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The window to the world project started seven years ago focused Typically around the technology and how we can develop ways to seamlessly connect people at a distance. The more we did in research the more we realized it’s the human element that’s missing. I would say this approach is very new what we’re doing and what we’ve developed, I have not found anything that Exists like it. It it has multiple components. We’re partnered with the BeFriender ministry and they’ve been doing pastoral care education for 35 plus years at this point and so at a traditional sense they certainly You know those types of programs exist But the Kin Ministry and the layer that we add, and the technology and connectedness that we’re providing these ministries to grow and sustain a larger ministry, they don’t exist elsewhere. It’s very new. What BeFriender Ministry and Kin Ministry has been doing partnering together is taking quality in-depth preparation for volunteers but providing it in the way that the way we’re delivering it, is accessible. It’s affordable. And then the end result is more connections are happening. And so we’re making a difference on a daily basis there is so much research in such a growing awareness around isolation and loneliness there are few solutions and every day there are legions of volunteers in our faith communities solving for isolation and loneliness And they need your help. Your gift will allow us to move truly reimagine outreach and Create more well-connected and caring communities You

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