Graspop 2016 Vlog – Part 2 | Noelle dos Anjos

Ontem foi maravilhoso, vimos várias bandas que nunca tínhamos visto antes O show do Black Sabbath foi épico Agora vamos ver Municipal Waste e Halestorm Vamos lá Cruzando o mar de lama! Tá chovendo pra c***** agora, olha pra isso Olá galera, então hoje é o 3º e último dia Tá quase acabando, estamos tão triste quanto a isso Agora vamos assistir um pouco do Overkill Minha câmera descarregou, então não consegui gravar nada do Behemoth nem do Twisted Sister. Mas te digo, eles foram simplesmente incríveis! Obrigada por assistir! 🙂

41 thoughts on “Graspop 2016 Vlog – Part 2 | Noelle dos Anjos

  1. Great video!  Noelle your English is perfect. If you ever come out to L.A. Cali let me know so you can come rock with us girls maybe even do a show! I am Kiana =) Cheers

  2. Best Vlog Ever. You're so lucky you got to see so many bands live. Iron maiden, Slayer, Megadeth, Behemoth omggg! Keep doing vlogs and hope to see some more covers soon. 🤘

  3. Absolutely jealous you seen Iron Maiden! Imma be seeing Slayer soon. Behemoth I had the chance to a couple of years ago but, they canceled the show to finish recording an album ::(. glad you had a awesome time.

  4. Thanks for sharing your experience from the 2016 show. My last time was 2014 and i have to quit going to GMM for the price has gotten far to high.

  5. ha your battery ran out before twisted swister; im impressed with dee snider hes bad ass for a dude over 60..i wanna rock! saw them here in vegas like a month ago

  6. Bahh.. realmente espetacular… tanta banda foda num mesmo lugar..
    Parabéns Noelle pelo sonho realizado!!
    logo eu realizarei o meu (esse é um dos, claro hehehehe)

  7. Your videos are awesome, i love your guitar covers and vlogs.. Im from the netherlands, close to grasspop, have been there a couple of times, pinkpop too, in what country do you live? Greetings keep it up. Subbed

  8. please tell me what song and band that is playing at 2:00 when you are in the metal market? i love your channel! thanks my friend!

  9. What song/band is playing at 2:00 when you are in the metal market? I've been trying to figure this out for 2 weeks! Even siri doesn't know! 😀

  10. ik vond die met haar witte dreads zo een vervelend wijf elke keer kwamen we die tegen zo een irritant mens hopelijk is ze er volgend jaar niet bij

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