Gone Groups of the 1960s: Musical acts that have fallen off the radar of time

46 thoughts on “Gone Groups of the 1960s: Musical acts that have fallen off the radar of time

  1. I remember, and can sing along with, almost every one of these songs. I know the names of almost all the groups too. …… I grew up in the Los Angeles area, and we had great radio stations. …….Such nice memories. Some of these are among my very favorite tunes from the 60s.

  2. I love those songs! I'll always remember them. It just depresses me how fast the years went by, and I realize I'm getting old!

  3. Just a little correction here. Pushin Too Hardwas done by The Seeds, with an s on the end, not The Seed, singular.

  4. Brenda McNish had a great Sunshine Pop voice. The group "Mercy" was doomed by record company disputes, unfortunately.

  5. Not a bad list though there are bands on this list I'd rather forget. And some are worth remembering. Some other groups/songs that may belong on this list. Newbeats/Bread and Butter, Syndicate of Sound/Little Girl, Smith/Baby It's You, Music Machine/Talk Talk, Vogues/5 O'clock World. There are probably a number more.

  6. I am not trying to brag. Honest. The only song I don’t remember is the one at the 9:30 mark. I have 90% of these songs on oldies CD’s, and I never get tired of them. One of my favorites is, “Time Won’t Let Me” by the Outsiders. If that song doesn’t grab your attention, you must be comatose.

  7. Sorry to say that I completely disagree with the view that The Fortunes have fallen off the radar. for if anything they can still be heard singing their 1964 Song – Caroline, that even today is still Radio Caroline's signature tune, and can be heard around the world upon the world wide web 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Most people in the UK, and around Europe who listen to Radio know this.

  8. im also 76 and i gotta say the best thing our age group has, is the best memories money cant buy, thank you so much for bringing them back to me

  9. That's great, FredFlix.  You are now officially a Youtube "influencer".  I'm too old to really know what that means, but I've read about it a little bit.  Keep on postin'!

  10. I guess the real question…is how much music never saw the light, of day….to use an expression….and is just setting somewhere in some warehouse….

  11. What is the name of that intro tune? I remember the Ventures playing a version of it, but I don't have that record anymore.

  12. You doth protest too much, FredFlix.  I loved your post; I love all the songs, most of which I have on my Classic iPod.  I'm just a proofreader by trade.  Chill out.  Now everybody knows the correct name of the group and we can move on.

  13. Top 40 Beatles Clones from a planet long ago and far far away….remembering MOUNTAIN from 1969: "Misssissippi Queen", "Theme From An Imaginary Western", et. al

  14. Well hell yes most of the groups are gone they are dead as in not alive you figure the youngest were in their 20's that makes them 60+ if they were in their 30's then they are 70+ or dead

  15. The seeds.. Pushin too hard… .. the ONLY other group that I have ever heard Zappa do…. ( Joes Garage)

  16. Whoever put this together should have taken a little more time to get better videos, and the titles of the bands correct- eg.The Cyrkle, as it says on the drum, NOT The Cyrcle… Some of these videos are, in my opinion, kind of flat, and not representative of the great songs/videos that were out then. Most of them-songs and/or groups, I DO remember, and I am 64 now. Music has ALWAYS been a HUGE part of my life!! 🙂 I LOVE The Buckinghams, and other local Chicago area bands, who are STILL AROUND!! YAY!

  17. The Box Tops also had a big it called "The Letter" which was their first hit then came "Cry Like a Baby". I remember all of but 3 of these songs.in your video. The Beatles will be talked about and their music played for 20 or 50 or 100 years from now. There were the Beatles, then everyone else.

  18. Every time I open my music folder always play Cara-Mia Jay and The Americans, also some Enchanted Evening

  19. Thanks for a really fun video. These bands were very creative, even if they had only one hit they should be proud of their creativity. Really great songs and even though sometimes naive, always sincere is the feeling I get. Really a nice video, enjoyed it very much.

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