Group started by Montana Tech international students acknowledges growing diversity on campus

TO INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS OF COLOR. KXLF S JOHN EMEIGH TELLS US HOW THIS GROUP GOT STARTED AT THE BUTTE UNIVERSITY. EMEIGH: Montana Tech’s new chapter of National Society of Black Engineers is recognizing the school’s growing diversity. Judith Buaba: There’s a lot of call for diversity and getting people of different cultures coming together and getting a chapter here of the NSBE Montana Tech is showing the maturity of how well Montana Tech is achieving that goal. Emeigh: International students at Tech started the NSBE chapter last year as a way of networking with other students. Sowmya Sudhakar: Everybody felt the need that something like this should be continued in an institution like this where there aren’t many international students. Emeigh: Beverly Hartline is the faculty advisor to the club and said having the NSBE can get these students to career fairs that give students of color greater opportunities. Hartline: The student who go there and the faculty who go there, it’s like 85 percent of the people are people of color and that’s essentially the opposite of what you experience in engineering, because it’s usually 5 to 15 percent people of color. Emeigh: For now this chapter is unique to Montana Tech, but the students say they hope to expand it to other universities in the state. Buaba: We all here are like ambassadors to the club. Emeigh: For some, the chapter is about hearing other people’s stories. Frebby Sime: I would say for lack of a better word, hope. So if you know that people have gone through difficulties and they made it then you know no matter what difficulties there are there’s a way. Emeigh: A way to a promising future. In Butte John Emeigh MTN News. MONTANA TECH NOTES THAT THE N- S-B-E CHAPTER IS OPEN TO ALL STUDENTS OF ANY COLOR OR NATIONAL ORIGIN. ###

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