Groups call for independent investigation into Joshua Brown murder case

55 thoughts on “Groups call for independent investigation into Joshua Brown murder case

  1. Fine! You pay any investigator you want and he'll investigae whatever you tell him to! But wherever you got this asinine diea that you are ENTITLED TO ANYTHING YOU DEMAND, IT'S WRONG!!! The black "community" swears that there is no such thing as Black Privilege, but they sure try to USE IT often enough!!!!

  2. Yo we gotta have justice for this young man who did the right thing in this case. His death is soooo darn sketchy. We cant let this one go.

  3. Amber Guyger was turned over to state officials on Friday to begin her 10yr sentence at the Mountain View Unit in Gatesville, TX.

    However, Joshua Brown was murdered friday….this is a very strange situation.

  4. We don't need no pork chop preacher ..
    The man is DEAD!

  5. I’m sure this is simply another case of white peoples hunting down an innocent black man who did nothing wrong.

  6. The truth will never develop at the hands of the police… law enforcement connected to that killer cop is behind the killing… stop trusting racist to be fair and just… It ain't gonna happen. I believe he was shop at tweeted.. in his chest and mouth…. why would they be so vague and just say multiple times.. they know how he died and who killed him, THEM they did it

  7. Looks suspicious to me but you know what ? You cannot rule out Dallas police. This is probably why bunnie did not testify. Heard she was getting death threats too.

  8. Dallas is the city where president JFK was assassinated. If they'll do it to a white president they'll definitely do it to a black man.

  9. Leave it up to the white media to drag out these "pulpit pimps" to keep misdirect our community.

    These fools have no influence over the NBM/ADOS, were well acquainted to your playbook

  10. They have so many theories about how he got killed just to try and throw us off. We have our own truth which is the correct version. Due to our experience with the police in America it’s all common about how they do things.

  11. The angels of death will pay a visit to whomever was involved. Remember, there's nothing new under the sun. There's a clear snapshot of the persons involved. No way around it

  12. As far as the discrepancy of where he was shot is concerned, it does not matter. He's dead because of the Dallas PD.

  13. Why would they bypass Houston to go to Dallas and buy drugs there, instead of Houston? Lies Lies Lies….it's a cover up.

  14. He was not shot in his mouth. Merritt is lying and causing more prejudices. Be mindful Merritt of what you are saying.

  15. Dallas Police could find someone to take the fall but I think this should be an independent investigation. Police can't investigate themselves no more than a murderer can convict a murderer.

  16. Wonder why there was know mention of him having a gun, when he was murdered on Friday. Seem like that part was left out..They never said those individuals took the victim gun!

  17. Mister King please have a seat we're not listening to you we see facts we know fact and we are not falling for the okey-doke you see what's going on. You fall back and let the real B1 Brigade handle this. It is time for bootlicking pastors to step aside and let the real folk make a difference and do something about things instead of just forgiving everybody we have forgave enough no more forgiveness for our open enemy, time to move forward so you have a seat and step aside period. We've seen what you're hugging and kissing on the enemy gets us, death. Joshua Brown is dead we do know that and we know the police department did that so that's all we need so you can have a seat we're not listening to you guys anymore we're tired of the lies and ready to stand for truth.

  18. War is coming!!
    And the LORD said unto Joshua, Fear them not: for I have delivered them into thine hand; there shall not a man of them stand before thee.
    TMH is with us. Wake ☝ my people!!

  19. Yup the Costco Killer is getting away it no charges. If you don’t know a off duty lapd shot 3 people in the back. One is dead 2 are critical. 2 months ago in Carona Ca. Da won’t prosecute cop.

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