The new evidence cannot be refuted we are living in its simulated environment Every ancient and indigenous tradition they all say that we are here learning something because we’re going to go somewhere else We are Connected to a greater community outside of the simulation Here’s the question. Why? Obviously we’re here for a reason maybe to raise this collective consciousness Maybe to evolve to learn faster to potentially get out of some prices We are trying to solve the problems of the world Through a thinking based on false assumptions of obsolete science such as Darwin’s ideas That nature’s based upon competition in conflict We’re seeing the rise of hate in ways that we’ve never seen It’s not natural Nature’s primary rule is cooperation What would it be like? to raise an entire generation of young people Based upon what we now know to be true in science We have everything that we need to transcend not to survive We have the ability to choose and so the new question is will you change it? They say that the human race is doomed that we have lost touch with our true nature That the media has corrupted us and that the planet has the future. I Disagree I believe that humanity is full of hope and that our salvation Lies within each one of us My name is Brian rose in my job is to listen the oldest method of learning known to man Each week I seek out individuals that are changing the world people who are living and thinking in a different way their stories will challenge your beliefs make you question your choices and perhaps inspire you to change I never planned on doing any of this, but now I can’t stop Join me on this mission and make humanity something we can all be proud of You know, I always like spending time with Gregg Braden The guy’s got such incredible energy such incredible ideas And he’s got big ideas about where us humans came from he rejects this theory of evolution That Darwin came from and he rejects this idea of competition over Cooperation and once you start looking at some of his evidence you really start to question. What? Science tells us today And on top of that me and Gregg went deep down the rabbit hole When it comes to this idea that we might be living in a simulation. What does that mean? How could that be possible and does it explain the reason us humans are here and I know you’re gonna enjoy this conversation with Gregg People always love his ideas his vibe his energy and he’s got the science to back it up used to work in the defense industry and was a geologist and he really is a rare individual and I love him a lot and Inside London real academy. We’re doing rare things every single day. I’m teaching people how to take ideas and turn them into businesses I’m putting people on stage for TED talks. I’m getting people to start their own podcast Just like London real here’s more about what we do inside London real doesn’t stop when the conversation is You see that’s when we get started Because everything begins with a thought And then comes the action The London real Academy is our global transformation platform here. We bring together thousands of students from over 75 countries Whether you want to build a profitable business from your passion or learn to speak to inspire or broadcast yourself with your very own Podcasts or accelerate your life to become a high-performance person We have the online accountability course and personal mentoring program. That will make your dream a reality Join us and we’ll take your life to the next level together Our next accelerate of course is starting soon This is London real I am brian rose My guest today is Greg Brayton the New York Times bestselling author researcher educator and lecturer You’re known as a pioneer in bringing modern science ancient wisdom and human potential who’s been invited to speak in front of the United Nations fortune 500 companies in the US military your books include the GOG Code the Divine matrix fractal time deep truth human by design and your latest the new human story Greg, welcome back to London real Brian I’m thrilled to be here and it seems like only yesterday that we were here doing this and I’m I’m looking forward to going a little deeper and elaborating on on some of the The topics we covered a lot of ground last time we were together and we have a lot of good feedback and it seems from that feedback that people wanted to go a Little deeper. Yeah in the some of the material. So thank you for having me back. No, it was great People really love your energy and a lot of your ideas I want to go deep on that stuff, you know, welcome back even back to London now a second time fairly quickly. Yeah Uh, I got the city. I love this. You do tell me more about that. Why what’s you know, I I When I get my Excel spreadsheet that has my travel itinerary and you know We’re all over the world and and every city is good and the people the people are just amazing and in every city I’ve just come from Bucharest Romania and where people just turned out and they are so open to new ideas But we’re nice Londyn. I always get this same smile I have right now. It’s big smile on my face. Yeah I know it feels like home right when I come here. So to me, it’s a warm city People have always been so kind to me not not just in our audiences but everyone that I interact with from when I come into the airport, you know that the hotels and the drivers and There’s just a vibe here in the city and and I love being here and it has a great music scene We were just talking about this. I’m a musician when I’m not doing that I’m doing now and I love the music here as well So you put it all together and you just got an awesome city. There you go Next time we’re gonna get you to play some music. All right So you’ve got an event and a new book coming out called the new human story and you’re talking about you know this weekend I think some some interesting practices that you take people through And I what if you could talk about some of that energy and longevity and some of those things yeah well, this this is the point the the new book is called human by design and We covered a little bit that material in a previous interview and so just to summarize some of that It’s essentially the book is divided into two parts the first part of the book I Wanted people to have the science not not necessarily the technical details I didn’t make it hard to read but I wanted them to have the science That tells them beyond any reasonable doubt that the story that we’ve been told about our origin and our potential Is no longer supported by the evidence so for me when the evidence no longer supports the story it’s time for a new story and that is Hence, the the new human story. So the first part of the book is the science that is showing us the peer-reviewed science So it’s not just my theory or my hypothesis It is the peer-reviewed science that’s showing us that the physical evidence does not support The story that we are all being told we’re steeped in this story of Darwin’s idea of evolution and as a degree geologist Brian I’ve seen evolution in the fossil record and it is a fact for some forms of life insects animals plants Something so mysterious happened 200 thousand years ago. We appeared an Evolution is not what led to our appearance the the theory breaks down the physical evidence doesn’t support it Where I get really excited because we’ve known for a long time the physical evidence didn’t support it where I get really excited is the new DNA evidence that cannot be refuted and It is causing Scientists, it’s it’s a problem for scientists who are steeped in the evolutionary theory of long slow gradual changes over a long period of time Because that’s not what happened. We appeared Relatively suddenly 200,000 years ago with this advanced genetic structure and this amazing Extended neural network unlike any other form of life is known to have and the discoveries are still coming So there are discoveries that are so new. There’s discovery I can share with you right now. That was not Made available until after we filmed in October. Okay. What is it? So so one of the things that we’re seeing when when modern humans appeared 200,000 years ago We showed up suddenly with this brain 50% larger than any other primate, but that didn’t happen slowly and gradually We had a neocortex. That was a six layer Neocortex and the sixth layer is really interesting because this is where a lot of the innovation is coming from But we had a brain 50% larger than any other form of primate in the form of life Previously, we had the same body proportions. We have the same nervous system that we have now So there’s obviously been an evolution in consciousness I think we have to say that but we are wired today the way we were when we Appeared and what scientists say Brian is that? It appears that We are the result of some kind of an intervention that the biology appears to be intentional that evolution the evolutionary process cannot account for the complexity of The changes and the fact that the change has happened so many changes happened so quickly in such a brief period of time and all at the same time, so Human chromosome number two we talked about before is is responsible for this brain 50% larger than any other Primate brain chromosome seven at the same time underwent mutations that allow complex speech And in the way that no other form of life Can can have and that’s that’s why we sing in chimpanzees. Don’t sing as a musician. That’s I’ve always wondered You know, why aren’t chimpanzees singing right? because they sure not even 90% of our DNA and most of the scientific community chops this Sudden rapid growth in brain size up to what cooked food or changing in social habits, or you know, what is it? What is the usual scientific because there is this period that everyone agrees where there was this massive change? In the human anatomy or in what we know there is and so we’re the scientific community is right now is there an agreement that we appeared two hundred thousand years ago that that is accepted as homo sapiens as homeless as as we are today and the Neanderthals were already there their business about the lucien that well this Is where it gets really interesting because now that we are able to do scientifically what used to be science fiction, we now can extract the DNA from the bone marrow of The beings that we believed were our ancestors including Neanderthal Just like in the movie Jurassic Park that movie was science fiction when it was created and it is now science fact We can extract the DNA now in the movie. They reconstituted the DNA and brought those forms of life To life into the best of my knowledge. We have not done that right? Well, we will only one day I would imagine that we’re trying well I say we not you and me but I would imagine I I think if if it can be tested it’s probably being tested Somewhere, but what we can do and what is happening is that scientists are able to pull that DNA from the bone marrow? from the ribs for example of a Neanderthal infant, baby girl that was found in northern Europe thirty thousand years old as her body was dated thirty thousand years before present and When they compared her DNA to our modern DNA today, lo and behold there is not enough similarity There’s not enough overlap And this was published in the journal Nature now, they made the discovery in 1987, but they didn’t publish it until the year 2000 Okay, this is a very prestigious journal nature Page 490 on I believe it’s volume 4, right? But this doesn’t surprise you because you have friends in science And when you confront them with this obvious evidence, they just say I can’t commute compute it Sometimes they’re even they’re conscious brain says it must be wrong because it flies in the face of everything they are and everything That they stand well this is this is where Scientists are really up against against the brick wall here because the evidence is no longer supporting the old story So so now we know that that Neanderthal is not our ancestor We we shared the earth with them right which is why I have an and without DNA and we guessing you do too Yes, most many of us. Do not most what many of us do if you do something like Or 23andme or something like that We will see that Neanderthal DNA because we we interbred with them They say we probably had Neanderthal boyfriends and girlfriends at that time But if we share the earth with them we could not have descended from them So we know who we are not and we are not descendants of Neanderthal or the other forms of life that we typically see on the evolutionary charts What we have to say is that we actually probably don’t even fit on that tree We’re probably our own tree a very small tree like a bush because there’s no evolutionary Path leading to our appearance 200,000 years ago and that’s a problem for science, right? This is back to the kind of the story in the Bible then that we well we don’t know but this is the first half Of the book is I wanted to share the peer-reviewed science that simply is not trickling down into the mainstream So you’re not seeing the mainstream classrooms textbooks? Mainstream cable television documentaries are not even showing this stuff Okay, but if it’s true, it’s only a matter of time until it gets out It should be the second half of the book then I wanted To go beyond the evidence that shows what we are not we are not the product of evolution I wanted to show what is the potential that we were imbued with when we appeared? 200,000 years ago and and what the scientific community those that are honest about the evidence what they’re saying is that The the genetic changes are so complex They appeared so quickly they appear to be intentional and if they are intentional they imply a purpose So my question is what is purpose of this? expanded neural network that we have and and the ability to consciously self-regulate our biology in the way that no other form of life can do What does that afford us? What kind of doors does that open for us in practical terms? How can we how can we Embrace these what I call internal technologies and our everyday lives to make our lives healthier happier more productive safer And so that’s what the second part of the book is all about Ok, so and they to me, they go together very well Now there there are a lot of scientists that say to me only when we find out Where we came from? can we really know what our potential is and I’m doing just the opposite my sense is if We follow the evidence if we follow that DNA, we work backwards reverse engineer What did it take for that DNA to to become the DNA? That is what what had to happen and we’ll talk about this a little bit more detail What had to happen for the fusions to occur? And portions of the DNA being removed and portions of what had to happen to Make those those things occur and I think as we work backwards it’s going to lead us To the answer of who we are where we come but you must have a hypothesis And the last time I asked you because yeah, there’s only a few answers right we must came from somewhere else There was some you know, super intelligent beam that just decided to gene splicer sand put us back There are three potentials that scientists are looking at right now We didn’t talk about these last time one is that everything is completely natural evolution as we’ve been led to believe even though the evidence doesn’t support that so So there’s a battle playing out right now Brian to hang on to what is called the standard model That is the standard model in physics. It says the Big Bang was this primal release of energy we don’t know what happened and it was a completely natural process and within the Big Bang the Evolutionary Big Bang is is is when we appeared completely through natural processes that that’s one theory the evidence doesn’t support that another theory that we haven’t even talked about is that we are living in a or a simulated environment a In other words, it’s a virtual reality that we’re living in we can talk more about it Unless talks a little bit about this. Well Yvonne musk is talking a lot about it and in 2001 The first scientific algorithm was designed to attempt to determine whether we are or we are not living in a virtual or simulated reality and what they did was they created the variables that take into account everything that we see happening in the world today from physical parameters and Physics parameters to social parameters and you know climate and everything that’s happening and they plugged it into this this algorithm And the algorithm said that the odds are much greater that we are living in a simulated reality than that We are not because it couldn’t actually identify real randomness. Is that what it looks for? because you know if you build This something inside the simulation to see if it’s simulation. You would think it’s flawed by design as a scientist It could be and these are some of the philosophical questions that come into this I tried to explain this to my 14 year old stepdaughter the other day and I said You know, we could be living in a simulation and she plays Sims She plays those games and and I just heard you on musk Talk on Joe Rogan and ice explained it to her as in do you not agree that ten years and now fifty years from now That the technology as it’s growing is gonna be able to create a simulation that’s probably as real as this and most people might go down that and say yeah in a hundred years we would be there and Then he you know, he kind of backs out that argument by then saying is it not possible? We’re in a simulation now. That’s one way of looking well it’s one way so so This is a second theory that is here and I just want to bring it back home The third theory is that there has been some kind of a natural creation. So a natural Big Bang Evolution did begin but there has been some kind of an intervention A conscious intervention at some point in the past where DNA was manipulated in a way to create To give us capabilities in other forms of life. Okay capabilities dimmer head. So these are the three things that science released So kind of non-committal on that third one, like where could that have come from? Well or some combination of those three, maybe there is an artificial Vert a reality and in that virtual reality this intervention has happened. So this is where scientists are today So they’re looking at these three potentials all natural are all artificial or natural with an intervention so coming back to the Very different possible. They are very different possibilities the simulation theory. It’s interesting because where I have entire presentations that I’ve done on this I do that’s a two day program and when we compare if you look at the definition of a simulation and you look at the definition of life and Our environment in our most ancient and cherished spiritual and religious traditions. The similarities are striking They all say that this world is is temporary That we are here learning something because we’re going to go somewhere else That is what a simulation is all about the definition of a simulation is is That you allow you have the opportunity To learn something new in a relatively safe environment that you will need when you get to the next environment. So whether you’re an airline pilot learning how to land a you know, a Boeing 747 and crosswinds You don’t want the first time you do that to be with you know, 300 people on the plane So you’re in the simulator or if you’re on the Martian surface? Or the lunar surface these all happen in simulators. So yeah, the Simulations this is really interesting because simulations have a beginning and they have an end They have rules that the person in the simulation must follow and if you follow the rules, then the simulation gets much much easier and Every simulation you have a way to contact You have a way to contact someone who is not in the simulation for advice and guidance And when you look at the ancient traditions, they all say we have a start in the beginning we have an end This world isn’t going to last we’re here temporarily It’s called the Maya in the Hindu traditions that there are rules that we’re learning while we’re here, and that when we get into trouble we can contact a presence outside of our Known reality who has a perspective that we don’t have with God through Pro It could be it could be our higher self. It could be an angelic presence it could be a Relative who has passed it. Could if you believe in channeling a lot of people You know when they’re channeling you’re channeling a presence from another world. It should be God So when you look at the parallels, they’re very very striking starting to convince me a little bit well so but then the simulation so here’s the question if We are in a simulation Why what would be the purpose and then one of the answers of that is who who benefits? Who benefits from a simulation and the answer is the people that are in the simulation? So we are the ones benefitting we have to assume that we’re learning something here That we are going to need when we get to wherever we’re going and wherever that is If you believe that that this world is the Maya or is temporary and so when we look at that what are the themes the general themes of everything that we’re learning in our in our in our spiritual traditions in the religious principles Where’s medical science leading us and it all comes back to our ability? to self-regulate our biology the power of love the power of the human heart to influence the body the power of the human heart to Influence the world beyond the body. So regardless I think the simulation theory We’re now in the 21st century and we’re looking for new a new vocabulary in the new language that has now caught up with the technology and where we are to help us make sense of our existence and whether you believe that or not Whether you’re talking about the old ideas of the new ideas, they all bring us to the same place. What are we learning? And What are the themes and the themes that we see playing out in the world of love and hate war and peace? Our ability to transcend the great challenges of our lives the fact that we’re not victims We are given the ability to self-regulate our biology consciously in the way Brian and no other form of life No other form of life can consciously sit down in the moment in time and say in this moment. I choose I choose to awaken the longevity enzymes in my cells. I choose to enhance my immune response I choose to access deep states of intuition I choose to become more resilient to the change in my life other forms of life may do it instinctually When the environment triggers it we’re the only form of life that can consciously Consciously say in this moment. I choose to self-regulate to do this because I choose not because my external environment is driving me to do this and this is a very very powerful form of mastery in and that mastery is what we find in our most ancient and Cherished spiritual traditions when I study with the Yogi’s with the monks and the nuns and the abbot’s and the Mystics and the shamans No curanderos and the healers All over the world and as different as they are from one another they access the same state This is and we’ve we have been led to believe that these are extraordinary states of human experience I believe in my colleagues. Dr. Joe Dispenza is a very good friend of mine and we’ve had this conversation over meals many times Bruce lipton dear friend the three of us work and present together And we triad we are yeah, we all believed we each believed and together. We all believed that These are potentials that have simply been forgotten or maybe never realized In the broad general public, but that that’s our birthright These are our potentials and rather than being extraordinary states of consciousness they are ordinary states that we’ve been conditioned out of through culture through religion through science through powerful agendas over over time throughout history because when we embrace these technologies We are awesomely powerful beings in the way now. There is another Philosophy and this is where it all comes home There is a philosophy now in the scientific community that consciousness informs itself Through its creations So if you think about that what we see as movies for entertainment art? sculpture music books All the things that the we create and we think we’re doing to entertain ourselves from this perspective Consciousness is Asking us in the field to create these things to remind us of our deepest potentials and if you think about that you look at look at the Blockbuster movies that surprised even even the you know the movie makers That have had the greatest impact and as different as they are from one another their common themes so for example The matrix obviously comes to mind that was about a world that we cannot see That influences us tremendously avatar came along after that inception, right? So we think were the creators of these things but these things are actually reflecting back to us who we really are. We they are Mirroring back to us what we are asking of ourselves. We’re asking ourselves to remember ourselves Yeah to remember who we are in our potential in one of the ways that we’re doing it rather than going to a monastery Leaving your family and your life behind and living on the Mount and you know for the rest of your life Which you can do and it can be fun We’re asking consciousness through our expressions of creation Not just for fun or entertainment but to tell us What it is that we have forgotten about ourselves And and so, you know, where did the ideas know I sit down to write the matrix Where does that idea even get from know I had this? Cod this conscious thought because if I look over the last seven years of what we’ve done at London real We put out all these great ideas and you know We just released a movie called iron mind and when I look at it and I look at everything. We’ve created Greg I actually see who I really am and yet when I’m in my normal state of madness at London real son Oftentimes, I don’t know who I am but when I look at what I’ve created and the things that other people that created that resonate with me and it could be a Piece of music that makes no sense why it would resonate with me, but it reminds me of what I am It’s a it’s fascinatingly true. It’s the prime directive of London real right? It’s it’s the overriding for I mean, you’ve got all kinds of things that are happening If you look at them close up they may not make a lot of sense but when you step back and you look at the big picture within context They’re all supporting that prime directive of London real to inform the public to share a story Yeah And one of my great guests on here named Dorian Yates and again a lot of my most favorite guests and top guests Which you’re becoming one of them as well? They all tell me that very similar universal themes at the end people from all aspects of life. This man’s a six-time. Mr Olympia X bodybuilder and at the end he comes to it and says Brian, you know We are he says I think we’re all one I think a lot of these like big themes and overarching themes and one time I said to him I said Dorian do you think? You know what? We’re doing this and I talked about my ayahuasca experiences and I have people like you on and Dispenza and Greg and do you think maybe that this is a London real as a Vehicle being used by some other higher consciousness and he said of course it is Brian. What do you think we’re doing? I believe it is and it’s rare and this is why I’m so excited to come back it is it is rare to Find a vehicle a conduit where we can share ideas as freely and as openly Unscripted because you and I we don’t script this when we have this conversation Other programs they do a nice job, but it’s all very buttoned up and when you when you stray off topic that stuff ends up on the cutting room floor as the cliche goes and And it’s also there are Networks I’ve had experience with network television where they’ve asked me to come in and they say we want something new and different So they’ve I’ve gone to the corporate headquarters And I’ve said okay this is this is what the work is all about and they said we want something new and different but this is too new and different because we want something that’s Going to stay in the mold of what we already know is successful. Okay, so they’re afraid to Try these new and different things and and we’re we’re you know, we’re covering a lot of ground here But this this is where and I think all of this is important. It’s more than the philosophical Conversation Brian because you know some people you know, they say what difference does it make you know? Where we come from? What difference does it make? You know how we function in the world and And I understand the sentiment but it makes a lot of difference because now we’re going to get real London real We’re living in the world that’s changing in ways that we’ve never seen that we’re not conditioned to accept and the world is changing faster than we have been conditioned to accept in a single generation and We are trying to solve the problems of the world Through a thinking based on false assumptions of obsolete science such as Darwin’s ideas that nature’s based upon competition in Conflict. So for a hundred and fifty years because that was believed to be The theme of nature it made sense to try to incorporate that theme in our personal lives in relationships Consciously and subconsciously. I’m not seeing everyone does this consciously but between Nations in communities and in society Conflict has been a prime directive and when something doesn’t work you use conflict, and we now know it’s not working It’s breaking down because it’s not sustainable Sustainable, and it’s not sustainable because it’s based on a false assumption We now know the best science of the modern world tells us that nature nature’s primary rule is cooperation When we see so much competition that tells us how far we’ve strayed we talked about this in the last interview So so we’re not denying. I’m not denying that competition is happening in conflict that it tells us how far we’ve missed the mark From the harmony of working with nature and then and that’s one example So we’re seeing the rise of hate in ways that we’ve never seen at least not for a very long time We’re seeing the rise of hate based upon religion color of our skin sexual orientation hate crimes and polarization men against women Christian against Muslim And it’s not just in the Western countries You’re seeing this all over the world and it stems as as Different as these things are from one other their only possible Brian because of the way we’ve been taught to think it’s not natural For humans young babies studies have been done. Babies. Do not hate they don’t even distinguish color Between their race and other races white babies black babies brown babies Asian Native American they’d know the difference until their parents. Tell them That difference is there so these are learned Characteristics based upon these false assumptions and we’ve seen this before The eugenics movement late 18-hundreds early 1900s was based on the false assumptions and Darwin’s ideas of science they referred to Darwin’s ideas directly and many of those ideas now are being revisited this it’s a very dangerous way of thinking so What we’re talking about right now, it’s more than a philosophical conversation this goes right to the core of our survival of our society to The survival of our communities our young children and now I think about this often. What would it be? Like, what would it be like to raise an entire generation of young people Based upon what we now know to be true in science Rather than these false assumptions the idea that the cooperation is a fundamental rule How would those children learn to play and work together differently that? That they are part of the world rather than separate from the world they’re part of their bodies and their bodies are a conscious entity to be trusted and respected rather than something to be abused and what would that generation be like and I don’t think we’re gonna have to wait long because I think the ideas that we’re talking about, it’s I Was working in the in the defense industry. When at the end of the Cold War when the Berlin Wall fell So many people thought wow that happened fast happened overnight. It didn’t happen overnight under the surface in consciousness The changes were happening, but they weren’t visible Unless you knew where to look and all of a sudden it was like a logarithmic it wasn’t linear It was logarithmic all of a sudden that changes Percolated up and that wall came down The same thing is happening Now the changes that you and I are talking about the changes in the way that people think in the acceptance holistic ways of living healing the body A nourishing nourishing body and I think we’re going to see this this sea change Happened and people are going to say wow that happened so fast But we’ve been laying the foundation thirty years people are hungry for the eyes these ideas and I see it because I see our content that we put out but pretty much can be viewed at will by most people in the world bar in China and You know It’s the ideas of you and Bruce Lipton Dispenza that are really getting a lot of resonance and I think people are looking past this blatant scientific explanation for everything that they’ve been taught and I think actually technologies help that out to a certain extent because everything is now Google-able and somewhat explainable and I think something deep inside of us as humans say there’s much more going on here than that Well, I think that’s what’s happened. I believe I believe as well Brian I think you’re right on but it goes even deeper than that because in addition to all the things we’re talking about There is another driver That is at work here. There’s another factor and we are at this pivotal crossroad where We are developing and evolving our technology so quickly We have to make a choice as a society. How much of our power? Will we give away to the machines how much of it sounds like a science fiction movie? Where do those movies come from? This is consciousness in those movies asking us to explore how much of ourselves do we want to give away? And here’s a perfect example Elon Musk Elon Musk has developed a new company called neuro-link and his philosophy is now and I’m not sliding him for this because this is the way Society learns this is the way science learns by pushing. The boundaries an Elon Musk is a brilliant man. He’s pushing those boundaries and And I think he’ll push them until he has pushback from society Neuro-link is the first chip Implanted into the human brain that directly links the human brain with a hard drive of a physical computer Without a wire without a cable. So it’s like Bluetooth technology. It’s beyond Bluetooth, but that’s you can think of it that way So what he’s saying is if you can’t meet the machines and join them. He said let’s let’s Interface, let’s become one with these machines. So what do you think about that? So they they have the chips that can be implanted into the brain and I mean think about what’s happening. These are silicon tips That have contact points that are interfacing with human neurons My personal feeling is it’s a mistake my personal feeling I I believe It’s a it’s a dangerous path And I also believe it’s an unnecessary path because in the book human by design and in the programs that we offer We have The biology that allows us to do already we have this what those chips are allowing us to do if we awaken that biology we have OK the chips allow the matrix is the perfect example of this in the movie The Matrix. I don’t want to spoil it I don’t want to spoil it for anyone that hasn’t seen it. But then in the movie The Matrix the first one The people who were awakening into the the new reality when they needed to learn something quickly They had a port at the base of their skull and they would physically plug a cable Into a computer a harddrive and they could download and learn programs very quickly So very Keanu Reeves was learning kung fu there’s a very famous line. I love this line He he plugs in he close his eyes and then he looks and he says I know kung foo Yeah, okay, and and what he did with that machine we have the ability to do right now through what are called mirror neurons Interestingly mirror neurons are a specialized class of neurons in the human brain that don’t know the difference between Watching an experience and having the experience So when when we and we already know this, for example, this is why you can lie on your couch on a Sunday afternoon Watching a soccer game or a golf tournament or whatever you’re lying down But you’re watching this and your heart’s racing your muscles are tensed You might be perspiring you might be you know, breathing heavy and but you’re just lying there But if you think about that, it makes no sense You’re mirror neurons think you’re the one on the field That we watch it is it’s and these are very powerful neurons and they’re also powerful in addiction This is this is why pornography for example is so powerful. It’s so addicting because when someone witnesses those images with the mirror neurons it triggers the saying the oxytocin and the same dopamine the same very addictive chemistry because the brain doesn’t know the difference between watching and Having the experience So this is these are the bad things that we hear The good things that we don’t often hear is because the brain doesn’t know the difference when we learn to access these mirror neurons In a very specific way we have super learning Brian we can learn so I I do this personally I mean we can learn very very quickly We can learn music you can learn to perform the way another musicians performing learn a foreign language very quickly You can retain not only retain but recall information Very super learning super memory super retention super recall from the mirror neurons And here’s the kicker those mirror neurons in the in the human brain are in the sixth layer of the neocortex That is made possible through a mysterious DNA fusion that happened two hundred thousand years ago when we showed up who or whatever Is responsible for our existence. Whatever is the source of the intervention that appears to have happened Made that those neurons possible and it gives us the ability If we choose to access this potential to to learn and experience Very very quickly. We don’t need to be physically connected to a computer But this is an example of where if we don’t know that and we go down this road. I mean it won’t stop there We end up giving our power away. I to to a device and you’ve heard the old the old axiom if use it or lose it and and we run I think the risk of Becoming a species where we begin to lose this tremendous sure beautiful potential and we’re are losing parts of that already because we’re no longer Kind of learning the same way and pushing our brains to learn languages. It’s all about Exactly asking ask the young people today to solve a mathematical problem the blood off the use of a phone or a calculator yeah, you know I come from a generation and this is all happened in one generation when I was in school back in the 1950s 60s early 70s Engineers were putting the first man on the moon using a slide rule. Yeah Now some of our viewers don’t even know. What a slide rule is it is it is the precursor To the it has no electricity it is a gadget that looks like a ruler that had a slide that you could use to to move and correlate certain numbers and This is the way engineering happened World War two the atomic bomb this is how we solve our problems and the young people now if they don’t have They don’t have either a calculator which is almost obsolete a physical calculator They’re on the phones now, or they don’t have a phone. They cannot solve the problems. Yeah Well, we are now cyborgs whether we want to admit it or not Most people are anxious that they don’t have the phone they refer to it all the time It’s part of their consciousness and so as I’ve heard you long talk about he said the problem now Or maybe not the problem Maybe the good part according to you is bandwidth because we have our thumbs to get the information from our brain into this This network this internet platform And so Elon is proposing that we jack up that bandwidth You know and get all of the download and interaction between us and this Super computing super interconnected network around the world and then take ourselves to that next level And so I think Elon is a proponent or he’s just saying it’s going to happen. So let’s make it happen Yeah, he’s he’s just saying you let’s go right flow This is where it’s going. Right and I see what you’re saying. Because if we do that, there’s not many ways of going back We’re already doing what we already are doing that to a certain extent Hartley. Well, we are and I have to be for transparency I’ll just say that I probably am what you would call a purist There’s a part of me that so Respects the intricacy Of the human the human being our our existence we are so mysterious. We are so complex and Every time scientists think they’ve got it nailed. It’s all buttoned up and they think they’re they understand everything There’s an understand they understand that they don’t know what what’s really happening human brain states a perfect example We can talk about that in just a moment So I think until we fully understand who on our potential it’s a mistake right to Closing off that door we might not ever go back there and we’re giving you the way it’s a mistake to to lose that 50 Years from now there’ll be the science fiction movie of the people that stayed away from the tech and the people that win it Yeah, I think it is happening right now That’s exactly what what you’re seeing and you know, if some people go to extremes, I think I think the machines Can be useful as tools my caution is not to embrace them as a crutch where we have to have them if a machine Can tell me? When I’m creating the conditions in my body to access this potential then that machine is very useful Once I understand that I can toss the machine the way I don’t need the gadget Because now I know who I am if if the machine if I feel like I need the machine To take me to this place every time so I have a bad day or I’m a little stressed I said I got to hook up to my machine you know my PC and run this app to tell me when I’m in the right brain state or whatever the right heart state or whatever it is And I think that’s where we run the risk and we have to be conscious we have to be conscience cautious Conscience conscious and cautious as we do this and I I’m tripping on a little bit because I wanted to go back I’m not sliding Elon Musk. He is a Different generation than we are. He’s an entrepreneur. He’s done amazing things He sees potential and he says let’s explore this potential and so he probably is Accelerating the evolution wherever that evolution is going to go We have to make a choice now where we didn’t have to make it five years ago Now we have to choose are we going to follow this path now? I have to tell you Brian audiences all over the world when I share this story and I’ve got a presentation that goes with it and I before I even Share my opinion. I can see people in the audience and when they see the picture of the chip I say here’s the chip Here’s what it does and people are out there. They’re shaking their heads and Then when I say in my opinion, this is a dangerous thing to do. It’s a slippery slope I think we may not want to go hear people stand up and applaud people at least in the ilk that we are communicating with believe that there is a pushing a Boundary and two boundary. They don’t want to cross

100 thoughts on “GREGG BRADEN – RAISING HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS – Part 1/2 | London Real

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  2. 17:46 "We are living in a simulated or virtual reality" — Dude the Matrix movie covered this 20 years ago. Get some new material. It is insulting to for this quack to think so highly of himself that he thinks he can speak for the entire scientific community.

  3. 24:02 "No other form of life"…..dude this is not knew material. It is well understood that we humanoids on the only sentient beings on earth, so far as we know. Dolphins actually have a more diverse language than us but they don't have opposing thumbs. They too sharing a very large brain to body mass ratio. Consciousness comes from an evolving brain mass, which came from a protein rich diet. Child labor comes from the mother having to pass such a tremendously large head through a narrow birth canal. No other mammal suffers such and excruciating birth as humanoids, with 1 in three infants and their mothers dying in child birth before modern medicine. You would not be postulating on man's purpose and creation theories without standing on the shoulders of countless generations of dirty cave dwelling monkeys (Evolution you so carelessly dismiss).

  4. Gregg really knows his stuff. And he doesn’t take himself too seriously. I was at a retreat recently with him, Dr Joe, and some others in Sedona. People used to joke that at the end of the world there would still be cockroaches and Cher. This time a guy joked that there would still be Gregg Braden’s hair. 👍😂😃💥🙏

  5. Why is it that humans think they are the only species of Mother Earth that has free will and the ability to choose change through acts of consciousness? For example in this video we are the only species who can choose to self empower, to self heal, to change our genes. May we think alternatively, it is possible the human Ego, the container within the restricted "flawed design" container is judging the world from that flawed design or at least limited conscious construct? It may just be possible that other animals, insects and plants are already operating in the greater Mother Earth field of consciousness beyond what humans judge as instinct. Consider an insect that grows another leg when one is torn off. Do we as humans know that the insect has not intentioned the rejuvenation to happen. We as basic Egoist power oriented humans assume that the insect doesn't "know" that it needs to grow another leg – just as some years ago scientists thought that chimpanzees and humans nearest primate kin didn't have intentional communication – i.e. dialect – nor singing capability. Now scientists have come to understand cultural evolution transfers adaptive traits from environmental transference as well as genetic inheritance. Understands and evidences communication and dialect has evolved or is related to first primate mother calls to their offspring to communicate – now understands repetitive and shared sound patterns from animals emirate a consistent replication or similarity to "songs". Don't be fooled. Humans have created a platform of science based on the reductionist knowledge point of their ego or intellectual "facts agreed" to position a shared reality and consensual belief system of "as it is". But all of their knowledge base is derived from the same "creative mind" or other brain paradigm where thought and introspection mixes with imagination and constructs pictures, elements of reality explanations based on mythic, symbolic and already existing conditions or social belief systems. For example – despite creationist denial – the same scientific platform is built on early creationist theories that they then deny in a superiority assertion. Charles Darwin's theory of evolution depicted as the breakthrough truth of our civilisation is indeed sourced mostly from his creationist ancestors, Grandfather and Uncle – then taken and another slant of perspective placed upon in alignment with prevailing theories of the time. Society has based science on the very platform it then denies as pseudoscience or mythology – and that is what dwells in our ancient linear past – yet non linear is perhaps not so distant and not so primitive after all. Can a pot sharing a fire stove with a kettle call the other anything but black?

  6. I agree with Gregg on his opinion on the Elon Musk idea of implanting chips in to the brains of, whoever chooses to go down that road. The only real beneficiary would be Mr Musk. The ownership of the data within your own mind would become the property of his company. You would have the very content of you mind read and understood by a company.
    can anyone reading this say that they have not had a thought that they would rather keep to themselves. this thought would be known to the company and could be used against you.
    This is just one small thing in a myriad different things that could happen.
    Read the very fascinating book, (if you have not already done so), 21 Lessons for the 21st Century. Among others this book is an eye opener, a reality check that we should at least consider.

  7. If nature was a competition there would only be one animal per species, one bear one deer one human etc. Think about that my fellow citizens.🐍

  8. The external environment makes you choose, you have no choice. You are part of everything.

    Part of the ship part of the crew!


  10. IMHO, dependency on machines (not to be mistaken with tools) is not a part of our evolution or progression as a species. Machines are devices to throw us off our natural evolutionary path.

  11. So sick of you guys leaving out the truth about our mutated DNA & blood types….RgNegative's are not linked to anything science can explain…YOU know it and fail to shed light on it.

  12. I understand the apprehension Gregg has in vocalizing what he really believes. Presenting the information as – where science is today distances him from taking the heat on what is really transpiring. He will be viewed in the same league as David Icke. However, Its clear, and let me say it Gregg, Humans are fabricated and thus able to be manipulated remotely by Off planet life forms, lets say. We are inter dimensional beings experiencing life on the 3 rd dimension. Our counter parts have consciousness on the 4Th. Yes its a handful i know, and there is no way to sugar coat this, nevertheless its true. We must use our faculties to ignite our restricted DNA and download the divine knowledge. Believing this is not so, is the limiting factor that switches on and maintains human ignorance and throttles our potential. This is a unified field generated by consent that keeps all as slaves. Big words and a large task to over come. Not entertaining grande concepts is proof the brainwashing campaign of the powers that be bank on. Peace

  13. OK. I happen to agree with Greg Bradden in that Elon Musk’s idea of the Neural Chip in the brain – is a “less than stellar” idea for the reasons that someone can take control of your brain -maybe even just even going through EZ-Pass.
    (If you remember Orson Welles, 1984… that kind of concept humans getting numbers. It’s bern done in World Wars already.)

    However, I “disagree” with Greg — that Elon Musk “should or shouldn’t do this” and here’s why…

    1) Because “someone else” may not be in the US. “Someone Else” might be … the “same guys” who write the “RoboCall” that (probably illegally) scrape my phone records for the numbers I call — and mask yhe area code of the number I JUST CALLED – like 12 times a day. Maybe it’s the “same guys” that have “brought down” my computers and networks over the years for 5 days at a time — with their “ever-more-sophisticated” “virus play” from anywhere on the planet with the technology can do so…

    How do you “regulate” rogue Programmers who profit in fun, money and power on anything?? Just had my credit card intercepted at the gas pump a few months ago. Think they caught that guy?

    I feel strongly that we should “explore” Nueral Chip Technology — “consciously” & methodically as much as we explore Gene Modification. . Before anyone else does.

    Just like any good “patent” – you’re only as good as “fast” as you can go – and as “quick” snd “hard” as you can defend it.

    Likewise – it will only be as “good” as we understand – and as “quick” as we can develop ways to “defend” ourselves. Just like combating “computer viruses” today on our computer, we may indeed have to “combat” “bad neural implants”, and “people, companies, groups & even Nations” who usurp access to – our Own Brains!!… hello Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    I’d also like to propose a potential course if action.

    2) My suggested potential “course of action” — for the near future — would be the following:

    A) Begin developing Lobby Groups and Legal Representation Processes for this critical technological Development that truly could impact humans all over the planet.

    B) Develop a “global human” “Bill of Rights” and a “code of ethics” — that wed expect “technology developers” to follow regarding Neural Implant Technology — in order that we can take any “infringements” to the legal system (local, national, international) and be able to “[email protected] the issues that arise as a result. Also — develop “laws” against “infringement” so that ALL humans have the “right” to go after — perhaps not only in our country — and develop ratifications and open agreements through an open Wiki-Style communication website worldwide — in order to be able to “find, prosecute, and shut down individuals, groups and nations” — who would “violate human consciousness via technological means”.


    BTW Gregg is Amazing. I saw him in AZ last month and his new film it was so beautiful and groundbreaking in the effort to explain spirituality in a scientific way, oh – and a little tear jerking.

    I was honored & privileged to spend (almost) a week listening to Gregg along with Dr. Joe Dispenza present cutting edge scientific technology to change human consciousness and heal the human Psyche.

    A truly magical team.

  14. This guy is a trigger, I could, in fact, I am, listening to him and watching almost every video of him on here. I have this feeling like I'm finding and hearing questions that I'm asking myself, at various points in my life, but now it's beginning to have a meaning, and putting all in to context, I really appreciate that there are still people that are trying to help the rest of us open up our eyes and, at least, pause and think about deeper means, rather than material, self obsession. Thanks Gregg.

  15. Just an expansion to some theories of existence.: Just imagine what if we live inside a subatomic universe, which is inside a globe of not known size inside a computer controled by artifically created natural inteligence and "natural" natural inteligence (multiple species). In this way it can be both virtual and real, and maybe there is a device like in startrek that can convert matter to energy and back. A device like that I think can be used to enter and to exit that subatomic universe or multiverse. 😉

  16. Thank God to hear these words about protecting Humans by birth and conclusions from scientist as Gregg Braden. To safe future of Civilization is a way of God, leading to New road and New consciousness. We may have Haven on a Earth and free enters to another Worlds , in condition of Love even last worm on Plant.

  17. Hi, I have two remarks : Just what is natural evolution ? who can tell that nature does not evolve in big steps ? I perceive that along side humans, nature produced amazing other beings so miraculously adapted to their particular task in Gaia ( earth as a being) as humans. 2 – All ancient tradition tells us that our senses to perceive reality are limited, not that reality is a virtual simulation to prepare next level !? All ancient tradition tell us that we can expand our conscience, that is the metaphor of all the Avatars, die as separate being and be reborn as global conscience. Finally, and this is of course in my views, nature is competition and cooperation simultaneously. To state that competition is not a natural way is as limited as to exclude cooperation. For the simple fact that competition and cooperation is 2 sides of the same coin, one and the same thing. Anyway Thank you to raise this themes. Love and light !

  18. Bro you're transforming my mind as you work London real !!!Greg speaking on color and the mind somes up our problems in the western world its sucks that the normal everyday person will not get what you or Greg are coming from we truly need more of this everyday everywhere this is the sign that the creator is pushing us to be better were just letting our lower self control its sad but thanks Bryan its my goal to meet you and talk on your show I will make it happen non scripted and all I'm with you man all the way ,hey if you can tell greag fo tell the guys Bruce's and Joe keep it going there the light in life we need more lite !!!!!! Tony Robbins is great but you guys are so much different we need information on how much great we are and your rhe voices thanks Gods your the bests ps till we meet again

  19. Mind over matter. Show me your winning lotto ticket. Suddenly the bluff is called and the excuses and diversion starts to rain towards the one who asked.

  20. Everything that I learn in school useful is knowing how to read and write, the rest I won't even considered obsolete but hash wash garbage.
    It's time to learn the truth about life.

  21. Hmmmm.. Sort of like trying to chart a new reality (world) with a old map… Doesn't fit.. Mostly because in this new reality,there is no map..
    We have no reference points because we are experiencing and designing something that has never been done before..🌹

  22. thank you as I think the same but did not know to express it. Rudolf Steiner predicted this but believed we would have grown more spiritually by the year 2000.

  23. "the three possibilities" I feel is limited. what about the possibility of being created by another race of beings from another planet. Like Prometheus and the studies of Zackaria Stichen.

  24. Out of all the researchers, biologists, activists, entrepreneurs, motivational speakers, I have ever heard a man such as him who is so dictated, calm, and correct with his truth. I have always wished to be under a such a teacher as him, a mentor as good as him, and or as great of a company as entertaining as his. He is a great example of a seeker of all knowledge that is pure and truthful of this world. He has it all properly well filtered from all the right and wrong and I m proud of this man. I wish I was with him when he visited all the mountains of Tibet and spoken to all people that held the knowledge of gold who educated him and showed him the way of life. He is very inspirational with such a demeanor and calmness that only a man of truth can hold. I wish this man was my uncle, father, or close relative so I could be his help and close assistance so I could learn and help him out with all his endeavor of life, and that’s my pure love for this contributor of this planet. Greg is the man! The true alpha!

  25. I dont know if you read this.but i have learned so much watching you….greg has bern a teach for me for along….i love you alot…so much i know we will meet…if i dont see you in this world it will be the next….hugs

  26. The drastic change of our DNA was from the fallen ones. They gave us information that changed our dna.
    P.S if we can't get to the moon in 2019 we didn't go in 1960….Gregg.
    Love his other thoughts on Genes though.

  27. The chip will be the fall of men and women. It will shorten the life span even farther from 120 that we were granted by our creator.

  28. That simulation thing scare shit out of me. I mean as he said, we are in this low-risk environment to prepare for something "out" there, right? What's even worst than all the things happening here? Huh? Can't sleep. Shouldn't watch at midnight, and alone 😑😱🤣

  29. Any thing not give recently $50,000 tip they will try to give I refused it if you pay in delay your programs to be late because there temperature hike or low conditions not applicable. At present temperature ? It is suggestible not exist it self I may tested my self delay delay more delay when you give it total clear when I will do work other countries you are stop help to them. It is not good it . All are humans your response to shine in in their life .

  30. The 229 thumbs down Omw why ? Burn the Darwin books & yes let's wake up to the reality we have a divided world we need to make love not war …help us all learn the lessons we have lost xx

  31. I have been following these brilliant cutting edge scientific explanations for decades, & while I enjoy exploring new ideas about our genesis & where we are going, I am wary of anyone coming along with a presentation of a universal ( one size fits all ) description or storyline ( if you will ) that will neatly explain where we are all going. I think that attempt to create a new genesis story, and distribute it to the world population at large, is a risky & dangerous move. ~ Today’s youth culture in the western world is already jaded & disillusioned by everything, and you want to plant an idea/belief in this precise population group, and tell them this whole world is a simulation & our bodies are just avatars “ like in a video game”? And then we have a spreading occurrence of mass shootings in a community ., and the poor old guys don’t see the connection as to a correlation ? ~ Sometimes I wonder if perhaps certain people are desiring that we rise up & destroy the world & each other.. I do not think the entire population is ready to be taught some sci – fi genealogy story about how we got here, ~ Also, recloning a dead cave dweller, with the belief that we did NOT come from that link ? Why would we want to do that ? How would it serve humanity to bring in a Stone Age person ( playing dr. Frankenstein ? I suppose ) ~ There are certain ones in world population who are highly evolved. That is true. Perhaps we can leave it at that , and let things evolve naturally, instead of trying to force the issue. ~ Personally, I’ve seen & met persons who cannot make these jumps that you are talking about. They have great difficulties when their local McDonald’s closes for a few weeks to do renovations. They have great fears around changing ideas & beliefs, it terrifies them to the core. You have to leave those people alone. Don’t try to force everyone to believe in your ideas. ~ Teach your work shops, & sell your books. But do not present yourselves as the authors of the new GuideBook for all humanity. It is a dangerous thing..

  32. Braden is absolutely right….we already possess the ability to do everything the technocrats are trying to seduce us with. We have the ability to self heal, telepathy, telekinesis, remote viewing, to manipulate energy with our thoughts, to influence others with our thoughts, to manifest our personal reality, etc….
    What we have that technology could never offer us is our ability to direct our consciousness and create.
    If people allow themselves to "merge" with technology especially biologically, they will lose their ability to use their consciousness without undue influence or be extremely limited and be rendered under the control of anyone who controls the tech.
    Don't be naive….Don't fall for the trap…because it is….It is all about control and minimizing any resistence to the elite who think they run the world (and Us).
    Protect your mind!

  33. How about getting plugged to the Neuralink and solve the “How” we could access the “mirror neurons “ at a unprecedented speed and then spread it worldwide and leave Neuralink …Gregg is right it’s a tool at the end of the day! We should not be afraid of it!
    Imagine the cures that would show up in a matter of months if not days from highly skilled scientists’ brains “Transcendence “ is about to happen

  34. Yep, my dad was one if those engineers. The slide rule that helped win ww 2 and launched people into space was in the desk inthe den when I was growing up.

  35. I hear what Gregg is saying, but I see what's going on with his eyes. That can't be a "healthy" or "normal" thing. Has he just not mastered what he believes?

  36. Thank you. I was slipping into depression and stumbled onto Gregg Braden. Since last night and today I feel energized. 🤗

  37. Living a integrated life like the ancients did. All possibilities lay within us the unified field…….we are all on the Karmatic wheel which is on the up swing …… integration oneness……..

  38. That chip means for humanity to loose the scarce liberty that we still have in our secret thoughts! How can we cooperate with this idea, according with the new scientific knowledge exposed by Gregg?. Gregg and Bryan, thank you for this excellent video!

  39. The 200 000 year old appearance of humans corresponds to the first infasion of thevSirius star system onto this planet to take over the Atlanteans.

  40. Everything is energy, energy is, goes back to source with information,experience. Amazing. Enlightenment, one, you are the one. Good energy to you.

  41. Nature transforming, your body changes every 7 years, DNA awake. Expand consciousness to dimensional human being . Who are unlimited. Something is trying to limit us. Monsters in charge, just change, easy. You can choose. Gregg doing it.
    Should take monsters to trail, shine the light on monsters. Amazing energy to you all

  42. Gregg Braden what a super amazing mind and clarifying human. Thank God✨ ever so much for people like you in this planet 🙏

  43. Exactly. Humans were suddenly created, just as it says in Genesis, WE WILL MAKE MAN IN OUR OWN IMAGE. The question is who created us

  44. This is only month's old , But it's now very common to many humans.

  45. Awesome, always inspirational. You've got to check out the book, Holistic Pathways, Spirit Journey of the White Cherokee. It backs up what Gregg is talking about.

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