Guitar Lesson: How To Play Help Me Stranger by The Raconteurs

Kerra in canada is appalled that the rack hunt rock hunters hello the way Stephen Colbert says I've come out with a new album and we've yet to do one of their songs and we are duly ashamed so here we go with help me stranger by the rock on tours and also Samantha Zig Leonardo Serafini and Kara Vaughn thank you so much for signing up for my patreon it means the entire world to me that these videos can go across and find the people who need them and that you took the time and the dollar to support me so thank you everybody else if you want to see what that's about link is in the description of course let's do the song sort of audition for the part of micromachines guy all right so we always talk about how songs in 6/8 or 3/4 Allah elderly woman behind the counter in a small town have the exact same strumming pattern like every single one of them well the intro to this song is an exception to that rule so start with an A and we're thinking three or six and you're gonna pluck the root note of your a chord which also happens to be the base note the a string open once and then two and three are strum the chord and then four is you pluck the low 50s ring followed by five six so one two three four five six and then we switch to D and we do relatively speaking the same thing so now our root note our bass note is the open D string one two three and the low fifth is the open a string four five six tewi where we do the same thing except now the root the bass note of the E string is the lowest note that you can play on the guitar so v isn't going to be the low v above it's the that be on that a string 2nd fret so 1 2 3 4 6 back to a so ADEA and then the van kicks in with E major G major C and a but watching the Stephen Colbert performance it looks like Jack White likes to play his sees as power chords he also uses his pinky finger this doesn't matter at all it's up to bar the the D in the g string of course there's like an acoustic guitar and like three electric guitars in this track and one of the electric guitars is taking care of the low fuzzy noise and you can't really do that you know do both by yourself but what you can do is on your C play the low v as well so the E string third fret and you'll have three three five five I don't think that's what anybody does but it's satisfying to do when you're by yourself to sort of beef it up there's the guy who is in is in E minor pentatonic which the whole thing is twelve fifteen twelve fourteen twelve forty twelve fourteen twelve fifteen twelve fifteen but this lead guitar player is exclusively using the notes twelve fourteen twelve fourteen twelve fourteen on a D G to get his whole thing done so that's that's a neat exercise to do just sort of expand your creativity within a limited set of notes he doesn't leave those six notes you know so see how much you can do there using just a little bit that's a fun time okay and then the verse is just see a i rescind my statement about lead guy he played one other note the time he went specifically on the a-string 12 13 14 g 12 d 14 so that's a fun move to learn first of all second of all that 13th fret on the a-string is is the it's the flat fifth for our key it's it's a b-flat and it gives your solos a whole new well it makes it sound like you know what you're doing even if you don't so throw that into your pentatonic shape and the other octave is the 15th fret of the g string that's it the last thing to mention is at the very end the tones are so low it's hard to hear but obviously it's off the the verse chord progression which was see I put a knock a low octave fuzz on my guitar here by the way for fun so you're on your C and then on the a string go 3 2 open 2 then going back in to see go open a III open three so you if you want cool awesome rock contours new album yay thanks Kara thank you all for being here I will see you next time with more stuff good bye

14 thoughts on “Guitar Lesson: How To Play Help Me Stranger by The Raconteurs

  1. Can you please do Alive? I had a dream I played that song with Eddie vedder and it was awesome and now I wanna learn it😂😂😂

  2. ohhh man….. great job… you really must see a show ..they are headed to the PIT on this tour… I do think you'd enjoy the guitariness of it all…it's a bit of a sonic explosion to witness. JW has so many good tunes… this Racs album is much much rock n roll fun…
    Thanks for doing this one for us!!

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