GOP Talking Points on Stimlus Package Decoded

let let’s talk about the stimulus
package because it’s gonna lead to the same point that let me ed go with which one it means that we got mcconnell mitch mcconnell the leader of the
republicans right and in the senate that haley barbour when their cherished a
governor’s and they get tim paul and whose favorite
for present it calls for the same exact thing they’re talking points now park
apparently written by frank luntz i’m just getting out %uh is at the symbols it they can get a
anymore that the stimulus package created jobs every economist in the country saying
that he created %uh you know in a ballpark at what point
six million jobs as so far but will create about two point five million jobs the c_b_o_ is saying that created a whip
from one to two million jobs in the last
quarter so okay stop date they gave up on that
because they are not been created so they’re not talking point is state jobs boxes government jobs create
jobs as our private industry outlook of the
cow that are born with bold and that also
states that youth paul i think are let’s go with the ball and b and he’s going to be the same exact case
that every single republican on t_v_ made this week %uh and then aldy kodi’s actually say
after here what about the stimulus program do you
think it worked well uniquely definition the stimulus
program to take a dollar from you and the private sector bring it in the
government spin it around take five to twenty
percent for overhead in redeploy it into the private economy call that growth %uh economists call that transfer
affects so we need to be about real growth we’d be growing the private
economy stimulus bill was outsourced by this president united states congress
who came back and coherent fashion we could have gotten much more bang for the
buck for much or less money they would’ve focused on those things that
would’ve targeted at growing small businesses in growing jobs for example
cutting the payroll tax it wasn’t in coherent large largely waste of money
that is now sustaining government at a time i go shooting do you think it
worked as measured by the administrations own
goals and objectives no bailey said they’re going about the twelve thousand
jobs were created in your state as a result of that was a mostly government jobs if so what we’re seeing any of those well which is appreciated which are but the idea that government grows the
economy when all they’ve really do is extract money from taxpayers bringing
the bureaucracy and put it back out of the economy and a a political agenda is
not grow let’s transferring money but would be economy have been in worse
shape without the stands well-disciplined pass the stimulus bill
unemployment could go as high as eight percent it would to ten percent as promised four
million jobs at one point created or saved you know the math around that is
fuzzy everybody agrees on that and they have failed on that objective as well the economy and government is going to
need to focus on growing the private sector with the stimulus bill mostly did
assisting government you don’t disagree with economists
including economists who advised the mccain campaign which you’ve got four
included on the ticket i wish that he said indeed what do you know there is somewhere
around two million jobs that have been created by the stimulus that it could’ve
been a lot worse without did i don’t think disagree that we need
to do things to stimulating growth economy the way to do that is to take the tax code and extend the bush
tax cuts cut the payroll tax in courage a growth in the private economy by
reducing capital gains burns don’t put more burdens on the economy like this
grotesque health care bill %uh bill don’t put on campus read legislation
don’t to carjack they so that the stimulus bill as a concept and
stimulating the economy is a good idea but they did it the wrong way they
should have done a few things that would stimulate private-sector growth all right there’s so many great things
%uh first %uh all excuses although i can do the for half the price in nyack edu god twice a result or gets aid abadi juggled rather than a
government jobs their private jarvis st johns well-kept okay stats one side of it the more interesting side for me what they wanted instead they captured in terms of small businesses but is it really small
businesses they wanted a he keeps saying private industry private sector after
all the tax cut sugar which extended the bush tax cuts which are ecstatic cut
payroll taxes which extended capital gains tax cuts cannot all of those some of them help small businesses in
some ways but what they help most of all is trying detect business let me explain of ominous coming over the new %uh tax purposes bookkeeping or higher a new that employees will give you a
little bit of a tax ever small business that can help where
small business here at the young turks and were hired people that might be able
to help strike and i felt small business and big
business as an example right either the on one side or another but when he says all payroll tax last fall businesses don’t make enough
money have a lot of payroll for the giant corporations like exxon
mobil when i’ve got enormous profits that they don’t wanna pay taxes weathers payroll tax or they take the
money and invested as capital gain it and beget back capital gains and there right now they’re paying
fifteen sixty percent on that which is unbelievable that that’s so much less than what you pat but what temple and what’s the worst
kind even more it was a separate tax cuts that bush did to the
billionaires even more he’s using this economic downturn as an excuse to help the rich even more to cut their taxes even more i really want to create jobs what i want to do is i think great
opportunity without a crisis let’s make the retreat is after the republican party really
sticks that’s why you’re from paul empty and
barbara mcconnell and ever republic you’ll see go on t_v_ we use those codewords help small businesses the private sector that so we should get
jobs through tax cuts for exxon mobil i mean
for the small businesses they are so transparent hopefully the height

87 thoughts on “GOP Talking Points on Stimlus Package Decoded

  1. ROFL… this republican can't answer the question… so let me get this right. The stimulus by the Obama is bad because all we do is transfer money around. The correct way to do it is to keep doing what Bush did? Tax cut… Whaaa? 8 years is not enough? BTW, everything, including tax cut, is about moving money around. Fire this guy. Don't elect him ever please. He is just a tool for the lobbyists.

  2. It doesn't matter what Obama does…they will just oppose and obstruct. Same old story with the Republicans.

  3. I don't know. Surely Cenk is right with his analysis, but reducing taxes on businesses in general is not a bad idea, considering that they'll create more jobs and can finance innovation. Now I don't trust the free market to do this and I strongly believe that free market ends up exploiting workers and producing dangerous, bad-quality and cheap products, which only regulations and taxes can prevent.
    So it all comes down to trust in the free market or the government.

  4. This video supports my belief that all Americans going through public education should be required to take at least one economics course in high school.

    Many people who have little knowledge of government and economics will listen to and agree with the message this Republican is giving, even if they wouldn't agree with it after they hear Cenk's explanation of what the Republican is actually saying.

  5. What people have to come to realize is that "Free Market Capitalism" isn't free. Look at the price our economy has paid at the hands of the corporations who have manipulated the system w/ their money & influence over the last 30+ years.

    China (a communist nation) has become one of our greatest creditors over the last few decades through our free trade policies and they've skilfully gamed the system by devaluing their currency to keep their exports viable on the open market while we suffer.

  6. You make me want to convert, no matter if TYT is a Muslim group or not… it doesn't matter.. They give the news how they want, and people watch it.. just take it and shut up

  7. @LeroyJacksonJones

    lolol what the fuck? Do you have any evidence at all to back this up??

    No, didn't think so. Youll just spout out and believe whatever your want without any evidence. no wonder your a christian.

  8. Hm. If he gave, say, the supermarket I work at, a ton of money, as he's suggesting. They're going to buy more automatic kiosks, computer automated ordering, new technology that will, ironically, make large CUTS to their workforce.

    As a corporation, it's their prerogative to look for ways to cut full-time employees out of the equation and save money in the long run. I see it every day.

  9. @LeroyJacksonJones Hes a Turk? That is your reasoning. I fear for those who have to deal with you on a daily basis. Take your Jesus to an Evangelical orgy and get the fuck out of a smart mans form,

  10. Exactly, capitalism sets the right incentives, by rewarding better services and products, thus furthering efficiency and innovation. That's where government influence can fuck up the system badly.
    On the other hand, pure profit-making is also bad. Businesses are optimized for the quick fix in profits. We can see this in the banks in the US. TYT had some interesting guests recently to fix those problems in the companies so the decisions are better in sustaining the overall business and economy.

  11. I don't know enough about the Chinese economic decisions, but they are in a much better shape. They'll surpass Japan this year in GDP.
    Knowing more about the American economy, I'm not sure that people know that the economic downturn was much less hurtful in other countries. It's not like the whole world lies in ruins at the moment.
    The way the banks came out even stronger out of this collapse and everybody else is suffering, shows that the manipulation just increased inequality in the market.

  12. I can't believe he said extend the Bush tax cuts. Really? Wasn't that a part of the problem in the first place? And you want to EXTEND them? These Republicans must live in their own alternate universe.

  13. Pawlenty is stupid. Stimulus spending doesn not all count as transfer payments. A lot of it factors into GDP, especially infrastructure spending, but the Republicans blocked that didn't they? Even the parts that do not count directly into GDP will most likely count indirectly. All those new govenrment workers have to spend their salaries don't they?

    Anyone who's taken Econ 101 knows this stuff.

  14. You're failing to understand what every Republican knows to be true: When poor people get extra money, they stuff it in coffee cans and shoe-boxes and bury it in their back-yards – where it's promptly forgotten about forever. However, when rich people get extra money, they habitually fly luxury business jets over poor and middle-class neighborhoods, dropping giant bags of cash precious gems out of the windows.

    Anyone who's taken Neo-Econ 101 knows this stuff.

  15. And the Democrats aren't for making the rich even richer? Seen where Obama's campaign contributions have come from? Seen the lobbyists on the White House guest list? Democrats and Republicans will continue to rob from the poor and unborn and give to the rich.

  16. Haha yea

    Too bad republicans don't know that poor people spend their money while rich people just invest it which doesn't count towards GDP

  17. The way he mentions capital gains…. lol how does that help small business. There base must simply not know what that is. They just hear "tax" and assume they are paying it.

  18. Lol yeah, I heard some guy say on here say "they should give tax breaks to the rich to create more business & jobs" I tried to explain the absurdity of that Republican talking point and you could tell he saw that his own point was BS. But he heard his view first now he can't go back as he has no doubt repeated this to a load of people family/friends he cannot be seen to go back as he would appear foolish.

    That's the problem with people. The undue respect to what came first. The folly of Ego.

  19. Thing is Obama pretty much has. As a lot of small business is a contractor that earns under 250K a year. If you pay capital gains tax you can't be a small business….

    Yeah I agree hole heartedly with the rest of what you say.

  20. @BloatedSensations
    If USA had the same 'high' taxes as Europe, every working and middle class American would be $8,000 a year better off.
    $12,000 during the oil boom years of Bush.
    Imagine all the small businesses it could have started, the education, housing and healthcare it could have bought.
    Conservatism is greed by the few who bought mega yachts in Saudi.
    It's most striking feature is neglect and trashing the economy.
    USA became unemployable broom pushers.
    EU is robot engineers & designers.

  21. I said that to some Repub along with the fact that Bushes tax cuts heralded the lowest increase in employment on Record. His best response was. "laffer curve"(expecting me to be blown away). I then chuckled and explained to him that is a function, not a proof. Furthermore that applying the functions implications to current economic data suggests an increase in certain taxes.

    He then called me "stupid" and left it at that.

    Just sums up the Repub mentality, as you said it; alternate universe.

  22. For the ignorant(like Cenk):
    1) 70% of the economy is small business
    2) 10 of the 18 wealthiest congressmen are democrats(2008) John Kerry #1
    3) Goldman Sachs runs our country. Read the new March Rolling Stone article by Matt Taibbi.
    4) Goldman Sachs has given more money to democrats than republicans for 20 years! (opensecrets org orgs summary)
    5) In a research study by Intuit Corp.;
    98 percent of small businesses have NOT received any money as a result of the stimulus plan.

  23. @RAMKING61 LINK?

    You conservatives have a disturbing past of pulling numbers out of your ass!

  24. @frictionRx5 Bush's tax cuts lead the US from 1st place in GDP/ capita in the world to 10th place! Where do you see the success in that?

  25. RANKING61

    1) Consumer spending drives 70% of the U.S. economy.
    2) 10 of the "20" wealthiest congressmen are democrats. So it's split, why would you distort information?
    3 & 4) I wouldn't waist my time looking into this with your history distorting information to prove your misguided points.
    5) Intuit Corp "research study" was a "survey" that took place in June 2009. Again why do you distort information?

  26. lol, Cenk has explicitly said all of that. You can't "give" money to small business they simply can't complete large infrastructure projects….. but building a new bridge or bypass can bring more custom and tourism to a community. Also the tax breaks for anyone under 250K is implicitly for small business as well.

    BTW whats wrong with being rich per se? That's Republicans strawman about what democrats are angry about. Nobody is angry at people who are rich, just angry at those who exploit.

  27. 2)Rollcall dot youknow (50 richest)
    3)Rolling Stone magazine March 2010
    5)Intuit Corporation

    All facts with sources listed.
    They teach you about #1 in any business class….it's probably higher with all the layoffs last year.

  28. This stimulus is a clear sign that Obambi will be a 1 term EPIC FAIL and will get PWNED by Sarah Palin. GOD's OWN PARTY is completely right about the stimulus! It is all liberal government pork! We need Palinomics for it will save this world economy! Palin will cut taxes across the entire board and cut pork even more. Palin's cuts will work unlike Dubya's cuts for Dubya is Palin's DICKLESS and BALLESS BITCH and PUSSY! Palin will clean up all the blunders created by all male presidents!

  29. Why do you have an ad for visa if you don't support the credit card companies?. I mean, yea its cool but its obviously for a credit card. I support you guys but c'mon WTF.

  30. funny Ramking says Goldman Sachs runs our country and gives money to the Dems….Sachs head and board members are Republican just like most of the Fortune 500 companies just about all those companies leaders are Republican. Yes they give money to Democrats through lobbiest just like they do For the Republicans.

  31. Tim Pawlenty clearly doesn't care about Minnesota's economic situation – he's GOP talking head #8, with a new super-conservative facelift courtesy of CPAC. But his new false face has no connection with voters here.

  32. Cheney said we'll be greeted as liberators, that lasted for 10 minutes. Then 88 percent of Iraqies said killig Americans was justified.

    Rumsfeld said he doubted the operation in Iraq would last 6 months, 6 years later here we are.

    Cheney said the insurgency was dying and soon after a quasi-civil war started.

    Bush said oil will pay for the war.

    If we applied the right's logic of retreat because of bad predictions on Iraq as the stimulus, we should've left Iraq 5 years ago.

  33. And, i may add, the 2 percent difference in unemployment is far closer to truth, than any of the Iraq predictions made by the Bush Criminal Cabal.

  34. @audadvnc–Your damn right, he's going to jump on the bash Obama bandwagon right into November. Notice how he danced around answering the questions knowing that stimulus package helped pay for the Crosstown construction and saved/created jobs. Kiss ass Pawlenty, your too busy running around campaigning instead of redistributing the funds to create these jobs you speak of. Business got over 50 billion in tax cuts on top of loan initiatives- STOP LYING PAWLENTY!

  35. @CmdrTobs
    I am looking for the source for you ATM RE USA vs. EU incomes.
    It was Paul Krugman BTW
    I read it on two separate occasions so will turn up again, will PM when found.
    meantime you may like these which are on similar point.
    The argument for educated, democratic and cooperative society is overwhelming.
    Republicans don't serve USA, they are a cult of scams for power.. nobody else wants to kill anymore..not even bosses.
    it is stupid.

  36. By the way, Governor – who paid for that beautiful new bridge at St Anthony Falls in Mpls – the one that replaced the collapsed 35W bridge? It cost $235 million – and seems to me a lot of that money came from the Federal gov't. Are you saying we shouldn't have a new bridge, that we should all take Hennepin Avenue, or go 20 miles out of our way and come up through St Paul?

    Toss a 9-iron thru the Governors mansion window – for Freedom!

  37. The CBS morning show did a great story about workers wages this week. Since the mid 70's worker productivity rose like 75% but wages only went up 4%. Completely shattered the myth that Republicans have been talking about for years with trickle down economics and how wealth for the uppers class translates to more and better jobs for middle and lower class.

  38. PRECISELY. When I bring that up people either get quiet and dont say anything OR they start talking about socialism. Insanity.

  39. I agree with you completely. (In case you hadn't guessed, I was being facetious in my last comment) 🙂

  40. The only way these wars will be finished is when the US runs out of money or we start a draft. These wars were designed to shift US tax dollars to defense contractors and corrupt regional governments of corrupt nations. Nothing more. There will never be peace and there will never be progress. We'll leave when ExxonMobile and Blackwater no longer deem it profitable.

  41. Wow reduce capital gains tax….

    So all the trust fund kids can sell their daddy's assets tax free and buy more hookers and cocaine.

    Who do you think these proposals help? Sure as hell not you.

  42. Am I missing something?

    Why do Republicans bash the stimulus bill when they are the ones who created it? I mean I understand the political reasons, such as making it appear that Obama is responsible for more spending and increasing deficit and stuff, but are there any REAL reasons that I'm missing?

  43. You're mixing up the TARP bank bailout with the stimulus. Republcans created the need for the stimulus by wrecking the economy with their deregulation & other disastrous policies, but most of them did vote against the stimulus.

  44. The other reason the Republicans are so hot for a payroll tax is that it will help when they want to take a chainsaw to Social Security in a few years. It will specifically make the time until there's a problem with cash flow come sooner. Meanwhile, the surplus that's been coming in has been diverted off for useless military spending for decades.

  45. What does he mean whne he wants to cut 'payroll taxes'?

    Are payroll taxes a tax on the fact a business has a payroll, or are they taxes that that the business deducts from the income of its employees?

    I am pretty sure they are the latter, and they are therefore an income tax.

    Ergo, cutting income taxes automatically cuts 'payroll taxes'.

    Many people, however, seem to consider them separate taxes, when in fact they are one and the same thing.

  46. You're not a happy person carrying the whole weight of the economy on your shoulders, are you? lazy welfare blacks, hardworking whites, ape homeboys and ragheads. I see you' ve been using the nice new colouring book Roger Ailes sent you. Colouring isn't a typo, embcile. So, I guess the Mexicans getting $4 to cut your grass aren't hardworking enough? Fuck 'em, if they won't take $2, then back home they go. Huh?

  47. So big business doesn't extract money from taxpayers? The government actually gives them something in return. With health insurance companies for example, you can pay for years and then get sick, and they can then find a technicality to deny you coverage.

  48. Cowardly, racist gutless …. my your supreme education seems to have served you well in your new job as the chief detective of the Polizia Facisti. No education?? I'll call your Texaco Tech ass. degree with advanced studies in lubes and brakes, and raise you an Oxonian. That's one of those them degrees from across the pond, Jimmy.

  49. RANKIN61
    I believe the word you wanted to use was validate. (not evaluate)

    My original response to you never involved a validation of the stimulus package, nor did I use a different point of time you presented. I merely pointed out your use of misinformation. Now, I ask you again, why do you feel the need to distort information? If you must use inaccuracies to prove your point, is your point worth fighting for?

  50. Private industry = Halliburton, Blackwater, Bechtel, not the corner shop or fried chicken store or small factory making tshirts or farm.

  51. Big businesses are getting ALL KINDS of subsidies, for moving to a state, or not moving away from a state, and agricultural subsidies, and big fat juicy no bid contracts…

  52. Parts of it are working, parts of it are not. The bits that are not, are those aimed at corporate America, like the money propping up banks.

  53. It's silly that conservatives criticize govt as just being a waste of money. By GOP logic, capitalists, CEOs, bankers, stockbrokers don't make money but just waste it. The workers on the floor of the factory are the only ones who actually make anything. So, if they want to get rid of big govt, then by that logic we should also get rid of big business.

  54. It's funny how the guy has to reiterate his questions a lot to get a somewhat relevant answer, at best. It's all, "they said this, they said that". It's never, "This is what I think, this is my personal opinion!!"
    He has to pry to get a personal opinion. XD

  55. @rk92559 you tried things other than want ads.Most companies don't bother with the want ads anymore.I realize it's tough I'm currently looking for work myself but with someone with your skill at Monster alone there are several jobs for technicians and electricians in Kansas.None of them Industrial but the skills would be similar.

  56. @Richardgwm That is not true. The Carter administration comes to mind as a case where you're dead wrong. Get the facts right, you fucking moron.

  57. @Richardgwm You're a typical idiot libtard who invents history instead of sticking to the facts. If you have facts of Carter being the king of job creation, then hand over the facts. Until you do so, your opinion means NOTHING. You're a retarded moron, too stupid to see politics objectively.

  58. @Richardgwm You have provided NO facts other than to cite a bunch of numbers. Provide the exact web link, because until you do that, your arguments mean NOTHING. Losers like you cite "hey it's from this website" but you're too narrow minded and stupid to send the exact link. Show us the dirt, you fucking douchebag.

  59. A decent example of the tactic (using the financial crisis to push their agenda) economist Naomi Klein refers to as as the "shock doctrine"

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