GroupNet for Plan Members – Great West Life

Want to know more about your benefits plan? Great-West Life’s GroupNet for Plan Members makes getting information on your benefits a breeze. You can check to see what your plan covers and how much you have left to spend. Find a health care provider near you and get the treatment you need. You can submit your claims online in minutes, some health care providers
can even submit them for you. Getting your claims paid couldn’t be easier, and you can have them deposited
directly into your bank account. You can stay on track with
strategies and resources on our Health & Wellness Site. GroupNet works anywhere. You can find the information
you need while you’re at home or on the go. GroupNet – coverage and claims made easy.

2 thoughts on “GroupNet for Plan Members – Great West Life

  1. If i can reach 1 person you will benefit. Stay away from great west life. Go bluecross. Im dealing with injury after injury at work. They will make it as frustrating as possible for you to get your money back, in hopes some just say forget it, in which i have. Ive begged my company to go bluecross. But to no avail yet.

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