Groups/Duos/Trios That Should Have Been Solos

44 thoughts on “Groups/Duos/Trios That Should Have Been Solos

  1. 1) Paige’s solo
    2) Kenzie’s solo
    3) Paige’s solo
    4) Chloe’s solo
    5) Kendall’s solo
    6) Kenzie’s solo
    7) Nia’s solo
    8) Maddie’s solo
    9) Brooke’s solo
    10) Chloe’s solo
    11) Brooke’s solo
    12) Chloe’s solo
    13) Kenzie’s solo
    14) Paige’s solo
    15) Paige’s solo obviously without her foot issue cause that would be cruel
    16) Maddie’s solo
    17) Chloe’s solo
    18) Kenzie’s solo
    19) Brynn’s solo

    My opinion!💕

  2. About reservations for two it says two so can't be solo. While Abby nevert told girls I thru deductive reasoning suspect it was supposed to me Mackenzie and Paige duet but Paige hurt herself doing what teacher said she shouldn't.

  3. Paige does really good in trios she should have got more trios and solos certainly more kindness and attention

  4. 2:18 I just realized that Mackenzie (I think it was her but I'm talking about the girl on the left in the back) stumbled when she finished the elblow stand XD

  5. I actually loved Girls In The House as a trio. But other than that. I agree with the rest so far lol. If I don’t I’ll add something else in.

  6. also beautiful day because the girls we're ALL doing something nice not just paige. No hate and yes I do think paige should have more solos

  7. Um light my fire should have been non existent at all so somedays I’m just praying it disappeared

  8. ~ MY OPINION ~

    1) Paige's solo
    2) Kenzie's solo
    3) Paige's solo
    4) Chloe's solo
    5) Kendall's solo
    6) Vivi's solo!
    7) Nia's solo
    8) Maddie's solo
    9) Brooke's solo
    10) Paige's solo
    11) Brooke's solo
    12) Chloe's solo
    13) Mackenzie's solo
    14) NO'ONE's SOLO
    15) Paige's solo
    16) Maddie's solo
    17) Asia's solo
    18) Mackenzie's solo
    19) Brynn's solo

  9. 2 things-

    Buckle up should have been a Chloe and Paige duet, or a Paige solo. Kendall was not good in it, in my opinion

    Also, light my fire just never should have happened

  10. i think you should have added beautiful bizarre i think that should’ve been Mackenzie’s solo. not hating just saying😊

  11. I think this might be an unpopular opinion but fan-tastic should’ve been a trio with Paige Maddie and Chloe

  12. 1:39 ya mean vivis solo
    she did a cartwheel ya know thats REALLY special nobody can do that (ok I CANT do a wall handstand so i cannot say much but im NOT a dancer sooo)

    also MY DOLL and ASIA chloe should have done that (no hat)

    edit: or hate

  13. 2:17,”Good Job Kenzie.”No Kenzie didn’t even do that move she just stayed still and Brooke did it not Kenzie.

  14. Around 1:14 I saw Hadley’s mom from Abby’s ultimate dance competition and I saw her a few to
    times when Asia performs her solos

  15. Buckle up should have been Paige’s solo just coz Kendall is the lead doesn’t mean that it should be her solo don’t get me wrong I love Chloe and Kendall but I feel like Paige outshined them in this dance. No hate tho great vid👍🏻👍🏻❤️❤️

  16. A) Ups and Downs was kind of already Brookes solo when you think about it and how she was just solo-ing the whole time
    B) Paige could've been a much better dancer if Abby had given her a chance
    C) I just think it's kind of funny that Asia's center leap was about as high as i think that was Chloe's


  17. Paige could’ve had a lot more solos, but she always asks for old choreographies and not new ones. probs why abby didn’t give it to her

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