Godzilla Oblivion – SERIES PREVIEW

So the first issue of Godzilla, Oblivion dropped
today, and I’m planning on releasing a review for it later on today, or maybe tomorrow.
Anyway, I made this video just as a preview for the entire series, and to clear up some
misconceptions about the series. First off, Godzilla Oblivion, as far as I know, is not
related to Godzilla in hell. It is not a continuation of the Godzilla in hell series of comics,
it is its own animal, so to speak. There is a slight possibility that Godzilla Oblivion
can be related to Godzilla in Hell, because the plot to Godzilla Oblivion has to do with
another dimension, and maybe the comics will give us some background story, or easter egg
about how Godzilla in hell can be related to Godzilla Oblivion. But as of right now,
you should assume that Godzilla Oblivion is it’s own series.
So what do we know about Godzilla Oblivion? It is a five issue series. The plot revolves
around some scientists, on a version of earth that
doesn’t have kaiju, or giant monsters, building a machine that lets them travel into another
dimension, with another earth that is dominated by monsters, and on that version of earth,
Godzilla is the ruler, the king. And apparently humans on that earth look to Godzilla for
protection against other monsters. The plot sounds interesting enough. Anyway, let’s preview some of the covers.
This is one of the variant covers for the first issue. It looks retro, I like it. Here
is the primary cover for the first issue, I’ll talk more about it during my official
review. And here is yet another variant cover, As we know multiple mothra’s are never a
good thing for Godzilla. I already thumbed through the comic but didn’t
read it, I did not see Godzilla fighting anyone, let along mothra. Anyway, This is the cover
for the second issue of Godzilla Oblivion. This Godzilla reminds me of a cross between
Godzilla GMK and Godzilla 1984. I’m actually digging this design a lot. And here is a variant
cover for the second issue. Ghidorah looks like a badass. Next, here is the cover for
the third issue in the series. It looks like it was drawn by the same artist who did the
artwork for the first issue of Godzilla in hell. Something tells me that King Ghidorah
will be the main nemesis for Godzilla in this series.
Next we have the cover for the 4th issue. This is just an awesome cover, we have Mecha-King Ghidorah
leading a pack of fighter jets, and I’m guessing their target is probably Godzilla.
And finally, we have a variant cover for the fourth issue. This has to be my favorite cover
for the entire series so far. Anyway. This concludes the preview for the Godzilla Oblivion
series. Thank you for watching One eight nine media, where we just don’t give a shit.
Over and out.

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