Gohmert: The real corruption isn’t Hunter Biden, the question is Joe Biden

100 thoughts on “Gohmert: The real corruption isn’t Hunter Biden, the question is Joe Biden

  1. Nadler used ShummyS words when he said the Powers that be could get him six days to Sunday..Now The Nadler The Taddler is saying six days till Sunday…I’m sure Trump is Shaking in his Boots…

  2. All President Trump ever wanted was the TRUTH ! Brennan is the rat that deals in INFORMATION…like the rest of these Demonrats….whether it is verified, credible or even possible. They will ALL go down, and they just keep coming out of the swamp to totally expose themselves and build up a Great Case against themselves with their illegal proceedings.

  3. Another story to promote Putins agenda. Every time you hear about Biden and corruption you can bet its someone working for Putin behind the scenes.

  4. Joe Biteme didn't have a trust set up like the Clinton Foundation, to launder his money through.
    His exposure was his presumptuousness on display!
    Also, we never hear any comments on Joe's retort when challenged by the Ukrainian government official at that time, protesting: "Well, you're not the President!"
    Joe's smug reply was, "Call him.", thus implicating Obama's complicity in the deal making process-for-profit shake down that actually happened!
    "Not a hint of scandal", eh, Joe?!

  5. Who would've thought that when President Trump drained the swamp, we would see all of the children of these Democrat leaders enriching themselves in Ukraine. Pelsoi, Biden, and Kerry have a lot of explaining to do at the Senate hearings called by Lindsay Graham.

  6. Gohmert is the real deal because he has the balls to tell the American people that McMaster, Brennan and so many others were working against our president. The fact that Trump's own people were acting in a treasonous manner is horrible and a great example of the swamp/deep state.

  7. What are the charges?? What constitutional crime has the president committed?? Schiff didn’t prove anything!! Everything was debunked by the democrats owned witnesses! Every witness was asked “ Do you have any evidence or facts that the President committed any crime”?? Each witness under oath stated “ NO”!! So why is this WICKED IMPEACHMENT PROCEEDINGS continuing??!! It’s a SHAM!! FARCE!! Democrats must stop this and go back to work!! Nothing is being done to help the country!! The budget needs to be passed before a government shutdown happens!!! Get to work!!

  8. why is Trump blocking all the relevant documents and all the relevant witnesses?  wat he hidin there, Louie?  wat?  tell us all.  please.  pretty please?  ugly please?  com'on now, spit datdang tuth out, Louie!  just da tuth and nutin butda tuth, brother L.

  9. I’m sick and god dammed tired of waiting for schmillery and all these democratic criminals Togo to the prison allready,

    Will I wake one day to an endless parade of these tyrants being arrested in the biggest thing since watergate 😬😬😬

  10. Here is the problem with impeachment. Ultimately there is NOTHING the Democrats can do to stop Republicans from calling Hunter Biden as a witness. It's pretty obvious the Bidens are dirty. Do the Democrats really want a Hunter Biden under oath, interviewed by Republican senators on national TV WHEN SENATE DEMOCRATS ARE PREVENTED from campaigning during the 2020 election?? I do not think that they do. An impeachment vote is going to be avoided perhaps in favor of a Censure of the President.

  11. Really was nadler investigating the democrats because that sure sounds like what theyve been doing for the last three and a half plus years , collusion, obstruction of justice ?? meanwhile ammos on sale at the sportsmans guide …..

  12. Why won't democrats look at Biden's crimes? He was vice president, and is currently running for president. May as well vote for Putin for President. Our Democratic base is so biased for party politics and power, they could care less how much taxpayer dollars were fraudulently abused. THis crime is readily apparent and boasted about on video.
    Democrats only care about maintaining their corrupt policies and backdoor dealings to rob American of their trusted monies. Bankers would be thrown in jail, and so should Joe Biden!

  13. I want to see Adam shift on the stand dude I want to see that pencil neck gets squeezed like a pencil going in a pencil sharpener

  14. Didn't Nellie O already say they got the information for FG PS doss, from Ukranians? I have the article; BCP did a vid on it.

  15. No, the real corruption is why the Republican Party is allowing Trump to get away with all of this without speaking up. I presume it's because they hope he will lose nest year and the normal Republicans can take back control of the party.

  16. Nadler is a corrupt dirtbag!
    The Democrats are overrun with criminal dirtbags!
    They're just criminals with jobs in government and should be prosecuted appropriately and permanently discharged from any public service.

  17. Love Louie Gohmert he is my Representative here in EastTexas…Longview, TX…he is a strong Republican who supports our great President, President Trump. Jerry Nandler is the Clinton rep in the House..he is totally corrupt. The Real Corruption is with Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Nadler, and Adam Schiff and others in the Democratic majority of the House of Representatives. Of course, the MSM is bought and paid for by Bezos and Soros and others.

  18. Worship Trump or be prepared for his wrath. America is a fascist country now. He stares down everybody that doesn't do his bidding.

  19. Broke What Law Name it name it Clearly and Concisely Say WHAT the Law is that Was broken. Say what that law covers and does, and can only state they can't even say that.

  20. Joe Biden needs to be indicted, lets get real people, the evidence is there for Bidens quid pro quo corruption but not for Trump, they have been trying to frame Trump for the dems corruption since the beginning, why the hell do you think they were freaking out when Trump won the election and immediately went for impeachment, if the dems won all this would be swept under the rug.

  21. If that report had found all those incendiary evidence you said it found and proved numbnuts nadles, he would of already been impeached. So we the people know the truth, we the people dont believe a word you say, we believe the facts and evidence. We the people say, you are done for. Make one more attempt on our president, then we the people will use our constitutional right, and water that liberty tree. Try us we dare you.

  22. If you shake Nancy Pelosi up n down, you'll get a big pile of Schiff fall out her back side. Smothered in Nadler sauce.

  23. Trump never humiliates or embarrasses himself, he humiliates and embarrasses America. -Many Are Getting Arrested. MAGA 2019 Dump Trump. Tune into Faux news. Rated #1 news source by the Fascist Old Xenophobe network!

  24. The press has babysitted the left through this whole process the press will never challenge the left on their insane accusations in their refusal to acknowledge the president's right for due process the press have literally lost their mind they're falling into the black hole which is the Democratic party…welcome to the Twilight zone!!! And the cheerleading core of the democratic party in the media…. Creating a fake democracy run by the rich totalitarian corporate state….. Wow that was a good one steeped in truth

  25. Neither looks like a very evil man can't wait till he's out don't have to look at him anymore he ain't for American people is for himself and his buddies

  26. Dems are the ones breaking the law six ways from sunday nattliar it is insulting that you think fake news and your lies are going to fool us put the hat on and sit in the corner

  27. Funny to hear Nadler using the term "Six Ways To Sunday"; made famous by Chuck Schumer exposing the power of the Intel Community.

  28. I also believe Obama is as deep in this mess as Joe Biden .. It was all because they wanted Obama's second term. Now they are teed off because Hillary Lost.. So they want to remove Trump because their crimes are being exposed

  29. The Communist or what ever you want to call them did take over Virginia. They declared all Virginia residents who oppose them combatants and reserve to rights to shoot the in a act of Militia combat. No JK check for yourself.

  30. Bent lines, diagonal lines, horizontal bars, vertical bars, why must you put all these lines and bars in the background of everything? Who are you signalling with all this crap? They are in every news video and thousands of ewtube videos. Is this how the rats communicate with each other? Obviously. And of course the ubiquitous triangles, now squares, bricks. And you have to coordinate with each other to decide which color ties to wear, etc. Yawn. I won't even watch your joke news anymore because of all your stupid distracting lines and bars and freemason signals. Stupid hand signals. It's endless.

  31. Mr. President don't give them Democrats the time of day on impeachment don't even show up don't even don't even talk about it just do what you been doing the best thinking of the people don't give them the time of day

  32. We love our President! Trump 2020
    President Trump Donates His Salary:
    1st: NPS
    2nd: DOE(STEM)
    3rd: DHHS
    4th: DOT
    1st: VA
    2nd: SBA
    3rd: NIAA
    4th: DOT
    1st: DHS
    2nd: DHHS
    He is the 3rd President to donate his salary.


  34. No, Trump hasn't broken any law, Nadler. You, on the other hand, most definitely ought to be finding yourself a lawyer.

  35. " Tell Vlad, I can be more flexible after my election " ——– Barack Obama
    Called Putin by his first name just like you would a good friend. Hmmm ???
    There's your Russian Collusion ——

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