GUITAR BATTLE #7 Чайлд vs Седова

– Hi!
– Hi! – Introduce yourself, please.
– Polina Sedova. Tell me, please, is a guitar
your hobby or your job? A guitar means everything to me. A guitar is my
life, a guitar is my job, a guitar is my hobby. I don’t know and I don’t remember
myself without a guitar. Do you like to play like a girl or do
you watch guitar monsters, too? What does it mean “like a girl”?
I play like a musician. I’ve heard some interviews, where female
guitar players said: ‘play like a girl’. No. No. I don’t understand it at all.
No. I play like a man. I see. So tell us how much do you hate Katrin? Oh, these… these… these… You are a tough
chick. I wish you good luck today! Go for it! – How much hatred is in these phrases?
– Yes. Ok. The next question. How will you interact
with the audience and judges today? – How will you attract them?
– I don’t know. Which way the cat jumps. – I will give myself to the stream…
– Put yourself up for a grilling. Yes. I will enjoy. I don’t want to plan anything. Everything will be happening
in these very seconds. Ok. The final question.
Nightwish or Cannibal Corpse? -Joe Pass.
– I don’t know who is he. – Ok. We wish you good luck!
– Listen to his music. Thank you! – Hi!
– Suh? – Introduce youself, please.
– Katrin Child! – Oh my God! My ears have almost blown out!
– Mine too. – We’ll start with banal dump questions.
With bananas? Yes. Why a guitar and not
embroidery or cooking? I don’t know. It’s just cool. – Just cool.
– Just cool. – Well, yeah. The same with Guitar battlles.
– Yes. So you are living in Moscow now, and you’ve been
living in St. Petersburg before, and before that? I roam from place to place in Russia
and other countries of the world. – So you’ll be living in Amsterdam soon.
– Yes, in Amstersia. Ok. And what has Polina done
that you hate her so much? Fuck her! She doesn’t drink with me.
She doesn’t want to date me. – I think I should kick her ass.
– Would you like to date her? I wanted to date her,
but she said no to me. I will change my sex, and
offer her to date again. – She won’t recognize me.
– I think everyone here wants to date her. Ok. What would you like to tell your haters? Haters? Thanks, dudes! I won’t
be myself without you. It’s very laconic. And the final question:
Evanescence or Arch Enemy? Fuck! They always compare me with
Arch Enemy. So let it be Evanescence. – Ok then. We wish you good luck!
– Yo! Thanks! Hi, Polina! Tell me what have you
brought to the battle, please? Your pedal board is so beautiful, just like a handbag. Yes, I chose every pedal by size and colour. I tour a lot, I work a lot, so I
need a compact pedal board. Here we’ve got everything
that a good, cool guy needs: overdrive, distortion, booster, chorus, delay,
flanger sometimes if you do like this. – Yeah, and you shouldn’t touch the settings.
– You can switch the flanger on. – Yes, yes!
– Black pedals sound more evil, don’t they? And black guitars, too. Yes, I have a few of them and sometimes
I need to add some rage, yes. I’ve got it! And all of this gets its
power from some adapter, doesn’t it? – Look. This is my cool adapter.
– Power unit is in the bottom. Good. Everithing is well-thought-out.
Everything is very awesome. – Easy.
– These cables, which you don’t need to solder. – Which you can screw, I can do it by myself.
-Yeah, yeah! Repair or reset them. That
what I’ve done recently. Why have you chosen this
wah pedal? What model is it? Because it’s lighter than other pedals
by 200 grams or something like this. – Seriously?
– Yes! – How is it called?
– It’s a Joe Bonamassa wah pedal. – Joe Bonamassa.
– I choose everything by weight. It sounds good, too. Speaking about
AMT wah pedal, I can’t play it. So you plug in a clean channel. Does the
choice of an amp make any difference to you? Yes. I don’t like Marshall. I asked not
to put Marshall here, so I’ve got Mesa. – Mesa is better.
– And why? I like its sound more. It’s milder, warmer.
And the sound of Marhall amp is… I like more tube, relaxing
sound. I don’t know. I’ve got it. So you came here
with only one guitar. Why? – Did you want… Do you have several guitars?
– Because I have only one back. – One back. And have you come here alone?
– I’ve come here alone, yes. – Without any guitar techs.
– They fly with me only to Miami. Yes, to Miami. And these dirty faggots
demand salary. I don’t know why. – I’ve come across that.
– Yeah, yeah. They are scoundrels. – They don’t want to work for love.
– Yes. Yes. This colour is awesome. You cover all
sound range with this guitar, don’t you? For this moment, yes. It’s an
awesome axe. It’s a lifetime dream. I remember that it was on my phone screen
saver because I dreamt about Suhr. – Is it a japanese or american guitar?
– Oh, my god! – I don’t know.
– How is it possible, dudes? Are you serious? It’s Suhr! – There are two guitars like this in the world.
– French? – Oh, my god?
– Ah, two? – Is it a custom shop?
– It’s an American custom shop guitar. Yeah, yeah, awesome! It looks great! Right. All my stuff looks great. This is
the main criterion for me, as I’ve said. – And it sound great.
– 0.9-gauge strings? – 0.9-gauge strings.
– God grant you good health! We wish you good luck!
Let’s move to Devil Lady. Or how should I say? To the abyss,
and search her black soul. We’ll expand it and look at it. Let’s go! Hi, Katrin. Tell us, please, what
have you brought here? God, don’t it my hand, don’t eat it! – I’ve come in war.
– Tell me, please, what have you brought here? – In war. Ok. Why?
– I will… No, I will express it in other words. What
the fuck? Why do you use a processor? You are so cool. Why don’t you
plug in in a tube amp, for example? I plug through the processor
direcctly into a tube amp. Great! This is good. Then why
these writings are in orthodox? – Clean and dist?
– I’m stupid. I forget buttons. – You don’t write in English, do you?
I don’t know English, and my Russian is poor. – It’s not me who wrote it.
– Really? – I asked for help.
– Somebody helped you. – Yes.
– I see. – Which amp emulator do you use here generally?
– Amp? – What is the amp model, do you know?
– No. Fuck it! I see. – You plug in Return…
– I plug in this hole. – In Input?
– Yes. – Not in Return?
– No. – Directly in Input?
– Yes. I find a hole, plug in it, and that’s it. Do you need a specific amp,
or it doesn’t matter? I need something to plug in, that’s it. – So there’s almost nothing in your rider.
– In my rider? – For example, I want only Marshal 800 or 900.
– I want this. So you don’t care about the amp
and cabinet, do you? Good. – I need a good guitar.
– And what guitar do you have? – This is a Russian guitar.
– Ok. The most Russian guitar, and it’s cool. Awesome! This is the best
advertising of Russian guitars. Why we should buy Gibson or
Fender, when we have Inspector? Yes? Why should we buy this shit,
when we have Incpector? – Really seven strings. Do you use them?
– No. – Do you use only five strings?
– I use only the seventh string. – Only the senenth one?
– The seventh and the fourth ones. – And the third one because it’s always out of tune.
– Good. Is the guitar heavy? Does it weight a lot? Is it comfortable to play
it during the concerts? Well… Well, yes! You’ve had a havier stuff, haven’t you? Yes, especially when I was going here, I
carried three guitars. And it was heavy for me. – So did you carry them? Don’t you have techs?
– I have two, three… – So they carried guitars.
– All of them. – Everyone obeys the Princess of Darkness.
– Hey! Thank you! This applause is for you! Tell me what other guitars
have you brought today? I’ve brought Jackson Randy Rhoads
because we’ll be playing “Crazy Train”. – Yeah, yeah, yeah.
– And Schecter Jeff Loomis. – Ok.
– Because it’s my main guitar. – It’s your friend.
– It’s a friend of mine. Is it connected with a sound
or is it the part of a show? – No, for no special reason.
– Three different guitars. And “Pitchblack” is written on every guitar. – It’s my band. I play in it.
– I thoght you like Korg tuners. – I like stickers.
– Yeah, yeah. Great! – Well, stickers should help you.
– Yes. – So two 7-string and one 6-string guitar.
– Yes. One old school and two modern guitars. – I guess you summon Satan.
– Yes. So we wish you good luck. I wish that your fucking processor
won’t freeze in the middle of a song. Yes. – Just in case, switch to Input.
– I will kick it and plug in directly. And do as you’ve never done. This is my first conversation with Satan.
I’m a little nervous. – But I think evething will be Ok.
– Yes. Yes. I hope she won’t eat me.
That’s it. Good luck! – Thank you!
– Let’s do it! Hello! Are there any girls here? Girls, louder! Great! This is the first female
guitar battle in the world! So have boys come here? Men, I don’t hear you low bass voice!
Come on! Oh yeah! So I would like to introduce
you our support band. They are School of Rock teachers! With a smashed face, it’s a fake smashed face,
don’t be scared, Kamaz on the bass guitar! Ok. Vova Drive on the Guitar! Alexander Kochergin, the drummer of
Angel Nebes, is on the drums today! Let’s introduce the judges. So in a few words, guys. On my right there’s a former virtuoso.
He broke his arm the day before yesterday. Now I play better at last. Vyacheslav Kavlenas, the guitar
playeyer of Shrezzers band. Alexander Senyushin, the guitar
player of PostFactum band. And a very cool teacher. He will teach you
to play the guitar, but it’s not for sure. Guys, Pierre Edel is our
special guest from Paris. So we have two worldwide famous guitar
players. Introduce yourself, please. – Polina.
– Just Polina. Louder, please. – And this cute girl.
– Katrin Child! Have we introduced everyone? Choose the colour. You start.
My congratulations. – Are you ready? I don’t understand. Are you ready? Yeah! The first fucking round!
Polina starts! Oh yeah! These sounds give pleasure to
my not thin body. We go on! Katrin Child with a bombastic performance! I think you have something to say. So guys, don’t tell us for whom you vote,
it’s the Lord’s Supper. Just say good words about the participants. First of all, shout-out for
the instrument choice. One day I’ll save money for Suhr, too. It’s a huge plus. Good technique – everything
is awesome. The choice of notes is great. – Are you paid for it?
– That’s why he speaks with awkward pauses. And also… If you’ve finished, give the mike
to him, he has something to say, for sure. – He is a cruel man.
– No, everything will be soft. I liked everything – showmanship,
presentation, playing with teeth. Great! I’ve heard the sound of a Joe Bonamassa
wah pedal. Awesome instrument. I don’t know notes, but I think they were used
with knowledge of the matter. From both sides. If girls play like this, soon the boys would
have nothing to do at the Guitar Battle. I don’t want to speak a lot.
I want to listen to the next song. I liked it very much, so let’s go on. You’ve said good words. Guys, let’s turn around, the judges, let’s
turn around and show our sweet asses. Pierre, you too. I will remind you. The red one
is a girl, the blue one is Satan. So you take it from there and put
it here. One stick for your vote. – Great!
– Fair enough. Yes. We are ready. Well, I hope the girls will stop freaking out
and show a little tenderness in the next round. The second round! Polina! In my reply to Katrin’s challenge
I said that I would show what a clean sound and a seventh
chord was. So now I’ll show it. I’m crying. Make us cry from pain. The second round! Katrin Child! Katrin! Hurray! Well, guys, I see blubbered faces.
Dry your eyes. My soul has melt. Well done, girls! I would like to point out the EBow, a cool
thing with which you need to become friends. Very cool device. And I liked Katrin’s
volume swell. A very cool thing, too. – Man, awesome!
– Volume what? – Volume swell.
– Ah. I thought I should talk nonsense in
order to boost the Battle’s rating. Girls played so well, that I
forgot everything I’d learnt. It was awesome, I like everything. We have cool songs in this
battle, it was the second one. I hope the third one will
also be a cool hit song. I’m so nervous. I don’t
know who is better. I won’t keep in suspense and
hide for whom I’m voting. I think it will be clear,
I can tell you later. But right now I don’t know
whom I should vote for. – Vote for me…
– For Polina! Very cool. I won’t waste time again. But I liked Ebow in the beginning. I
guess it has the same name in Russian. A very cool device. I dream to try it,
but I hadn’t the opportunity to do it. Awesome! Super! Thank you. So guys, you take it from
here and put it here. The red one is a girl,
the blue one is Satan. The choise has been made. So the guys have made their choice.
You’ve made your choice. Now it should be a freestyle.
But we decided “Fuck it!” We’ll let the girls play one
more hit song, as they say. The songs of their own composition, original
song, the third round! Polina starts! Check, check. Polina with her original
song! Louder, louder! Well, now we all together with
Katrin will try to summon Satan. Katrin, rip it apart! Come on, I allow you!
Let’s go! Katrin! The third round! Katrin Child! After this song I will definitely keep a fast. – Even Pierre lost his hair after it.
– Yeah, yeah. Tell something, guys.
I’m trembling with fear. Very tasty and fresh melody. I liked it.
And it is catchy. I can sing it right now. Katrin, it was heavy and powerful. It’s the first time when I see
a girl playing break downs live. God damn! It’s powerful. Again everyting is cool and unclear. A cool and catchy melody. Power, meat, drive. And I
don’t know who’s won again. It’s always interesting
to listen to original stuff. So much tasty music – here we’ve got Machine
Head, Black Label Society, and something more. Here we’ve got Shawn Lane, Steve Lukather. A lot of tasty and diverse music,
I enjoy it. Super! Thank you, girls. Friends, we take from here, the red
one is Satriani, the blue one is Dethklok. – And we have a jar with the results.
– So, friends, the Battle is over. – No!
– No? Do you want more? Yeah! You’ll get more, but we need
to decide on the winner. – Come on, Diman.
– The jury have voted. Come on, Serezha. Give it to me. So the blue ones – one, two, three. – ‘Tres poseses’, as we’ve been taught.
– Give a hand, please. – Guys, all other sticks are red.
– Five of them. – Six, six!
– Six! – All of the sudden.
– So, friends, what does it mean? It means that Polina is the winner of
the first female battle in the world! It’s just incredible! And, of course, we have prizes. So the main prize from our sponsor, awesome
native producer of tube amps RnR Sound. This preamp is for you, Polina. Call a taxi, otherwise you won’t
carry it to the Sapsan train. That’s not all. Certificates from our
sponsor – Parts & Strings shop, where you can buy any bolt, string,
everything you’ve lost or broken. This certificate is for you, and
this certificate is for you. Alexander would like to say
that he has a prize, too. Yes, I’ve come here not empty-handed. Maybe I’ll start a cool tradition when
someone from judges gives some prize, too to whom he liked or to
the winner, I don’t know. I think that pedal have won today. And I have a pedal from a very cool
company from St. Petersburg – EGS. A two-channel tube distortion.
It has to reasons to be cool – first of all, it gives warmth,
secondly, it gives light. I think it should suit other
violet pedals in the pedal board. – Thank you.
– Maybe you’ll throw away all this foreign shit. – I’ll throw everything away.
– and you’ll play using a cool St. Petersburg pedal. Female battle! So we gave the prizes,
and we don’t have a winner. We came here to play the guitars. And you came here to listen to it. Is everyone ready? The song of reconciliation
at the first guitar battle! Thank you! It’s been the first female guitar
battle in the world, of course! Hooray! See you!

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    А где молчаливый Боб?

  39. Хейтеры, покажите это Фреду, у него сердечный приступ случится)))

  40. По игре ничего не скажу, тут уже все всё сказали. НО ЧТО ЭТО ЗА ДИКИЕ КРИВЛЯНИЯ С ОБЕИХ СТОРОН ,ТРЭШАК КАКОЙ ТО. надеюсь в новом сезоне такого не будет

  41. раскрашеное ебало это конечно хорошо) но при этом не плохо было бы еще и играть!]]

  42. попробуйте выйти при народе сами и сыграйте, че вы гоните на них, обосрались бы от волнения сами

  43. Ебаааать…. ОЛЕЙНИК чё баба теперь? Только играть разучился блять…

  44. Блять! Вова Драйв реально ДРАЙВ…. Олейник, Камаз, Драйв и драммер победили!

  45. Не знаю, что вы на них накинулись. Я даже так не умею и это не мешает выступать 🙂

  46. Я думал понты это про пацанов, а оказывается и про Полину… Её стафф хвалили чаще чем её игру)
    Что касается игры. У Полины всё настолько скучно и рафинировано, что тоска и уныние. Катрин была честнее во всём, чем очень приятно удивила. Катрин – топ!

  47. Девчонки мне понравились больше, чем баттлы с ребятами. У них техника не хуже, а вот души больше стократ. Музыка потому и называетсч музыкой, что должна быть мелодичной. Когда парни пилят мелкую стружку из своих струн, но при этом уху не за что зацепиться, становится скучно через минуту. Оооочень дохрена таких мастеров у нас супер пупер, только вот всемирно известны почему то Пинк Флойд и Дип Перпл. Почему то никто из наших крутых не сочинил пока ничего такого, что превзошло бы СТЕНУ, ДАРК САЙД ОФ ЗЕ МУН, ХАЙВЕЙ СТАР, МИСТРЕЙТЕД, ЗИС ТАЙМ ЭРАУНД, КАШМИР, ШОУ МАСТ ГОУ ОН, БАРСЕЛОНА и другие шедевры… Только мерятся членами на баттлах, трясут волосами да матерятся, а где нетленки то, где хоть одна вещь уровня ФРЕНДЗ ВИЛЛ БИ ФРЕНДЗ или БОГЕМИАН РЕПСОДИ? Где собственно МУЗЫКА? Нет ее. Была бы – весь мир узнал бы. Один голый дрочетоз и понты….

  48. какой басист колоритный – наверно, любит басиста метеллики))

  49. им нужно было пройти аттестацию на право в участвовать в батле)) ну это конечно пиздец товарищи))чтооо??? 21:28 огромный плюс-техника на уровне??? чувак ты серьёзно???))

  50. Музыканты сопровождающей группы там в своей атмосфере находятся,абстрагировались от всего пиздеца и ебашат))))

  51. Как можно сказать что техника супер когда там дико грязно было.🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  52. Очень доставили комментарии, в которых люди забыли, что любые баттлы делаются по фану в России.

  53. Ребята на аккомпанементе просто супер. И играли и двигались. Тёлки всё портили только. А без шуток, сколько играл, впервые увидел столько косяков и грязи практически от всех участников баттлов.

  54. В первом раунде победил Анжело Батио!

  55. Ну ладно вам, диванники. Большинство из вас, выйдя на сцену оставят после себя только коричневый след! Да, играют не фонтан, но не совсем уж лажа, слушабельно, местами очень даже атмосферно.

  56. Вампирши не далеко ушла… Кстати, интересная фишка— давать задание развить одну и ту же тему… Для Баттла было бы не плохо в одном из туров…

  57. Она продала душу дьяволу как Стив Вэй, но дьявол её кинул по ходу!

  58. Да ну, это прям офигенно! Залип и не мог оторваться. Классное шоу! =)

  59. У обеих девок с техникой игры проблемы , надеюсь не я один это заметил?

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