Gorka to Karem: ‘You’re not a journalist, you’re a punk’

-This is a journalist. -You’re threatening me
in the White House? In the Rose Garden? You’re threatening me
in the Rose Garden? -Get him!
-You’re a punk! You’re not a journalist,
you’re a punk! -Go home.
Go home. -Gorka!
Gorka! Gorka!
-Hey, Gorka, great job! -And just for the record
he’d kick his punk ass. -And that’s the measure
of everything. -It really is. -You’re the one that started it.
-I know. I know, I know, I know. -We love you. The real journalists thank you,
but fake news is over. -Are you a reporter to be afraid of?
-No. -I’m on the same team as you. -Thank you!
-We’re both journalists, man. We’re both
investigative reporters. All I ask is do your job. Just don’t attack the character
of people who are trying
to do their job, alright? -I’m not attacking anybody.
-because we’re on the same team. -I’m just asking questions.
-We’re on the same team. -You don’t have
a disagreement with me. -And I respect you guys. -I respect what you do,
I said that earlier. -Just don’t attack character. -Don’t ask and we’re fine. -We’re all journalists,
we’re on the same team. -I agree to that.
-Truth. -He took questions from us.
He stayed an extra hour. He didn’t have to, because we’re
citizen journalists and we respect you guys. But you gotta stop
reporting fake news. None of us want to do interviews
with you guys. None of us want to talk to you. -How many copy editors
do you have? How many copyeditors
do you have? -We don’t need to have that.
-Yeah you do. -We just have our voice.
We have an unbiased opinion. -That’s not journalism
that’s having a voice. -That is journalism. -No a copyeditor vetted facts that constitutes
legitimate journalism. -If you’re gonna tell us
that you’re a journalist, then let us know when you have
a political opinion piece. -If you have a staff of people
that verify your facts, then you can
call yourself a reporter. -Do you verify the facts?
-You have an opinion. -Where are you from?
-Label yourself as an opinion. When I write a piece
that’s an opinion I do! -Label yourself as an opinion. Everything you guys have posted
is an opinion. -And when I write a feature
it’s labeled news. And when it’s a feature
it’s labeled news. And when it’s an opinion,
it’s labeled opinion. -Just be fair. -And you just threatened Gorka
just a minute ago. -Now, Gorka.
-Yeah. -Well.
-You told him to go outside. -I said I would talk to him,
I didn’t threaten him! -You know what that means.
-I was standing right here. -Everybody knows
what that means. -No, we were gonna just talk. -You could talk
to him right here. -And I did. -Why would you take him outside?
-I’ll be happy to talk. -Just be a gentleman.
-That is being a gentleman, I didn’t threaten
to kick his butt. -Be a gentleman and behave.
-I said I would talk to him. -We all know what that means.
-No, man. -Brian, enough!
-It’s an embarrassment. It’s an embarrassment.
-Yes, you are. Yes, you are an embarrassment. -You say that you are a media
person, you’re an embarrassment. Said you were gonna take him
outside, out front. That’s exactly what you said.

100 thoughts on “Gorka to Karem: ‘You’re not a journalist, you’re a punk’

  1. Mr. Bolton is going to get trump into a bad situation one day and some type of war will break out..I predict Iran..By the very least, an attack on US soil…be careful America since Trump is no military leader.

  2. 😆 I love Gorka the Hungarian Nightmare. Gorka The destroya…Gorka “ you’re losing to Nick at night “ to CNN. Isn’t that the Playboy “journalists “ Haha 🤣 Gorka would have destroyed this guy. Man I wish he was still in the administration. Why did he leave? I’ll google it.

  3. Yo Post….Fake news…..you are not showing the truth here and i know you do not care. You pray that most of the people that watch this do not know the whole story here. You guys in the press are really getting exposed now for being bombastic

  4. The Washington Post is a septic tank of fake news clowns….why do they edit out fake news Karem for threatening Gorka.

  5. Where is the full clip? How come every clip I see of this altercation cuts out the part where Brian was talking crap to Gorka?

  6. Hey! Washington Post! Why did you cut out the part where the Playboy perv talks about demonic possession?

  7. Stalin would be so proud of rags like WaPo…this is a perfect example of selective editing. I prefer the term "selective reporting" over fake news because that is exactly what the media has engaged in since Trump came on the scene. Not so much fake news but picking and choosing what to report based on what fits their agenda.

  8. I wish Sebastion would of dropped him where he stood. That guy is as bad as Acosta. He was shaking in his shoes too.

  9. I thought liberals don’t tell immigrants to go home. Wow. Is it racist when a liberal says it? Just wonder when the the hypocrisy will be mentioned.

  10. Playboy Rag hack Brien Karem harrassed Sarah Huckabee Sanders constantly.
    Mr Brien Karem is not a person of any standing

  11. "Don't attack the character of the person" and "be a gentleman" from Trump supporters? That's rich. "Everyone knows what that means" from a Trump supporter? Even richer.

    Go Brian Karem of Playboy… teach walking American flags the difference between citizen journalism and actual journalism

  12. 0:28 Secret service basically told Karem he just got his press credentials revoked by threatening violence in the rose garden. I bet he's gonna cry about it and cry "muh free speech!" while at the same time he tried to oppress free speech to independent content creators. Hypocrisy much? This is why CNN looks bad. He should find another calling. Maybe mud wrestling.

  13. Gorka says it like it is. The guy is a punk. And the dweeb who came up to shake his hand; get rid of him too.

  14. That woman yells "Get em Gorka!" trying to instigate a fight but then proceeds to tell Brian Karem to behave? Trump supporters have no self awareness.

  15. Why did the chop the video up to make it look like Gorka escalated this? Completely cut out the beginning with the CNN clown threatened him. This is slander and fake news at it's finest, this sort of thing should not be allowed. I hope they sue the Washington Post. Your fake news outlet is as bad as CNN, America hates you both ! Forwarding to Gorka and the Whitehouse asking something be done about this.

  16. Sebastian Gorka is an un-American neo Nazi. If I were there and he called me a punk, I'd have punched him right in the face. That's how you handle bullies like Gorka, who, like Trump, hates democracy and only cares about two things: power and money! I'm sure Gorka has thrown his weight around plenty during his lifetime: he's a thug!

  17. weird world we live in… seeing a guy with a yamaka cheer for a proud nazi supporter & seeing a black woman supporting a racist president… where is their brains let alone integrity???

  18. "Doctor" Gorka was fired by Trump but apparently he came back for seconds. I love how the Instagran celebrity woman immediately jumps in front of cameras to show she's not figured out the difference between opinion and news. particularly since she's surrounded by YouTube opinion celebrities from the right…who've all been demonetized by Google.

  19. This is exactly why no one trusts the media, show the whole damn video – you won't because Karem is a Acosta want to be. They are not reporters.

  20. Who’s this loser!!! Lol writes for a magazine that exploits women lol classic. The left should support a playboy writer lol right??

  21. Fake News Washington Post, only shows the part they want you to see. No wonder your paper has tanked, even after an Amazon buy out. 💯 Fake News!

  22. Gorka was an accomplish martial arts fighter, earlier in his career. Still is when compared to the turd he was about to floor.

  23. Fake and corrupt news..I quit watching main stream news more than ten years ago…couldn't stand to watch the garbage! it is much worse now, a bunch of socialists/Communists/Satanists all the same thing!!

  24. James O'Keefe is not a journalist. He's a lying POS who has been busted numerous times. I don't care about Karem, but Gorka and O'Keefe are propagandists and liars.

  25. Wow won’t show the whole video Washington Post?? Punks you’re the reason people are tired of the lies and fake news.

  26. “You’re not a journalist you’re a farce!” I think most Americans would agree. “Legacy news” is fake news and the bell tolls their final moments …

  27. Those who criticize the WP, seem to not take into consideration, the scope of an obstructionist administration, his bully goons sent out to lie, defend, and misdirect the real narrative, that a criminal president, has not been held accountable for his actions, as any other president who has come before him. If not for his sides and abetters in Congress, both chambers, he would have been impeached by now. Ignore is so innocent, so above reproach, why are so many efforts put out, to divert, hide, obstruct, gathering if evidence, taking sworn testimony, or be forthcoming as to foreign connections to an enemy state of the US? I feel zero sympathy for this Mob Boss administration, and the head goomba Trump.

  28. It's a real shame, i'm not even in your country , the media , Washington post so biast , fake, editing video, c'mon get real, unbelievable

  29. I no longer watch late night comedy shows on tv. When I want to watch comedy I turn on the MSM. They never fail.

    Effing morons that they are.

  30. All these snowflakes triggered by backing gorka is amazing, guy can't even pull himself to speak clearly anymore from all the fat stuck in his throat, jesus!

  31. I'm truly proud of you two.
    This must be what Sir Henry the Mighty felt when he gazed upon the killing fields of yore.
    But you have not seen the last of the Dragon of Budapest!

  32. Where's the whole clip WP? Start with the "punk" dropping the F bomb then his inflammatory remark about the president's supporters being demonically possessed … He's lucky he still has his teeth …

  33. Why did the Washington Post cut the part where Brian Karem yelled at them? Is the media in the United States supposed to hurl insults at guests on the White House lawn?

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