Granny In Real Life! Freeze Trap Takedown (FUNhouse Family)

this is an I presume you now family you guys aren't even a party to my pool party to it five you're on he's still out and I do what we won granny you're the one I'm a bird run to the pool party yes it was me it was gonna have a family hey you got anything else in that magic bag yes another one yes Jason guy is amazing I can fit two big things in the past all right granny the rules are simple you take a water blaster and fill it up anywhere we've got our kiddie pool we've got water buckets all over the yard we've got our swimming pool and the team that is the driest at the end is the winner yeah you're going down gotcha come on great all right guys Kayson I think granny is slowing down she's stopped her Nana's she stopped shooting at us yeah she's turn out she's putting her gun down alright guys I have an idea we're gonna get greedy we have a secret weapon she's walking around all tired again we're gonna stick ice in our water blasters okay same that today shot we're right in so let's put some water in it and besides everyone oh why I like steak my hands in here put super cold ice let me see yours I'm just gonna dump it in there for you oh yeah hey granny guys that totally worked we froze gravy like a freeze trap she felt right to the pool what's next now now we throw down the waterslide yeah alright guys roofies the neighbor and granny let's go show some of this flashlights no again

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