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I think the Goodman does a great job at providing
a wide variety of plays. From musicals, to dramas and very serious plays. Great plays.
Great actors. Great directors I love the feelings that you have, whether there’s a comedy with the laughter or a drama with sadness or just the touch of the heart. And to me
the Goodman is the best Chicago has to offer. If I had a friend come to me and say “oh I’m
really excited about the Goodman Theatre season coming up and I’m gonna buy tickets for this
one and that one and the other one.” I’m gonna say, “You know what? If you’re going to buy that many single tickets, you really should look into membership.” The variety at the Goodman is great. I think as an audience member sometimes you have a certain favorite and
you tend to gravitate to going to see that. The Goodman by having the full variety, you get to experience everything and it opens your mind to something new. I’ve seen a lot
of shows here in the last 9 or 10 years. And one of the things I like the most about being
a member is it inspires you to go and see some plays that you would read the synopsis
and probably not go see otherwise. It’s more cost-effective. Second of all you know you’ve
got a date that you’re going to see them. Which with membership, you can change easy-peasy.
No problem. You don’t have to be stuck to that date if you find out you have something
else happening. I have two friends that come with me. One who lives in Indiana. Flexibility
of changing, I travel and the other two people travel, one is an airline flight attendant.
We do have to change tickets. And its not an issue. And we always get good seats. When I look at a season, I also look at some shows I want to have more people attend with me,
less people attend with me. There’s so much flexibility in terms of scheduling. And I
can do it early. I think it just enhances the experience. You feel a part of it. You
are a member and you make sure you’re gonna see it and why not? My name is Craig McCaw. My name is Tony Riviello. My name is Beatrice Hall. I’m Julie Danis and I’m a Goodman Member.

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