Greens sign agreement with Labour, milestone reached

As we saw earlier Labour
and NZ First have signed their
coalition agreement and as we go to air
Labour and the Greens are also signing their agreement. Here to talk more about that
is our reporter Irena Smith. A milestone for the Greens, after nearly three decades
in parliament, with this agreement they finally get
ministerial roles and get to exert some real
influence and change? Indeed it has been. It’s been a great day
for the Greens. They now have a seat at the table
of the government. It’s somewhat similar to what
the Maori Party had. They had a confidence and supply
agreement as well. As you can see with the pictures
coming in discussions have started so that we all know what is in those
agreements as well as find out what the Greens and Labour parties
wanted in their agreement. The most important thing, however, is that the Greens will vote
to ensure the government’s budgets are passed. So the agreement ensures that the
Greens support Labour, however, will this relationship be tested when it comes to the issue
of establishing a marine reserve around the Kermadec Islands? Well let’s keep in mind that the Kermadec Islands Marine
Reserve issue is one that the Greens introduced. It’s a private members bill
introduced by Gareth Hughes. He was the one that introduced it
and then John Key took it and announced it to the world. However, Maori say the bill
disrespect the rights of iwi under the Maori Fisheries Bill. Labour’s Maori caucus also support
Te Ohu Kaimoana. NZ First’s Winston Peters doesn’t
want a bar of it either. The Greens, however, feel
differently and it’s going to be an
issue that will test that relationship. What kind of ministerial roles
can we expect the Greens to gain from this agreement? It would be entirely appropriate that they are given the portfolio
of climate change – it’s an issue that affects everyone
and the planet, especially the Pacific Islands. The islands are actually feeling
the negative impacts of climate change right now. So it’s going to be an issue
that will be included in cabinet. There’s also conservation and the
environment to consider as well and they’ll probably be given one
of those portfolios as well. Their collaborative approach
will have a positive impact for New Zealand. These images coming just in
show Jacinda Ardern and Green Party leader James Shaw talking about the confidence
and supply agreement. Marama Davidson hasn’t received
a ministerial portfolio. She said on Facebook that she knew
she wouldn’t become a minister in this government, do you think that she is likely
to become a minister sometime in the future? She’s a talented MP who battles passionately
on Greens issues isn’t she? Well, she’s the only Maori face left
in the party so it’s important for her to pursue
and support the Green Party’s Maori
issues platform ranging from the Treaty of
Waitangi which features heavily in their policy platform. They support issues arising
from the Treaty of Waitangi. However, it seems to be something
that’s been forgotten when it comes to the Kermadec
Islands Marine Reserve. This is what Maori are saying; their rights are being disrespected
by that particular Greens policy. Marama Davidson says she continues to learn
and that she is still new to the ways of the Beehive. However, in good time it is believed
that her depth of skill will be seen. Thank you for the update,
Irena Smith. We should get you back on here
to talk politics again.

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