Group Juggle

welcome to youth ministry great games today we're gonna play group juggle is a very fun game are we going to get to learn each other's names what everyone needs to do first off we're standing in a nice circle here raise your hand signifying that you have not yet received the ball so everyone do that raise your hand you have not received the ball when you toss the ball you call someone's name when you catch it you put down your hand because you have received the ball so hands up I'm going to start by tossing it to Sam now you're going to toss it to someone else call their name before you throw it well destiny Sara different Wyatt slowing yeah chance Randy oh okay it's okay here you go Charlie Tamron Sophia and then back here wonderful so remember this order we're going to do it again exact same order remember it all okay same order here we go Sam well duh same Sarah listen what oh yeah okay we yeah we got it right Randy Charlie wonderful excellent so now I've done it twice I'm going to throw in a second ball same order are we all ready Sam will destiny Sara Sam well oh yeah that's it Sara Randy okay what so yeah Oh and in Benin okay Bri Sophie been wonderful we're gonna add the red ball red is reversed it's going to go the backwards order that we've just been doing is that make sense yes all right so Sam Sophie well doesn't Sam wonderful very very good so now we're gonna add our golden calf so adding the golden calf this is going to go one person to the left but you still have to see their name before you top so we got the green and blue are going forward the red is going backwards and the golden calf is going one person to your left make sense any questions wonderful Sam so well yes Sarah destination brandy Sam supply really Sonya hey Karen sorry Charlie I said awesome we're going to try to up our game a little bit I'm going to take away the rule you don't have to say someone's name we're going to see how fast we can get ever ready to touch this ball so ready Sam will test me all right I was like 15 seconds that wasn't too shabby solid 15 yeah 15 seconds is not bad bad how can we go faster pretty strong yeah getting closer let's get closer we're going to see we go faster closer ready to go Sam 10 seconds that was much much better anything else we can do to make it go faster getting ordered love it let's get it ordered over there couple to throw yeah beautiful it's getting our order so Sam Sophie ready going we're standing order we're just going to hand it to each other see if that goes faster so ready 3 2 1 go that was like seven eight seconds somewhere in there pretty good can we go faster yeah yes what do you got brainstorming yeah have one person just run around it good yeah you're it okay so ready go all right I didn't even count but that was like three and a half seconds I was so that was pretty fast can we go faster Charlie maybe he could just stand in the middle whoa oh sorry take a hand out me here yes I like that idea all right let's go for it all right okay so on your mark get set go oh that was like a second sweat that's beautiful all right that's about as good as you're gonna get so good job everyone I'm John I hope you enjoyed this video if you have any other thoughts of variation zone talk about feel free to leave them down in the comments below don't forget to subscribe if you want to more updates as we go

47 thoughts on “Group Juggle

  1. Greetings from Ex-Muslim Iranian Christian Youth Leader! We are based in Turkey. I watched a couple of games, uh-uh, but this one is the best. Brother, you have a gift from God to entertain.

  2. I loved watching this video and the youth. I use it with adults. I had never seen the reverse or adding in other objects. Thanks for sharing. I am going to definitely add these elements in to mine.

  3. we did this game in gym class. if we could do it with 5 balls and another ball to pass(30 kids) without dropping it or saying people names we did not have to do the 12 minute run

  4. My br super exlent game I'm also do tha youth ministry Andra Pradesh India learn so many things thank you my brother plese prey farme my ministry

  5. It's very great exersise! Thank you. I think, that last exersises can do faster. If one person
    will draw out his arm with the ball in a middle a circule and other persons just will touch the ball.

  6. The ideal ball for this is a rubber dog ball with the hexagonal design. It's easier to grab, and still doesn't hurt if it hits you.

  7. I've Been Ta Two Youth Groups The First One's Smaller Than Yours ,
    My Second One Has Sometimes Over 150 PEOPLE!!!!

    (Ever Have A Youth Group Crush Throw The Ball Ta'm, I'll Do It Wit The Girl I Like)

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