Good human society, Warriorship, and Living in the Challenge -Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche. Shambhala

So the notion of enlightened society is exactly what we are doing here; it is keeping our, in a sense, diversity and who we are; but beginning to be able to think free and not out of the, I would say, current sort of stream of global consumerism, and you know the sense of sort of pandemic fear and doubt that we’re involved in; but to be able to not just react, but actually to look, and step away; and if we do this now it may not immediately solve all issues; but there will be a moment where, we are supposed to be the most intelligent creatures on earth, and how can we begin to look at our own planet and our own society; and if we have essentially given in and saying, “It just is this way”. So the notion of creating enlightened society, enlightened society or good human society is not simply on the fact there will be no conflict; this is the notion of the warrior; the warrior always lives in the challenge; in fact the greater the challenge, the stronger the warrior becomes.

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