what's up guys nepenthez here and welcome back to another video on FIFA 19 Ultimate Team it has just turned 2 6 p.m. and that means we hopefully get something new at the very least today we can discuss the fact that you a have indeed updated and changed for chance rewards they have become team with a season rewards so but top 100 an elite levels it everything that was team of the week has been replaced and is now team of the season let's have a look at the SBC's that might be here community team of the season guaranteed very nice indeed a damag ET still there marquee matchups is from last week bars a glee loan is still there I wish I didn't do him what a waste the coins community team of the season to get just one is there anything else a far swaps player the flashback Arabia the team of the season flashback ravio Jamie Vardy Carlos Mayer Franck Ribery laboratory a ribéry and Robin van Persie's so let us begin by looking at how expensive this community team of seasoned SBC is gonna be team of the season players one quad rating 84 I'll be honest I don't know if that's gonna be good value for the community team of the season now the good news is is I believe I have a good untradable team of the season card nice and high rated one I think anyway a hope do I have any Jesus look how many colors of wine this club man by the end of the year this club is gonna be so stacked off the team at a season and any potential you know festival or style summer it's gonna be crazy there you go so I've got Sissoko and Hernandez now maybe an 88 rated untradable team of the season is a little bit excessive to put in there I don't think I have any other untradable but I definitely have some other tradable 's it's also gonna be interesting so I don't have any on trade was also gonna be interesting to see what happens to the price of team of the season cards based on this SBC as you can see we have got some pretty cool team of the season Russell on in there of course I wouldn't mind using the eighty they're both quite decent team of the seasons don't really want to use them Aaron's low shackle there we go boom that's my guy we're gonna throw him in there now we need an 84 rated squad so and I'm a little lacking on 84 rated players and 85 rated players so what we're gonna do is we are gonna go and have a look if there are any big packs in store and we'll get through those whilst we talk about the new upgrades two-foot champs so basically top 100 for next week's not this not rewards that we're gonna get old team of the season brilliant has just saved me loads of coins that is gonna be Walker not the kind of Walker team at a season that we want yes so basically top 100 instead of 11 team of the week cards it's now gonna be 11 team of the season cards which is brilliant news because it's going to be of the major league to my knowledge ea says for the like the listed are thoughts thinking about Blues EA said it's for the listed team now I can't imagine is that ver an that's really nice I can't imagine that they're gonna give out some team of the season lower leagues you know like now they are doing the lower leagues that's been confirmed and guarantee oh wow okay maybe have more 8404 I did have yeah they're gonna give out the minor leagues because they said that the player picks are going to include like major league so there's definitely gonna be some consideration for for minor leagues but yeah basically top 100 is now gonna be 11 team with a whip team of the seasons elite is gonna be three team of the season pack and is going to be three team of the season picks and then gold one and two is gonna be two team in a season picks and that's gonna guarantee you a major league team of the season as well which of course is very very nice the issue with the rewards is the difference between gold one and elite three is huge a gold one you get to read untradable team of the season picks and at Elite three you get three red untradable team of the season picks and three tradeable team of the season picks or team of the seasons in general and so it's going to be to the point where it's oh that's a nice card is gonna be I don't want to say like it's super unfair I think it's fair on the elite players I think is a little unfair on the gold one players so yeah I don't know necessarily how you guys feel about that but we are getting guaranteed team at a season reward from Foot chance which is great what I do like is that they have buffed the elite rewards and top 100 rewards compared to last year of course last year it was sixty minutes even for top 102 for Ally and of course now it's three and eleven which is great but they haven't buffed the gold rewards in any regards so that's a bit sad we're gonna get ourselves another walk out it's not a blue again it's Belgian it's a centre-back it's the the not the team of the season Belgian centre back from Spurs that's cool I think what do we get the tongue in there and we wanted order we're old we're still get happy Martinez though that's okay so once my trade past folder filled up now that we got having Martinez you know I can go Bundesliga we've got a fair few decent Bundesliga cards to be fair so we can go focus on those and see who we might get from our team of the season pack and of course guys I want you to share with me team of the season pack so on Twitter slash Nepenthe airs or if you prefer Instagram Instagram comms Panthers just message me your picture you know just send me a message on Instagram with a picture of your team of the season and I'll do that little screen kappa thingy and show some of my followers some of your best pulls now of course the ones that you want this this SBC and 84 rated with the team of the season is probably gonna come in at somewhere our sixty thousand coins maybe even seventy thousand coins and so that's not cheap not why not buy any regard right but i don't think any of the most consistent cards are really that cheap anyway so you've got ebrill 1.3 now fibra carrasco at 70 k he's one of the cheaper ones that might just get cheaper allen's 300k Busquets a hundred k tiago 195 oscar at 67 tellers at 290 felipe is down to 58 thousand coins that is very cheap as we get Sergey a Roberto there order we're oldest 230 Sewell a is 115 it's her stegun 165 tagliafico 138 and on bail a 270 chan 230 shall Matty knows under 100 K now stones is 147 halahala is 70 K so close down to 85 k he crashed as I predicted not that it was a difficult prediction but as I predicted he crashed hard when when he got like repurposed through further for the for a mistake Berggren is 55 k the cheapest one rousillon 120 km one bus akka 150 k so for me i would I mean I would really like obviously Ibrahimovic because he's just the most insane car there I believe that's gonna be the last player we can put in there yes sir ibrahim a bitch for me would be very very good but just one of them ninety pluses is kind of what I would go for I think that'd be one of the best things for me would be one of the night classes so let's get into the community team of the season let me go – let me go to La Liga actually I know I've got a fair few 84 and 85 from La Liga and this right here guys is gonna absolutely smash up the price of a threes 84 and 85 for an 80 for a 8 squad just because of the way this game works man let's put a couple fives in there to counterbalance the fact that we've got an 82 team with the season to make it falls in 83 should work from here maybe just 83 s let's have a look okay that's okay let me now go and grab another 84 and see if we could turn that down to an 83 which we can and we turn another one down to an 83 we can so that is the limit there guys and now we just need to get ourselves some chemistry we need 80 chemistry another bit of an issue not like a huge issue but it's a bit cheeky from EA to require 80 chemistry for this because it just kind of like forces people's hands a little bit in you know what they have to do to get this sorted now do I have let's put him down there I swap those around and let's swap those around there we go so there we go a community team of the season pattern now of course it's not tradable I do want to wait around as well until it's up on fuck bin it's coming in at a hundred thousand coins ei man it's not it's not just the a it's also the community itself because they're the guys that really dictate the really dictate the price you know it's it's as much our fault as it is anybody else's because we pay the silly prices for it and we've only got ourselves to blame in that regard so do I just use their used him as well I will get a bit more trade pal space so we can actually go back and go and work on a few more a few more few more packs few more packs Kaiser den Bel Air didn't use I should have done had loads of him Arellano we did all the Liga didn't we man who triggers we used very nice savage we just used as well oh no maybe not and we just go back and clear out we've got four spots again and I've got some dead cards why the back as well but I can throw away just discard loads of it mmm not 82's that are bad just low-end ad twos and such a derice we didn't use Willy and Jose we didn't use trig arrows already sent into the club so that's just trying to trick me Gertz air can go I know there was one more on there as Oregon II can go all of this stuff can go and I've got that 88 Phillippi Louise I need to use that the 88 Philippe Louis that I already have in my club just for anything because I've just got him sitting there on the trade bowl doing not a lot really so let's go back into the promo packs all my prank all players packs we can open three of them and I'll open to find a one with coins let's see if we can guess there's another team of the season and again I wonder a wonderful team of the season cards what price the team of the seasons have gone up to for the EFL I mean they haven't really gone up much 35k still for pookie 33 K for multi maokai 30k for Aaron's at 84 rated yeah the the the team of the seasons themselves haven't only one up all that much if at all actually 36 K now for him I'm very poor K I mean they might still go up as time goes on but so far they haven't really gone up at all which is a positive I guess because a lot of people can build team of the season packs with the weekly objectives like the oh nana and cars like that I suppose people are using but once again guys I'm very very interested very intrigued to see what you guys get I've seen a fair few ebro's already on my timeline I've seen an end on belly on my timeline it's a SoCo they're an Emory Chan coming in I'd be very happy with em Rach and we can keep both of these 83s now is throwing away a three sorry I also saw after I discarded the addendum Kerr was in one of the packs he's an expensive card he's like four to six K I think so our last prank all players pack as per usual an absolute waste of money we did get one walk our thing wasn't very good so to end off today's video I bit of a shorter video from me today lies but to end off today's video we are of course going to open up our team of the season the most consistent guaranteed pack EA if you could just bless us with the goods come on give me that ebrill let me see that let me see that let me see the flag it is a walk out which are obviously I think they're all walk outs it is a blue touch Deathwing Isberg win I believe I believe I've just got as expected the deadest team of the season in terms of price Berggren is it DK he is absolutely hands-down the cheapest Eva to Cesar and the most frustrating thing is that it cost me more to get him than it did if I would have just bought him and then I would have had a tradable version so burger in there not a terrible card to star week for not great decent card dicen there's a reason why he's down at 50k on Xbox in 60 K on PlayStation and it's because the car like this although blue is 10 a penny the good news is is that the next time we get a guaranteed team of the season SBC I would happily use him in it to to bring down the rating and help with finishing off so that guys is gonna be the end of the video for today again don't forget to share with me on socials your guys team of the season community pack as well I look forward to seeing them but for now guys I'm out peace

45 thoughts on “GUARANTEED COMMUNITY TOTS SBC – FIFA 19 Ultimate Team

  1. I used the 88 goalkeeper from Dutch league, scraped the 84 rating and lets guess who i packed!!!😭

  2. 8:56 it's not just Ea well it is completely them they put cards on the market to set prices let alone over price sbcs and in general produce a shit game with dodgy gameplay but for as long as your tongue is up their arse you will choose not to see that

  3. NEPENTHEZ FUT FUTURE IDEA : At The beginning of FIFA (first FUT walkthrough when you load up the game) players can choose in a player pick pack consisting only of bronze players, then through the year they purchase +1 cards, +2 cards , +5 cards or +10 cards from the market (just as we do with players and consumables etc) they could also be obtained though SBC’s and Daily Objectives. You can apply these for example +3 composure to this selected player & upgrade him, this would be a player you can put in your team and play with, I think this would give people a new reason to play and get real genuine fair achievement which would make their grind worth while. Just a thought, pls like so Nep can this this & im sorry it’s longwinded!

    Keep up the good work!

  4. I had onana, i mean its also free to get from weekly objective.. well played EA.. trowhed away an 84 rated squad with 1 IF for it…

  5. Ok so I did the sissoko sbc. Couple days later did the community guarantee sbc with an efl player and get sissoko 😭😭

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