Greta Thunberg’s School Strike for the Climate

I will not beg the world leaders to care for our future. I will instead let them know that change is coming whether they like it or not. (Music) I want to thank you all for coming. I’m your host Stuart Scott and we’re coming to you live from the UN climate negotiations COP 24 in Katowice, Poland. My co-host, Victoria Hurth, and you can contact us, if you’d like to contact us about the contents of the program. Today’s guest, seated in the front row of the audience, is Greta Thunberg. She’s a 15 year old climate leader She’s a Swedish student activist and an inspiration for all of today’s youth and today’s program “Greta Thunberg’s School Strike for Climate”. Now, before I bring Greta up, this is my favorite photo of Greta, but it always brings me to tears. Her sign roughly translates as “school strike for climate” and she sat for over two weeks outside of the Swedish parliament until they were so embarrassed by her presence, I understand it right, that they gave her a fine. She was attracting so much attention from the press that they made her move across that bridge off of the island in which the Swedish parliament is located, and she’s still out there now every Friday. It’s no longer every day. She’s gone back to school for four days a week, but received a lot of support, I believe, from her… from her teachers in carrying on because they know how serious this is. The politicians don’t know, or they know and they don’t care. (Greta speaking to crowd)
So we can’t save the world by playing by the rules because the rules have to change. Greta spoke to a crowd in Helsinki, Finland, that was a record-breaking crowd. (Crowd Cheering…) An all-time record for a gathering in Helsinki. Now, I’d like you to please warmly welcome Greta Thunberg. (Audience clapping) Now I just want to give you, while Greta’s sitting with us, an idea of what she’s inspired: 15,000 people in Australia in over 30 places in 30 seasons And just to add to that as you probably know, got the support of the Senate to go on strike despite the prime minister being against it, so it’s really fantastic. At first, the Australian politicians chided the students and said “get back to school, you shouldn’t be striking. You shouldn’t be activists like this”. Let me show a couple of the slides and then we’re going to ask Greta a few questions. So, this is one of the many demonstrations in Australia. I love that sign “Make Earth Great Again”, “Beware radical child activist”, “Civil disobedience requires no permission slips”. Okay, now Greta. What was your inspiration? How did you get into this? Yeah, it was when I was maybe 7, 8, or 9 years old my teachers told me to turn off the lights and save paper and don’t throw away food, and I asked why and they said because there’s something called climate change or global warming that the humans are causing, and I remember thinking that it was very strange that humans who are an animal species on Earth could be capable of changing the Earth’s climate, because if we were and if it was really happening we wouldn’t be talking about anything else and that will be our that will be our first priority And then I started reading about because I thought it was so strange and and I read about it more and more and the more I read about it the more I understood it, and then I started at home. I started with the turning of the lights and pulling out the chargers to save energy and electricity. And so that was a small start for me and then my parents they were pretty annoyed. I was just gonna say, it must have driven them crazy. But then they started realizing and I told them that this was important and I, and we started reading about it together and watching films and reading books and articles and before I knew it I was a climate activist or how do you say it? and…and what was it that made you take your direct action. What was the turning point? What made you think No, this is important enough, and this is the thing that I’m going to do about it? Yeah, it’s pretty strong to stop going to school. What made you think of that? Did you just not like school? That’s what my boy would say, I think. No, I don’t. I like school, umm ..but there was some youths in the USA that refused to go to school because of the school shootings and then I was in some kind of a group with several youths that we were going to come up with new projects, projects to do, and then someone said what if children did that — refuse to go to school? but for the climate and then I thought it was a very good idea and I thought that hasn’t been done before and so then I tried to get people with me and … but no one was really interested. So I had to do it alone. You tried to get people to do it with you to strike school? Yes. You asked your friends and they said no? and the people in that group. umm…umm…Good for going it alone. I call her, online and in person, not to her face, I call her Joan of Arc. She’s really rallying the troops. In this case, the troops are the kids, the kids who know. That we’re compromising their work their world Just to say it really shows the power of being a follower because you’re a leader But you you’re also following the people who were doing something similar somewhere else And I don’t have you seen that video about the first follower effect but it just shows that the leadership through taking inspiration from others is is is really important and I believe you had a very important meeting today with Secretary-general Guterres and can you tell us something about how that went? Yeah, it was a private meeting with a …a couple of delegates from youth delegate from different parts of the world and then I held speech together with …with a guy from Fiji and then we took a picture and then Qataris he talked as well. Can you tell us what you told him? Do you remember? Yes, I talked about climate justice, and I thought that I told him that for 25 years countless of people have stood in front of the United Nations climate conferences begging our world’s leaders to stop the emissions, but clearly that has not worked since the emissions are continuing to go to rise over and over, and so I will not, I will not beg the world leaders to care for our future. I will instead let them know that change is coming whether they like it or not and to beg the people instead to realize that our political leaders have failed us So that I will not beg the world leaders because they have ignored us and they would ignored us again. Here…Here (Clapping) That’s great. Yes, our political leaders have failed us. Our political leaders, our answer to a different master … They don’t really anymore answer to their populations. Their only concern is making sure they have a robust economy, everybody’s making plenty of money and then once every few years, they just have to trick the people into reelecting them, if it’s a really a democratic country. So, although I can see that quite justifiably you’re quite skeptical about these conferences and what they might achieve in terms of leadership but obviously the conferences bring people like you, and people like all of us together. And what would you say would be the best outcome of the next two weeks’ discussions? I mean these conferences are of course, they could be very good. They could be very useful but They aren’t but we could make them and so I what I hope that we all of us achieve at this conference is that We realize that we are facing an existential threat and that this is a the biggest crisis humanity has ever faced before and we stand for changes that we cannot understand that we just kind of take that in and do something with that information because people… people don’t know how emergent the situation is so first we have to realize that and then we have to as fast as possible do something to stop the emissions and just, you know, try to save what we can save. Save what we can save. I want to interject a point from news of the last couple of weeks. Donald Trump, one of the most despicable persons on Earth, I believe, recently dismissed the report issued by his own government saying….intelligent people know better essentially, I’m intelligent and I don’t believe it is what you said. Now, Donald Trump is probably the most pathological liar that I can think of, and dismisses real news as fake news while he makes up his own lies and knows that the media will cover him and make memes out of them — repeat them until we think that they’re real If a 15 year old girl gets it, how come a supposedly intelligent President of the United States doesn’t get it. So, what message would you like to give now to all the other children like you around the whole world? They’re all listening at this moment and, hopefully, via our wonderful media they will be and what would you want to say to them? I would want to say that we have to understand, we have to realize what the old generations have done to us what they … what mess they have created that we have to Clean up and live with that we have to make our voices heard and make .. make them try to clean it up after them — just to, yeah, make the voices heard. And how … how would you like them to make their voices heard? What would you .. they said how Greta, what should we do? You can do anything. You can school strike. You can demonstrate on the streets. You can … You can do anything. There’s just one more question for me and you might have some others Stuart, and then I’m sure the audience may have some. What is it that gives you hope? I think that we today are very … we care very much, we say all the time We have to have hope, if there’s no hope that we can’t do anything. But I think that even if there is no hope we have to do something; that is, not having hope is not an excuse for not doing anything because, of course, we need hope, but the one thing we need more than hope is action. Because once we start to act hope is everywhere. So, instead of for looking for hope we should look for action. And then only then hope will come. There’s a gentleman whose name I’ll mention, Dr. Herman Daly, who said to be the founder of ecological economics also known as steady-state economics and if we had steady-state economics in place, we would not be in this mess We would not be in this mess instead of Infinite growth economics on a finite planet and Herman Daly once said to me when I was interviewing him online He said it’s our moral ethical obligation to have hope and to act So you got it. I .. I think we probably have a little bit of time for questions from the audience. I was just wondering do you think there is not so much value in doing things based around social media and messages at conferences to bring people’s voices in or the only way is direct action such as school strikes that that can make a difference? I think that we need both, but I thought that why I striked is because I thought there was not enough direct action. But, of course, we need both. Lady third row in from the right has had a hand up for a bit, thank you. Thank you Greta. You’re a great inspiration to all of us. What is your message to the big business people who say there’s really no problem because we can fix this problem with geoengineering, which means interfering with the planet’s planetary mechanisms in the ocean, the weather the clouds, and so on. What do you children think about that? I think that it’s … it’s very scary because we don’t know very much about it. Why do we have to do that? Why can’t we just produce and stop the emissions? Is that so hard? And…I think that it can… You can say that it’s like one person who is dying, and says I’m not going to have an operation. I’m going to wait. In the future there might be a magic pill that I can take. It’s very risky. It’s the risk of the experimentation, isn’t it? Because we don’t know their knock-on consequences and we have not got a good track record in that. So, like you say it’s .. it’s very risky and it’s also pushing it out to the future when, actually, we have tried and tested things we can do now, which include reducing our emissions. Now, we’re getting very close to the end. So, if there’s one very short question …very short question. My name’s Toby. I’m from Tasmania in Australia, and I actually just supported students and going on strike last week in Australia, and hundreds of my friends actually went on strike in Hobart. I was just wondering, what is your message to students that have been on strike last week in Australia? And, you know, what’s the message of solidarity that young people can send? That we we are one in this together and that we … we together we are strong and we we will not … give up. We will not give up Thank you very much for joining us Victoria and myself and Greta. This is the contact address that I promised you. If you have questions for Greta, you can send them here as well, and we’re coming to you live from COP 24 UN climate negotiations in Katowice, Poland. Thank you. (Music)

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  1. Look there are currently at least 47 self reinforcing positive feedback loops already triggered and baked into the cake of planetary chemestry whose cumulative effect will be exponential in nature. In a couple of years when all the multiyear arctic ice is gone then a cascade effect will take place. There will be a 50 gigaton methane burst triggered by that blue Arctic ocean event this is according to Dr. Maria Shakova leading researcher into permafrost and ocean methane clathrates. Once this happens then our global temps will spike. This will result in world wide agricultural collapse. That will be the starting gun for our eventual extinction. It will only take about 5 years. "We are under the gross misconception that we are a good species going somewhere important and that at the last minute we will correct our errors and God will smile on us. It is delusion".
    Farley Mowat existential crisis indeed. Follow her.

  2. School is a gift. We better understand the climate because of schools and education. We may not have school in several years, should things fall apart. My own opinion is that if you think it is beneficial to the climate to stop attending school, you might as well just quit school altogether

  3. MAGIC GRETA! You have just ashamed the so-called-potent cowards of the entire world. Hope people will go intelligently on your words and example, and take action right now in their own private and public life

  4. Enfin un être humain qui a encore les pieds sur terre. Elle ne se fait aucune illusion . Elle est d'une sagesse remarquable. Elle possède une maturité que peu d'adulte ont. Elle a parfaitement saisi la profonde bêtise des acteurs politiques et économiques en regard de la relation de l'humanité avec notre environnement naturel. Elle redonne espoir. Merci beaucoup madame Thunberg.

    deniout from Québec

  5. Geta Thunberg versus the policies & voice of the President of the USofA Donald Trump! My vote for humanity goes to Geta Thunberg!

  6. Greta we are extremely Proud of you dear girl.. with you there is Hope for us all.. Carry on with our loveing supports 💕✌😊💕🍃🌍🍃💕

  7. Wow what a superbly intelligent, caring and kind young lady she is … All power to her ( well done her parents and to her school )

  8. Twitter : @GretaThunberg 
    En français « Vous nous volez notre futur »
    Je m’appelle Greta Thunberg, j’ai 15 ans et je viens de Suède. Je parle maintenant au nom d’une justice climatique. Beaucoup de gens disent que la Suède n’est qu’un petit pays sans importance. Mais j’ai appris que même petit nous pouvons faire la différence. Et si quelques enfants peuvent faire parler d’eux dans le monde entier simplement parce qu’ils ne vont pas à l’école (ils mènent une grève scolaire chaque vendredi pour le climat), alors imaginez ce que cela donnerait si nous voulions tous agir. Mais pour cela nous avons à dire clairement les choses, même si elles sont pénibles à entendre.
    Vous parlez uniquement d’une économie verte à la croissance sans fin, parce que vous avez trop peur d’être impopulaires. Vous ne parlez uniquement que d’aller de l’avant, avec les mêmes idées déplorables que celles qui nous ont mis dans ce gâchis, alors même que la seule chose sensée serait de freiner de toute urgence. Vous n’êtes pas assez mature pour faire face à la réalité. Même cette charge, vous la laissez à nous, les enfants. Moi je me moque d’être populaire. Ce qui m’importe, c’est une justice climatique et une planète vivante. Notre civilisation toute entière est sacrifiée par l’opportunisme de quelques individus qui continuent d’accumuler d’énormes richesses. Notre biosphère est sacrifiée pour que quelques individus et pays comme le mien puissent vivre dans le luxe. C’est la souffrance du plus grand nombre qui paie le luxe de quelques uns.
    J’aurai 75 ans en 2078. Je fêterai peut-être mon anniversaire avec mes enfants, et peut-être me demanderont-ils en pensant à vous : « Pourquoi n’avez-vous rien fait pendant qu’il était encore temps d’agir ?
    Vous dites que vous aimez vos enfants par dessus tout et pourtant vous leur volez leur avenir sous leurs yeux. Tant que vous réfléchissez à ce qu’il est possible de faire sans agir politiquement, il n’y a pas d’espoir. Nous ne pouvons résoudre une crise sans la traiter comme telle. Nous devons laisser les ressources pétrolières dans le sol et nous concentrer sur l’équité. Et si les solutions dans ce système sont impossibles à trouver, alors peut-être que nous devrions changer de système. Nous ne sommes pas venus ici pour supplier les leaders du monde de prendre soin de nous. Vous nous avez ignorez hier et vous le ferez demain. Nous n’avons plus de temps ni d’excuses. Nous sommes là pour vous dire que le changement arrive, que cela vous plaise ou non. Le vrai pouvoir appartient au peuple. Merci.

  9. #fridaysforfuture is a movement of young people all over the world who want to shift attention to this urgent topic. They follow Greta and organize school strikes in their cities. We're becoming more and more, especially through whatsapp groups and instagram/facebook pages. If you want to help spreading this important issue, please share it as much as you can. Thank you!

  10. Greta if there was a button that would give you a heart on You tube i'd push it. You are not only an inspiration to children you are an inspiration to grown adults. Fantastic job, and you are much more of a grown adult than many . Standing Ovation, Keep it up!

  11. The Prime Minister of Australia is a climate science denying cuck.
    His whole party, the Liberal Party of Australia are all pushing coal fired power even though the overwhelming majority of the Australian people are backing renewable energy.
    They try to tell the public that there is still a debate needed to decide if climate change is really happening, it's a disgrace.
    They are either fools or they are selling out to the fossil fuel industry, either way they need to go.
    Vote for the Labor Party in the up coming elections in 2019 and lets push for a green new deal for the people and the planet.

  12. Heja Greta! Jag tackar dig för att du gör det jag måste göra. Ungdomen som du är en stor förhoppning för framtiden

  13. Please don't call her a woman that's mixing things up with all the political correctness over language that has been confusing and corrupting adult minds for so long: Greta Thunberg is a GIRL, she's a CHILD, a schoolgirl and THAT is her power and her her integrity that we must not corrupt with our slanted minds and language

  14. This kid is a son of star (sorry I'm French) she things like a person who don't came from earth, like she said, you don't know us, we are not came here to be controle, that a message for humain. And she said to, go on another solaire system if you don't want live here…

  15. Let's not leave it to Greta alone. let's ALL take a stand against this climate crisis and make real change possible. Let this not be a passing trend. Let this last until it is resolved.

  16. Complimenti Greta, sei un bellissimo esempio per noi tutti, speriamo le nuove generazioni siamo meno ipocrite delle precedenti, il pianeta terra ha bisogno di persone come te.

  17. Greta, there are people all over the world who are with you. Change IS coming. We are together, perhaps not in proximity, but certainly in spirit and faith and determination. We love and support you! I hope to meet you someday (though the continents may have to come together first ;)). <3

  18. This action is good in developed countries. I am writing from Colombia and here those actions rarely produce positive efects. However, actions like Greta¨s are very efective when we use the media to share. She is a young motivation. She inspires young people. My generation did not understand and it is difficult to find a change from them. It is possible but difficult. Thanks a lot Greta!!!

  19. Can I contact or write her in social media or something? I would like to know her opinions and reflections about the world. Maybe this is somehow possible.

  20. Look Greta, we could have driven all our cars with natural gas Methane (CH4) made from CO2 and Hydrogen (H) produced from renewable Electricity for the last 30 years! (- Bio Digester + Wind, Wave, Tidal, Solar, Hydro – Power) Audi in Germany (Audi e-gas) is doing it now. Ask who is interestet in keeping us "addicted" to this Drug Oil? It is : My Goverment, Your Goverment and all the other "Goverments" because they are all earning a fortune in TAX on it. Some "Goverments" using millitary force, blackmail, sanctions and if necessary even Genocide to make sure they'r not running out of it. Burning Oil=Making Money for the Banks so they make more money by lending it (investing) to others. We can safe the Planet for us and future generations only if we are willing to change the economic system and subsequently our way of life.

  21. Donald Trump does not get it because he is mentally ill. He is a malignant narcissist. To give you some perspective, that is pretty close to a sociopath. He's extremely mentally ill. I would much rather have Greta as our president than Trump! Thank you, Greta for all you are doing. I feel the same way you do. It's frustrating to see that nobody in power seems to care. But we have to keep trying.

  22. To all children viewing this: use the most powerful lever you have to change things. You want to know what that is? It is the love of your parents for you! Appeal to this love. Tell them something like this:

    „If you really love me and want me to have a future with health, happiness, and a planet worth living on, then tell me what you personally will do today, tomorrow and the rest of you life to help me achieve this! Part of your job as parents is to look after me. This includes to protect me. Your actions – like eating animals and dairy, driving cars, flying around and constantly buying things and not even looking into circumstances of their production – all of these action and many more – do the opposite. They harm me. Probably you have done them because you were not aware, awake or mindful enough. Maybe because you worried so much about being able to buy me toys or new clothes.
    Whatever the reason: I ask you to wake up and care more deeply. But most of all, I ask you to act!“ ….

    Use the love of your parents for you. This is the most powerful lever you have! And please know: some of from the older generation are with you already. We will be by your side, act and support you all the way. ✌️ and ❤️

  23. With Climate change we do not only have oil etc causing Climate change, we also help cause these problems with stores that are open day and night burning fossil fuels. Having stores open all the time encourages more cars on our roads polluting our air. When you do not make enough money to make ends meat, you can not afford to go solar or get an electric car. Their is a push in my side of the world for 15 dollars an hour. With out better wages how can we as a society expect everyone to fight climate change? Poor people can not afford electric cars, wind, solar etc. Seniors can not afford this either since their pensions do not increase. Their are a lot of problems indirectly that contribute to climate change. How can you as a society expect everyone to fight climate change? If workers made a living wage they wouldn't have to work extra shifts. Having stores open all the time with stores burning fossil fuels isn't helping our environment. We have to get our heads out of the sand and take a time management course. Shop the day before . Conserve lights, save our planet. In our area, the push for longer hours on Christmas Eve is taking place. If we do not care about people having time off to be with their loved ones, how can we expect them to care about our planet? I'm proud of Greta who is speaking out to save our planet. Problem with most people fighting climate change, no one mentions about these corporations who have their stores open seven days a week burning fossil fuels.We have to look at this issue in all aspects, not just with oil, not just with pollution but all aspects . I spoke about Climate change on this video and invite you to watch it. As humans shouldn't we start caring about one another first? If we do not care about ourselves and other people how can we care about this planet?

  24. People expect others to sort the climate change issue out.
    They will maybe watch a video like this on social media, have great admiration for this young woman, make comments at how terrible the human race is and then go about their lives as they have always done, maybe switching a light off from time to time or taking quick showers, thinking that they are doing their bit to help.
    The UN has stated that the Meat Industry is the "World's most urgent problem" relating to climate change and that the single most impactful thing an individual can do is to drastically reduce their meat intake or cut it out all together.
    I wonder how many of these well intentioned, conference attending people are vegan?
    Beacause THAT would take a lifetime commitment.

  25. I'd take her as president in a heartbeat. The swedish parliament should be ashamed. Trump should be in jail with Putin and Kim John Une as but buddies and Macron should get the guilatine along with Canadas corporate schill.

  26. Sorry my english is bad
    I also saw this post on TV.
    That's why I made the following for 2019. I will go to Berlin on 25.01.2019, 08.02.2019 and 22.02.2019 and demonstrate there in front of the Bundestag.
    Although I have not been a student for a long time and already 62 years young. But why should not people of my age fight for the generations to come. Because our generation bears a not inconsiderable complicity in the broken climate.
    And since I have a Bahncard 100, the trip from Siegburg to Berlin and back does not cost a penny.
    In addition, I have already planned my working time for the months of January and February, so I do not have to take a holiday for it.
    If others want to participate in the said days, I would be happy. We adults must not abandon future generations in the fight for climate protection. Politics is just talking and we citizens have to force you to act through such actions.
    Of course, I will continue this action after February.
    The days when I will come to Berlin will be announced in time.

    Ich habe diesen Beitrag auch im Fernsehen gesehen.
    Darum habe ich für das Jahr 2019 mir folgendes vorgenommen. Ich werde am 25.01.2019, 08.02.2019 und 22.02.2019 nach Berlin fahren und dort vor dem Bundestag demonstrieren.
    Ich bin zwar schon lange kein Schüler mehr und auch schon 62 Jahre jung. Aber warum sollen Leute meines Alter nicht für die nachfolgenden Generationen kämpfen. Denn unsere Generation trägt eine nicht unwesentliche Mitschuld an das kaputte Klima.
    Und da ich eine Bahncard 100 habe kostet die Fahrt von Siegburg nach Berlin und zurück keinen Pfennig Geld.
    Außerdem habe ich schon für die Monate Januar und Februar meine Arbeitszeit so geplant, das ich keinen Urlaubstag dafür nehmen muss.
    Sollten andere an den besagten Tagen sich beteiligen wollen würde ich mich freuen. Wir Erwachsene dürfen die nachfolgenden Generationen im Kampf für den Klimaschutz nicht im Stich lassen. Die Politik labert nur und wir Bürger müssen Sie durch solche Aktionen zwingen endlich zu handeln.
    Diese Aktion werde ich natürlich auch nach Februar weiter machen.
    Die Tage wann ich nach Berlin kommen werde, werden dann noch rechtzeitig bekannt gegeben.

  27. Ich bin stark beeindruckt von Greta Thunberg! Sie macht uns vor, dass jeder einzelne Mensch was erreichen kann! Sie zeigt uns, dass es auf jeden von uns ankommt. Ausreden wie "Was kann ich schon als normaler kleiner Mensch gegen Riesenfirmen, Politiker etc. ausrichten?" nicht zählen! Jeder kann sich überlegen, was er tun kann. Jeder Schritt – auch der kleinste Schritt – ist wertvoll. Also bitte – tun wir was!

  28. I love you Greta. When I was your age I was up to no good and was in trouble a lot although nothing serious or harmful I could not have done anything like this. I admire you greatly because you should be having lots of fun instead of worrying about extinction events. I really hope millions of young people follow you and that us adults listen to young people much more in the future. Never give up and always say the truth. I hope you become a Climatologist of some kind.

  29. Every one of us should think about our own responsibility and what can each one change in his daily live . I will begin with not more bying cheese and sausages in plastic packaging.

  30. From my online book "ANOTHER WORLD IS POSSIBLE" on ecohumanworld web site. Action instead of hope
    To avoid a future that will bring nothing but damage to all, we must switch away from the old ways of thinking. The foundations for a better present and future have already been laid by those
    who fights for decades for the common good of the world, who know the importance of their mission, who perceive the planet as their home, and who already live the way that all mankind will need to live in the future. Greta is such a person. Greta is great. Greater than everyone who participated in this conference, debated and talk, but as person did nothing.

  31. Greta does the best she can do with her time. Unfortunately, we live in a world of corruption and deception. It is admirable what Greta does.

  32. Just see what the billionaires think of tax over a certain amount – 70 percent. But why, and they can't use their pitty money, can they? Bring it to heaven?

  33. God speaks through children bless you young lady-we are also in a spiritual crisis as well,is the true cause of not really caring what the future hold-these people are real devils!!!

  34. Dear Greta, no, we will not give up the fight against the ignoramuses !!!!!! You're our hero!!!!!!
    The term "Global warming" refers to the human-caused observed warming since pre-industrial times. Many of the observed warming changes since the 1950s are unprecedented in the instrumental temperature record, and in historical and paleoclimate proxy records of climate change over thousands to millions of years!
    This is not an assertion, but a PROVABLE FACT!!!!!!
    The calculated warming trend over the last 50 years (1956 to 2005) of 0.13 ° C ± 0.03 ° C. per decade is almost twice as large as the one over the last 100 years (1906 to 2005) in the amount of vs. 0.07 ° C ± 0.02 ° C per decade! This process is much faster than all previously known warming phases of recent geological history, that is during the 66 million years Cenozoic (Earth new-time). During the transition from ice age to an interglacial period, the earth warmed up around 4 to 5 ° C within about 10,000 years. However, in manmade global warming, the temperature is expected to rise 4 to 5 ° C from the end of the 20th to the end of the 21st century; the rate of warming would be about 100 times greater than in historical natural climate changes!!!!!!

  35. Greta is an awesome human being.
    It's not really children vs. adults. There are a lot of adults who would like to do something, yet they have been trapped by billionaires, big corporations, lobby groups, and the governments that yield to their wishes. On the flip side, there are a lot of kids, who just like a lot of adults, have not been educated about the issues and live within their selfish bubbles. Of course, it's hard to blame the kids if they get the same example from their parents.
    We all need to take action.

  36. Brilliant young lady, go don't stopped until you get all the young people to go with your goal. Lots of older people are very uneducated about climate change.

  37. Politicians and world leaders don’t care because they will be long gone and the next generation will have the problem with extinction

  38. And these children that you spit on as they try to change their worlds; are immune to your consultations, they are quite aware of what they are going through – David Bowie
    (Breakfast club)

  39. Pester Power to the People ! Don't be Insane, drive with Methane ! Break the backbone of the Oil Money/Banking/War Machine free the world from Oil-addiction, and put the bastards who were misleading us for so long in jail !

  40. I love how she answered the hypothetical question about "geo-engineering". She said it was like a dying patient refusing surgery and hoping that a medication yet to be invented would be preferable.

    We have already geo-engineered ourselves into a warmer world. At least now we understand what the results on climate will be under several different scenarios. If we try to slow down climate change by methods that sound good in theory, but which have never been attempted on a global scale, we risk accelerating the demise of Earth's already fragile ecosystems.

    Oh, and I nominate Greta Thunberg for the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize.

  41. The energy emanating from her is intense and reflects the hurts of the environment. Very rooted in morals, ethics and egalitarian. Greta is on a supra-high plinth of awareness, and we should tap into her sensibility. Bless you.

  42. As enviromentalist tampons sanitary towels and disposable diapers most be forbiden. A Life Cycle Assessment of tampons conducted by the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, found that the largest impact on global warming was caused by the processing of LDPE (low-density polyethylene, a thermoplastic made from the monomer ethylene) used in tampon applicators as well as in the plastic back-strip of a sanitary napkin requiring high amounts of fossil fuel generated energy.] A year’s worth of a typical feminine hygiene product leaves a carbon footprint of 5.3 kg CO2 equivalents.

  43. "change is coming whether they like it or not". The rich and powerful have to act now. In 11 years time climate change could be irreversible

  44. The questions that included, social media might be more important than formal action; and “What do you children think of that?” Seem to be missing the point. Yes social media is a useful tool for spreading the info, planning and encouraging people to act. But policy and actions must dictate for the betterment of all, not just the rich few. Not just for the power hungry few.

    And the question “… you children…” It’s not just children. One planet – one human race and countless other beings, fauna and flora. We’re all here together. Humans changed and are changing the environment to the detriment of the world as a whole. We, humans have to act and make policy, that change the environment for the betterment of the planet as a whole. Not sometime in the future but now and ongoing.

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