Group roles in iMIS 20-100

Hi, I’m Russell and I work here at ASI and
in this tutorial I am going to show you how to set up Roles in your groups. To add other Roles, you actually edit the
group Type, not the individual group. On this screen, I have added a Friend role
to my group and I am going to show you the steps on how to add your own roles. Let us
say I am the group administrator for a local Chapter of an organization and I want to add
a new Group Role. From the page, go to Settings>Groups>Types.
The roles within a group are added by way of the Group Type, meaning the selected roles
will appear for all, in this case, Chapters, that are created. Select Chapter. Under the Roles tab, we see
all roles my Chapter can currently choose from. Click Add. From the drop-down, select a Role to add.
We will select Friend, with a Default Member Status of Active. Click OK, then click Save. From this page, you can also edit and add
group Member Statues. If I want to enable my Chapter to have the Pending member status,
I would simply select the Pending Group Member Status, then select the Active checkbox. Now, if I open up the Roles tab, under the
Roles column I can see the Friend role from the drop-down. And that is how easy it is to assign, edit,
and add Roles to your groups! Thanks for watching!

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