard Korean or mark earlier or were warm armed with your world are more people to come forward and a part or two or more who was called Y or revise the report concluded hand from require a world apart before world war the U.N. world as you go any force about more transfers you may do because of the committee’s team and watch the senate and the person he’s just released a defense and soaring personnel are near from working there are more than 2 to 1, for the colmar or formidable group income were armed with a week and are working real hard work O3 or 403 report or working more with four new or old arm around her right arm or to make a world record for from all records for four or to order more and more from computer nor are they can get workers who are are now are normal or monitor more growth are no greater or winner of the world or term or warm and there is at a dissent of it and whether an effort to bastard that are never bring them surprising that and storage and end up queued for the Palmas and some random play that no one cares about Sims from supplies and burning coal and you were playing these actors and a self it was hard for me a letter sent to: no one has stepped in for some of the 99 to the outcome on the seven leading us to wander into formal reform firm arm world or arm and arm were made to work or to gold record for week in Clark retreat or referral critic called our apartment and world record or more members were killed and our counterparts are in full retreat after the field before cord or her arm or four: kernel or more are a number of hardcore article worksheet grade fuel wildcard or more are in order for: 04 with our record on the decline in market more armor from from armed with work for parties are in or are you call her and arm or more and more. And while oracle world war were new armor more warm and her old army of the world record for more for incredible for referral for a little world renowned for you and, in a large room in the arm or calling for you before ordering right arm in arm around the world record or agree and no armor all over our arteries, the first world war are watching the school, now 44 in order for it requires school record with whom are a little with corporate world rally later, incorporated from local school and normal harm or three YO in the third world and warned for the world were offered cold war, 40 or older who are new and more are all more being with world war or are more or return for war were wearing armor-form, fill the arm for comment at one or more order on her work or more: no refer with a week or more for home of world war one, three more about what next week graders who were more orphaned by two or more well or two to tour the fix a whole source for your fortune my potential transfer is that the man Cantwell and recovered in four Vandyke sabel some bonds call for a heart beat our world report department or group or more for our people are new or four or new arm or a career in. The world record and our new program were offering us in orange world are more or were injured worker from your arm or were more short break a record room and called arm or more or copied and are working or more and more local arm or work: 44 group and solitary has to go up or were recalled, causing knowing what will our world attention he or she will work you do or or marketing for oracle 4.1 arm artwork for the report called O world are more and more court of law firm, 44 near her or more workers returned below average arm or more or third worker or order barring a midweek game or or repo man that he raped me your been made of metal workers can get rid of or old armored car corporate or career or ordering recalled or are for war world but little river road still have a point when the bank and decide on what it would get the price rise of falling one concealed weapons still holding out of there just in case there’s the worry of the bounty and Cantwell valley of the price again when you’re up before Thursday that’s the issue, three houses and Monday to three, goes onto my clothing goes into ruin the bank will then there’s the risk of Cantwell and abandoned up and up 1.1 another cell and opposition from some topical, opened earlier age of NASA workers consent of the western wall war well before all the services center for west and that means absolutely nothing is worse and still get a goal and often the war or world are in our world conflict are or were a record or parole or corn from dark, cold gold or recreation park and more recent where we got 25 minutes to good Ralph Munro or or Jamal I’m right group, and I wanted them by thing on a working on that old Jason or were only doing transfers were just never do it on to network for doing this transfer on the server enlisting its reach Ed Cantwell the belly and Dana Ashley bones sub analysts and Vandyke adds on the world are in ticket or our world order run the demo record rainfall Robert carver or are we not our art work retreat from new or uses the army captain party control or or our world court record word or more work like that transfer is officially don’t work from Britain has forties that your thanking their work or report for work or more are wore recruit more food and medicine to start for the old order are right, would be up with a urinal a chance once again that he will sign up our panel start making art, and I’m starting to annual the wanderer some ride learned at gap and stock market little to stop here is the gap reactors to terrorize LDAP in the sugar on Jerry only chance for protective padding encountered an all-one record of 5¢ an hour to reach out and getting the danes understanding exactly two weeks that he was younger and the Watergate if the banks are all these are the kids get the seven to mining us all to be next on our goalkeeper court monitor of these garden mall and personal and erratically but often a bat – year that something can be viewed on to the thinks that any further actions are for what I can say I think that’s are having money into a standing in for standing does denouncing the thinker of the next user isn’t there a that’s one person have yet you’re there to us what it meant for the man at close of the now from a bummer number seven is available and some profit of the event of a defender of them is a sacrifice my plan , and if I’m on my interest in this can finish not my thing is, he made offered a few better had lost nine of 11 seconds, but the but only in a fundraising dinners of these and other neutral on a business like Appalachian and musselman, sit on the 16th of three players on the court is standing up late at spelling out and score and I’m , 36 of us might find this one off water bank. He’s pretty, P west from all over again this week just issued an enormous mess left heel works anyway you should not use of proof that no new rate breakpoints and it’s compound well your local travel, for banks are small but we’re even the end may be cashed in the inner RI am a potentially could become 57 am and I could make up a 5 minute flight will brilliant seven nothing I think of the two points behind the law field. Two on that yet sped to submit button that was mainly like 50 points ahead of me a little closer to the tune of 10:00 AM on Saturday on sat in start-and it was so close that the that he can move it up for a missions under the defense and set the speed of a candidate’s own and that the death of inauspicious of enlarging the game are four that just about agree that it’s taken us with a score of 60 -4 the average initial rate 49 financially by 52 by the work by the end of this came with a net and Martinez said in its TV and analysis on tonight’s game and watching it and let us down the form is looking is the master of the underway by using everywhere and east natatorium of 34441, it and up 11 in a couple named Adam, 786 one of the sun and I’m just I’m sure we’ll arrange a social group to bring in talk of toppling dinner that only a source of income people think I think its system is now a state that’s a fairly complex to seven is adding a mime is a recent series offer the Palestinians at the police services unit question the fact that we have the blood stain chambers least I can see we’re in a team they must admit we can and will computers will summon a potentially, and and at which means or a shipping that the weekend on a clean quite a good performance on weekends include that’s the only state that was the lead every purchase a fee can be consistent with that but could be ready to the defense of 4.9 as well and said this year’s new armada the cattle copies of O’Connell of the myth that the IP of a bit of a book at all and about half of that tape recorder will use planning to add a little that can bring in another state and lots is nothing in the world and the unlikely event this week I like to add MSN ads and will compete as Al and Marshall opinion columnist maybe it won’t be a: some of the lineup for all eight of the Dutch mad at you should relish the demolition and then on Sunday a delight in rich Christie at 23 take our chances of saint is not as if he was involved in the defendant’s innocence in a single server software 60 something minutes, the talk before talking value for money I don’t think we need to be nothing that would be one of the profits they could do well still and suppliers of answer the question of the platform marketing and on the other option number) interesting now given to the forces that have been working as an unreliable Mr. Baker scored as a slap defense is terrible anyway and I are hundreds of them, British are subject to a mainframe makers combat defendant, lee stock was it is everywhere , as only a couple of medicine. [email protected] on the lights several something to look at what is not for I wouldn’t it wouldn’t stop, but we all have as the three meetings will be two and in gales and frederick’s may be running for this is a lot of what does this mean to leave, and the sooner I got a fullback for the Charles is created is up 21 days, giving us a local assist on their revenues, go school teacher nine Cassis court is suspicion of stealing is: a modeling off-season there’s a lot of talented but not follow his temple clear that, Melissa Havel and guest houses were opening is just one year ago in history you were the one that said that you are the missing two history that implies you to And yet you had some are well at it as a market with them the U.N. even money last year low there is no new our policy is to lessen them on the first day of those 2945 and is often useful food there are enough suddenly on a sheet site entered to pick up some of that I think is this battle of people wanting to get rid of me just no role in a foreign ministry officials can happen is so obvious : absolutely, wellford at the DC could blunt and racing in a struggle for Mr. Welch said it a little evidence of an wool well the sale of the drop yesterday model deployed, one of the party thing happened when Japan if U.S. U.S. rowing and Orwell like I didn’t want her to get this to me and for some mad about 7% username Ridenour when this fish of the study Quello, do so well in the textile industry because the following week in Southampton home and go into that game of the dead again a few weeks offer would lead to loss of the time said over the diskette starting this week and then of whether to came next week when and where plays at its own set of songs and came to light breaks the camel’s committee could file said sorensen’s jay Buhner the New York, staying on the adjacent and resources than a fabric, a fantasy: focuses then come down from the sea will bring you and that’s a and the source: wall to talk about standing there with a setback on the continuous into the game and to use two crewmen, discussion of the propeller friendly conversation at that the good evening and welcome to two months to meet of your review show them the keys and reflected over the last game week and use or last night Jason taken -16 yuan a wonderful discussion regarding humanity is wild card last week your force on them what’s happened since then the existing down the line from its tone and a donation is missing we’re waiting for this moment for the past 2 hours to devise a little focus will bring more than remove from the Civil War focus around the view on this team that can you please set a New York firm will be held to have this sent from the discussion that’s a fallacy that will focus you’ll ever meet Penney up to the team sharp and a on back again guys guess you are in word and deed and our globe winner can score 53 young happy with that and it’s times but always in the captain of its mystique same time on one of them once you can’t have people can you got all I am happy with the guys on the site there for me know succumbing to the points that Allen had not done much at 4 to 19 may still have all the gold key calls and hearing that said the reader has some western inland books occasionally does it worry considered 10 men anticipate this team there and it’s it ready until a best-selling books and ran out of nothing is said Karen Ford’s another as all other thing by publishing is another thing jason’s add to your regional team universal heat and flames were strewn at each if they get but that we’re having had the feeling that this team moving forward and frozen from friends and is eight 49 to eight you as there’s a risk is fear that use of orient said that’s a bonus danced on its ear yet that he had a net exactly exactly him and are not close to yesterday because I execute extending our just cool. Winnable do enough species and to keep out and maybe no goals was to get from the state’s common enough to see calls elsewhere. Yet while still be at and study agree with them by and keep right off the loss came. Walls and a place called watching the game I don’t think we gave them enough root balls all plates and to do what he’s good at and I think in the band will end to end game and I think we may slackers are holding up the ball as he always plays about me and Danny and still play the main things like tool for asp offering a even if we have the present Wolford wood is still being done in four at an intelligence eight guys off eight Wilfred and back and back to that same none not waiting boy scale back the season now you may say that at night just because the data termination of like they played bass redesign of labor costs to wear a write-down fulfill all three date back to one and scenes where it’s in every play in the Crimean ad call. United acts in concentration sold to read and write back unit washer and other thing hostile Arab governments are 4 to 50 welcome them back in a minute before the worst offenses and leave for the enormous that add a static at the end is in the news of the sidelines of appointing that Shaq views of unique wear a condom were given that he estimates that hair. 60 yen and less people will know those who were suspects and direct regarding Alsthom and that their base in my favorites and has words yes you are a lot of the avidly resist an disconnects knowing send to orbiting to cancel to bring up an actor or director of year by and happier might seem. Four legs and it now pay raise possibly a bit of a dour block all really shift away from the line and song, half the key play with. And and it’s about office is set to beat the assistance of the state’s top of all I think that these nice blame plays pat rice about all straight on the lineup is banned off a wall. Dave Mack physical premiere meet at spectrum making deal with it unless the truth and at olsson’s defense by implying the whole doing better in NT me come back in and bloody sorrel batteries is there another school Tuesday in my head and and notes that he was just as backed by primaries on us and correcting the issues there a tool. So in some very watery and service and though it is too and specifics from this particular game are quite extraordinary as a full 3658 of 20 leading to the statistics that came at a particular game console, and then saw as a being given could go to the Alar consider the faster than the old western as cotton thousands of this maturity this is is also an amount or should first one shots and Sunday we know that which is the most they have faced since Walter started gathering such dates into thousands are fourth that in the second half alone bolted equal dead record for shops one goal in the single game since the returns the premier league 2015 for the previous record was from 19 minutes which has 23 and a records west can someone can hold them in those two citizen and a sum up what happened yesterday of 3 1/8 and media also were in the roster fans are awesome and actually defensively are just an absolute joke yet they were at C.J. condemned at you as Terrence. He was lapping it straight down neckline inside game is still way every time and eventually you can see the landscape, the only white hat and a city that valley firm west and that sense, not even Mrs. Rabin and RSA RV SCSI end the new store from around out of the NASA like rice pleasure chairs and added one of them women, the Vance- OP in the unwanted are not only are on the land of armed to the hoop on a Dallas-life and are our minds are so meager rations to its Pan Am walnut, at so single trend OPS and others who are attacking that’s a lot of the senate armed, and sends an official resumes so is it and learn more role in the men’s and others on in seven or or your dentist a familiar but so are less-TV or try and assist will the new and I know a whole other level and Jason stories and subject to that’s a new leaf got Manchester redskin that shot right now any affect the ANSI playing tonight and 50 such a stupid and miss out on top spot where think about four points because show me the money had the game in your maker that both goal three points each slot six and the deficit was only four memory points to have had six points area them and Susteren Stern’s levy’s parade and endorse second NT and easily sometime between him and the Wayne Handley city lights and with six wins and that the others are what are our attitude that will lead us into the tunnel I did nothing to arm and your same ones and arms art walk anybody and, of sun. On that allows them to earn the life or was as a man’s as you enter of them are the ceo O unanimous and usually one of the Tylenol PM on the plan * allows a number of other cities are as there are 7¢ on the western water at the inside a Muslim animosity said that this is a life: noon, this will open up our and new welfare seven with about eight of the time or the Islamist resigned as he lay dying at the buzzer in a single stab her mind although happiness are more resentment is the love that you when I was in second of Barstow City had a assume a-eight -man and I use of the issues that just just have to do but many of the large amount but as ravages of the mandate of radish years are up for the idea of identity if I final say on. Monthly of Ron somebody’s eye and we did 10,000 new line of Starr said in a land of some of our lives are sense, nice-guy-Alain Baden shot at on a late lead us out. Beloved end of the defense , and yells at various than a designer and a local developer that flour absolutely absolute F if if the goal of a lot of them could happen if the law that any welfare it’s either that I send our data on five of them are they as raise and spend a lot of revelers results and there’s another round or the other on what the original containers are the ones that are sold at world that is undefined this isn’t a time and not just create another and one reason is that earns out and sent earlier that are if not all, there are but how is that the senate and the army so shower and Arsenio unwillingness to wrestle at the close margins are sinners of our fascinating absolutely not in the armed and the AM and the and to them of sales in the desert . Many of our yellow-and and France-old isolate the Sr.-O our souls of the ones who are school are a number of repeat armed , as many old are: I was nobody else to our actions are these are solidly of the module that otter army and the crew are edible and not as a lot of these artists , it is unusual falcons 1000 runners will happen arrest after we rested our ideas is a matter that instead of saying of these Allies about state issues of water and because Alaska zero and ¥sensing . Are they a lot of humor or is it a safe in saying that 1004 102 of our numbers edition. In a lot more than that they have a oven at the old row. More fundamentally the names and nine , a return of no instance in a SSS an issue of worms let or not is another one at our line 007 and so there’s a certain ideas of what about the starting August and as a arm was our friend am wasn’t the U.S., of the anti and respects informal covers down the thinking on down here are some really U.S. citizen and will all of a significant part of a large home to SMS or acting upon seeing and hearing that about staying against China widened off the right one for spec. But once I get down and stayed years, while watched yeah I mean all of his watch American Company policy and bottle of big and little ditty at buy a median estimate the sum of last season as much as cannot be a signed yet, it does in the lawyers say they feel are below the wall, and could they could pay off in a long time and so much like the wind call call rectified all signed seven profits came week average. 41. sign that you not only interleague play even keen and someone else planes landed them from the dugout unwinding of his eye on the ball, previously and some just sold will say that runs and does that include a week signed by the moment on the care taken to calling upon Tyne Daly Kyle and possibly a net for 4.8 or on so that would leave B1 of the body and could chaos agree with the spotlight in a plot and some games spanning the Meta malabre please wait on the local 12.7 in the bank full of defend up on a film about to replace time by deploying us in the stock and 70 market are , but the reality of bondage and to get down and others just like a bit that too much too much fervor of the worldwide Internet a man sentence them all season star was standing installer feels like I just a moment at least a couple of the the size and Mr. Wyatt mime and are on the stove 0.5 ounces of gold least two heavyweights, Mr. Alomar just like for the board has below full restores old westerns are very like the middle of the phrase system over Belgium and was plan really well for super four + was elected as follows in four years time to time half months old one focal starters are just about an hour and a bit like remain was looking for a rule the decline of seven million men folder options stanford’s on the lies in the body uses no indispensable from just looking at some different options after returning starters, and some alligators been released at a eyes lots all know what all new and in a centrist and one will face top of a man is not really an afternoon season bought nine cause of pursues policies in IE call the toll was a kind of online travel less time away from a visit and a bit of a small fixes of a full block of the nine assists as the Lions that outlines the stock still a result of the Nazis Nynex’s to the speaker and some fighters from a size nine will hold us to know them and homeowner to undo the north of them together is one of the best players in the world for the century bringing a gay one of the strikers in the world that a man is neither Barrington I are thinking on as a petty good planning for demanded out of all the-wool students also disconnect, which capped action about what other highly placed a Miami and acquitted of the fairways and in some of the plate were told that based on Monday’s hearing in the game is an lasting than just the fact of anything Aston villa and she did 112 maybe maybe even three goals for the year you’re had maybe maybe a pseudonym of these teams again and again because they contain the charges and many games are going down the U.N. acid images and their jobs and west and the bat well the plane 99 and which is wishing to see the ending their west ham winning that and Allegheny Energy and the points again in the goal line you then boom of crystal palace and Everson than Isaac and the most difficult fixtures to force climbing away one in cell and to money 92 season but are used as a report that said the use of the always of the whalers of the world are young adults into the wall, again the private full beyond its national qualifiers and Tom you’ll see give money to buy 70 do well, you said all full circle game weeks at use near you back to write some are on wall-bought a ticket, with your knowledge sessions bobbing up and have a funny little of all, of of the Dalles to clarify legal to pay to try and call of the sum of actually does someone is paying off because and came from a famous 34323528 on a stomach ache the ad just a little ball and there was an army also going estimate was just like on a NT coca Cola’s in net loss of about a minute apart from the members may be in sunset about 9 miles on : does your name and not by dolls interest was entered in his gained a lot to carol Lofton a numbing and using all right but becoming because of fire that only applies to just open up a mini wasn’t any support on ¥called the states, but I was just a minute just for showing on women of all prefixes by despite the upholding can come back to the debate must see a pattern will be actors injury and all 6:00 AM eastern a Robertson of Robertson, and so on state bill estate are either a listing of esteem and what about price rises some often the most famous line history, and when you’re up on the problem of us is a loss episodes of service, summers of the fact that we call these defenders and quite late in the need to be one of the defense and preseason and you need to work unless there’s some preseason getting back and least late companies can see the two penalties or item in the layers is ball and chain in any happened in the first half actually on that play goal past and it was like defining the way it is bullish eight wasn’t as lucky as a key one identified said to run customers Woodway end and he did it again almost ready for Pereira for the penalty and it was like you to Spain to sell those guys played from the sale Wednesday that his team’s calcium and just out of our developing is just like Chelsea to solve the list and cast also why about them the kind of like an effort to nine, speakers is no reliable images of Palma buses and midfielder slight soccer and Tulare is being offered prices while the season one England eyes can play watches a sentiment film is no holding together enough to me just just spins a socket rockets at the time but the one and others also signed CB slots for it with and at a red from newer new water and the non from eight yen the campaign to solve the slide on the caller said yes, and a record 18 meets today called on sometimes he seems to be taught by the premises center option yet a sunny spot the pressures finalize a new medium big expectations and #the cycle of times to Seoul club in that one guy called kids conference all are yet I mean the office just about else was taken off 20 was playing while wild game seem to be close to them and just about gold acres in the first caller considered just like deliver more than a dozen reminded me of like playing favor the back of the day when you’re playing in some motorists and you just give them a gold identity of the band’s lead someone school position wallace’s and boredom until yet and a password was like it was just enough for tonight on to my mom and an aunt the surcharge that soulful like the main the ax a long season I mean I just think that e-mail on-the one holding comes back but he’ll come back to full and how old is holding a complaint block from the back and is comfortable with it but where is like Socrates is an oncoming a cancer companies call, bold plan now on , losses to three loss to you and Chelsea Mitchell select it was pretty good scoring goals of the big day: issues vote for an experienced a summer place in the team that can offer and United’s of what’s coming else ago could result in sign a bill was lots of time in quite by Mr. Were some worry planned road which doubled back of a yen in Hollywood and kept the ministers them about buying art and operates the running water Steelers said about me when he was in charge of history and a baby and also, four mailed in the first item champions leaders call final, Manassas sat back and leg like DOS six orange and yellow watching the game and it cost to Michael offer the comments were made for individual grades and also about this because I’m a distance of its appetite pass pass pass but those level game management signed a letter came as some of the callers can be no less than a year and we talked about the champions league are rules state that it’s now when shown the money actually posted us to your your trip will turn to when U.S. and the phone store that are based on the 1. that’s why in the Cashman the intensity might stand to your against extinct writers and Richard new book look response as cars have to be yeah it’s it’s been a long one has been going on for a very very long time and to train the joys of rebuttal, say many other than that if you have enjoyed to show you know to do is at 1:00 PM to simply hit down like done before you need is a dish over support one that helping the channel throw we get more people say how to get this channel growing and we get people to pass their eyes on this well to send him to lie, and of course subscribers in the day if you are enjoying strong and if you are enjoying streams are we doing this is all the IE five around that you believe that if you enjoyed even subscribers told why not simply a subscriber to keep coming back said in a subscriber an annual be notified as to when we again live events leading to the altar in coaching stream and to find out where the Jusen: she wins with your love that rising only happen on the 20 and discourse 20 days after the interview of course the discord the endings and description was the show tonight I’m sure that people can post mapping people were sold a mother to sender posting its description as they come live next to intercept Jason that he was turned down that all former postseason only in charge of markings to rampage inches at an interview of course of any of your goal: Goma today and you’ll be upsetting a team that will have the cells into the school predicted another day of competition between Costa community that redundant data with that said that other maps will press aide Steven gray is be a great evening Jason journal for two of the mainstream discipline its first deadline may be gained your absolute as his guards this could quickly listens for voice was the victim while on NAFTA is nothing back to the women when we have doubts that have the nation, and it’s the way you when redeeming Easter seals from does your humor is very own one pick up from one fine refunding is how you can say is on the same things and the breeding sarcastically I thought on that one person finery and the funding and away you when you said some of the lines of you being read what serious Eurobond you like thank them for the donations is greater than anywhere really really seriously when thank you so much that there is some predict us to a list of an old man at the end of the data like it better to spend the rest of the donated 50,000 islands and conductor status despite the attention of the total to save his ticket out of their members all anyone run their own holiday beds were one of base than a couple of phone calls from a manager I know exactly the same amount of nicotine or respond via modem to work tomorrow so of the U.S. Or base into the basically I swallowed my ship was somebody else about somebody else’s entry at Wichita and he’s given below them tomorrow morning hours and minutes or until he’s basing the deal Tuesday for the current owner for growth has taken a piece of your this week online investors with a file with the manager of this is the display of an unofficial gun off the record conversations, the senior management was about his behavior among managers of the mine manager and lost, you and others, including many frames was forever for this time as an action: anyone are the only thing that matters and then the plywood and water spinach and evidently in London on Thursday evening from outside of optimism that raises the question of who just can’t even as I sit-on into the stock was up for me to sign of backing off the line of state definitely offended, was fined RT by getting more than just got bigger bottoming out things folder from these two or three three guys this season we think the school district text and


  1. Maaaaaan…. 16pt hit???
    I'm impressed with the 'cojones'… & I agree the wildcard was maybe not the best, but as you say dude, if you can make changes now to make up a 40-50pt difference, it's a smart play…. I'd be scared of no Salah or Sterling…. I'd be scared to have James & Iwobi (as an Evertonian… he really is not playing well yet) who have been outscored by Cantwell… and I never rely on Arsenal assets… Auba is a flat track bully, who scores when Arsenal play well, but my Gooner pals really are not sold on him.
    Still… yr Johnny big [email protected](&$!!!

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