Guide Muyingwa – Fracture – Delve – Final Fantasy XI (FFXI #62)

Hello everyne! Today we’re back on Final Fantasy XI ! A lot of you have been asking me if i still play it after the release of the 14th And yes i do! And i’ll also do more gameplay of it in video! Today it’s Muyingwa, a dificult name to spell That’s why we just call it the Bee because … it’s a big Bee! It’s the boss from Ceizak Battleground Delve, i made a video some time ago about tojil And soon we’ll do also the shark in video, the third boss from delve In this battle, i’m as a Stunner like most of my video I wont give you each of his ability because anyway, they must all be stun And they can be all stun, like the Shark Boss, but we’ll see that on the Shark Video But each of his ability will give big debuffs And his Normal atk will also have special effect, He has 3 kind of Attack, a single target that’ll give the Knockback effect He also has another attack that’ll also Knockback but this time it’s a Cone AoE and the third one will be a AoE with a powerful Poison You’ll notice that we had Ranger and Sam, who has access to Ranged Attack or Ranged Attack Weapon Skill The thing about this boss is, the more we’ll do damage on him, the more she’ll win a damage reduction It start at about 75%, and the last % can really last long But she’s also very weak to Ranged Attack and that’s why having jobs that can do ranged attaque Or use Ranged Attack Weapon skill is really great! Here we were after the august update, which has increase the strengh of lot of stuff and changed a few thing Because before that, all other kind of Damage was so bad, that you almost had to have a Relmic Gun at level 99 So we could say it’s a nerf and the boss is easier now But i don’t think it’s much easier than than before the update Now we just have more choice for the job and that’s something very important i think Another thing that might be a little less important is that she has a huge amount of Evasion And we need a lot of Accuracy so we wont miss all our attack But it’s a little less important today because they updated the Delves weapon, and gave them a lot of skill Actually, all the stuff from delve was increased and is much more powerful now I must admit i’m not sure why they did it I think it’s for a futur change in the game mecanic But that’s also one of the reason why now we can go and do it with normal Melee Because before that, this boss was all about Ranged Attack and as you know, Ranged Attack Job are really rare in the game And all the Mage like the Black Mage are no longer a DD Even if they can still attack from far away, not only they wont do that much damage But they’ll also get out of MP really fast That’s something they really should change So All mage can now play in Endgame event Oh you’ll also notice we got a guest during the fight! Poor Little Crawler got lost, i didn’t even noticed during the fight I was really busy doing the stun So that’s all i can say about this boss! If you have boss or something you’d like to see from the game in video Writte it in the comment and i’ll try to do a video of it! I hope you liked this delves video If you did, don’t forget to like the video, share it, favorite, comment and Subscribe! Good day everyone! See you soon!

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