Grateful To Be Me | Motivational Empowerment | Today is a new day

21 thoughts on “Grateful To Be Me | Motivational Empowerment | Today is a new day

  1. Wonderful, I feel blessed! I am happy that I came across your channel +Jason Stephenson. Thank you for all the affirmations, meditations and sleeping music. This is of very great support and guidance and I share these with all people around me that need support at one point in their lives.

  2. I love your videos!! they have been helping me with my anxiety and stress. thank you so much for making them and sharing them with us! do u plan in making any more guided meditations about letting go of negative feelings and thoughts? thank u again!

  3. So thankful for being alive!! I have no words to describe the feeling of gratitude right now. Thank you for the quick reminder!!! You're a wise man, give the people so much positive energy. I admire you!

  4. Hi Jason, I am from india. Yoga and meditation is the regular practise for us. After we reach Australia, You became the teacher for my whole family. your voice gives a soothing affect to me. I really relax/enjoy and becomes tension free after aligning my mind to your voice guide. thanks alot for taking care of us. you are one of the social worker as you are making the people calm and tension free from their busy lives

  5. thank you jason my life awaits now im motivated now after watching the short film saying the words i know rejoice in life now i no longer wanted to be sidelined in the background i want to be in life live it breathe just be me happiness and blessings of love and light to you jason if only you knew how much your guided meditation has helped guidedand touched my life ….

  6. Fantastic and joyfull, thank you – my life has really changed, now. I live in Paradise every day and I'm so glad to be me! It's great that so many people can watch this, listen to awsam music and start the day with a smile and with hope and love in their hearts. The world need this. Love to you Jason!

  7. Hey Jason, nice video, you inspire me. I am still trying to grow my channel, just got to keep making more and more videos.

  8. Just got up this morning….not too motavated….until I saw this video…..thank you for reminding me….of all that is!!!! All better now!!!!! Namaste….Iris

  9. Belle vidéo dommage que Google ne nous permette plus de partager les vidéos qu'ont regardes sur YouTube Francoise

  10. I'm climbing to the top…….these affirmations are strengthening, solid and achievable… really know when to send us these, Jason – you're a beautiful, sensitive soul. We love you for loving us. ..xxxxxxxxx

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