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We have the elections coming up. Pastor Cho, have you decided who to vote for? Does it even really matter? They’re all exactly the same. Does anyone really stand out? Isn’t it really about which church has the most clout? (Laughs) Meh, these elections always turn out like this. Only recently, Pastor Li and Pastor Yin got into a mudslinging match. One said the other was having an affair. The other one cried “embezzlement!” (Laughs) All these elections. Such a big mess. (Laugh) The rich tend to get arrogant whenever the elections come around. In the end, the winner is whoever is most connected. Pastor Cho, you can’t just concern yourself with missionary work. You have to complete the extension of your church building to increase your clout. And you need to be more involved with the General Assembly. Brothers and sisters, let us consider King David together. What was the one thing that he wanted more than anything in life? Do you know? Everyone, come on, speak up. To build the temple! You are correct. What he wanted was to build God’s temple. We must all, each of us, follow the powerful and impressive example of King David and his heart which sought to honor Jehovah. Amen! And in the future, we will reign with God, to rule over all peoples of all nations! Hallelujah! Amen! Now let’s go to the Lord in prayer. Then make our pledges for the new church fund. Oh, God the Father, we wish to dedicate all of our heart and all of our soul to the construction of Your new temple… We pray in Jesus’ name. O Lord, hear our prayer. Amen! Beloved brothers and sisters, in the Age of Law, all of the people were cleansed of their sins with the blood of animals. That all changed with Jesus who died on the cross. He redeemed us from all of our sins when He sacrificed His own life. Amen! And by our Lord Jesus’ own sacrifice, our sins are once and for all purged from us. All of us are redeemed, all new and cleansed by His blood. Amen! Let us give thanks to God and let us all praise Him! Amen! Have a seat. It’s a shame. Not many believers attended today’s service. Some deacons and even elders could not fulfill their pledges to the church. I think they have become weak. It’s so sad. I know. But this is important. There isn’t really any other way. This is for the revival of our church. Pastor Cho, is building the extension the only way to honor the Lord? Do we really need a bigger building to revive the ailing church? Sometimes I wonder, are we really doing God’s will? (Sigh) When I look at the state of our church, I’m just so awfully sorry. I feel so full of my own sin, vain, and aggressive, and greedy, and jealous. And I often worry that the Lord is, may be, very much displeased with me, both in deed and thought. We have served the Lord together for many years. Don’t you think I understand you? I know you follow your conscience in everything you do. (Sigh) All these years, I’ve tried to live by our Lord’s example, praying and fasting too, often, and reading the Scripture every day and night, doing my best to love the Lord and everyone else as well. This I know. Yet I’m still deeply caught up in a cycle of sin. I can’t even practice what I preach, no matter how hard I try, caught in a cycle of sinning each day and confessing each night. Your problem is that you are too honest. Other people just don’t talk about it. Really! Nobody is an exception. Who can be free from this problem? Just ask for the Lord’s mercy. (Inhale) Of course you’re right. You know, I have sought for a solution to this problem for a long time. I have asked other pastors for advice about this very thing. But I haven’t found an answer. (Sigh) And is your wife’s health any better? (Sigh) (Groan) Hey you! Did you get home late again? There’s a patient right here. Don’t you even care about your own wife! Cat got your tongue? Always have time for others but no words for me? Listen. As a pastor, it’s my job to teach the congregation and handle all kinds of church matters. What is it that you want? I should stay home with you all day? That’s great! So you don’t want to spend time with me? Huh? Listen. I have a lot on my plate with the church. Give me a break. If you don’t understand me, then who else will? (Sigh) (Exhale) Ah, Deaconess Song. Going for a visit, huh? Got it. I’ll meet you downstairs in a minute. Where are you going? Visiting Brother Min. No, you won’t. Didn’t you just hear what I said? (It’s getting late.) I said I’d go. (Stay here with me.) I’ll be back soon. Don’t make a scene! Don’t go! Pastor Cho. Has your wife fully recovered? Well, not really. We’ve been praying for her for awhile. Maybe you should take her on a holiday. I can ask for the church’s approval. We should go. We haven’t really seen you at church lately. Um, I’ve actually been pretty busy. Remember that no matter how busy you are, you should make time for church. Of course, yes, you are right. Pastor Cho, what do you make of this? So, what is this? Yeah, I picked this up on the subway. My heart feels these words worthwhile. The Church of Almighty God? The Church of Almighty God? This is the church that testifies Jesus’ second coming, isn’t it? I have heard that they say the Lord Jesus has come back. And they say that He has done a stage of new work. This is totally not according to the Bible. How could you? They dare claim that Jesus came back? When did He come? Where were we? Why didn’t we see? Is there any biblical basis? Pastor Cho. Elder Ahn. I’ve read those words of Almighty God a lot. They are profound. They are honest and they’re fresh. Brother Min, the second coming of Jesus is really a great event. It concerns our outcome directly. We must treat it with caution and take it seriously. So now, many good sheep in our church are stolen by the “Eastern Lightning.” You see! It is really beyond my understanding. They testify that God has done a new and wondrous work. Brother Min, you need to be mindful of this. Jesus has finished His redemptive work. How come He still needs to work after His second coming? Good point. I was wondering the same thing. The Lord has already forgiven our sins, hasn’t He? That’s right. We have already been saved. Whether God truly has brought about a new work or whether I am really saved, I just don’t know. I’m sorry, Pastor Cho. I have the same doubt. If these words are true, then I’d have to say, it’s an extraordinary event. I’m afraid that you have agreed with their saying. Promise me that you will not contact them again, okay? (Sighs) Only recently, Pastor Li and Pastor Yin got into a mudslinging match. One said the other was having an affair. The other one cried “embezzlement!” Stay here with me. I’ll be back soon. Don’t make a scene! Don’t go! Oh Lord, I really feel miserable and perplexed in my heart because of the iniquities in church. I don’t know which direction to go. Oh Lord, I am bound by sin. I have no tolerance or even love for my wife. My spirit, my spirit thirsts. I am empty, I have nothing, nothing at all for my flock. Where are You? Oh Lord! My God, why have You forsaken me? Why am I so utterly alone? So have you really thought this through? To be honest, I’m seeking God’s will. Hmmm… (Sigh) Initially, I didn’t want to take this step. However, with all the sin in our denomination, I simply do not want to be part of it. Hmm. Your denomination just seems so fervent about evangelism. And in your church there is great revival. God should be very pleased with it. You know our denomination simply doesn’t emphasize on evangelism at all. Not at all. It’s all divisions and disputes. Well, has there ever been a denomination that’s free of those? I don’t get involved in their politics. I am a thorn in their side. And they wish to be rid of me. Really? I envy you very much. Pastor Han. Hmm? Um, do you think I could join your denomination? Do you know what you’re asking? You’ve put so much work into growing your church. And things are just starting to take shape. Isn’t your church active in missionary work? Honestly, this isn’t about missionary work. What it’s really about is whether we can live upright before God. Hmm… I feel that you’re well meaning and that you trust in God. Trust Him and you will find what you seek. In the meantime, you should try not to make any hasty decisions. Come to our evangelism training program. I think you’d like it. You have one? Yes. In fact, we have invited a famous theologian from the University of Chongshin. It’s quite a good program. Tell me. Here we are. This is our information. Oh, this looks good. I will give it a shot. I hear that Pastor Cho has joined some kind of cult. It may not be bad. Pastor Oh, I think that this may be … this is God’s will, raising you up. I am not sure. Pastor Cho has been doing the Lord’s work for 20 years. The believers hold him in high esteem. I think they will listen to what he has to say. So tell me, is it true you’re joining another denomination? How quickly news spreads. Where did you hear this? Pastor, I raised two hundred million so I could start this church. Use this for your missionary work. It’s for nothing else. I only wish to receive your help in succeeding you. Pastor Oh, don’t even worry. We will see what we can do. Yes… Pastor Oh, we will help you however we can. Don’t you worry, Pastor Oh. Pastor Oh, it will be all right. I’m sure we can come up with something. Okay, listen. Yeah. Pastor Park, The church is God’s. Understand? It’s not a den of thieves. Here you go. Take this back. Keep your money. But Pastor Cho, listen to me, even you must admit that there has to be a successor, right? Pastor Park. That preparation is God’s concern. It’s not something that requires your concern. Excuse me. I really have to be going. I have something else to do. Oh, oh! Pastor Cho! Pastor Cho! OK. We’ll do this. Yes. What are you doing in this church?
Why can’t we get in? What’s the problem?
Who you people think you are? Hey, stop pushing. Stop this fighting now. This is shameful behavior in a church. What is the problem? Elder Ahn, how did you…? What is happening? Deacon Kim, could you tell me— Why, yes, I… —what’s going on? Elder Ahn, stay out of it.
Why can’t we go in? We are here for the service. Heretics are not allowed. How can you call us heretics? It has been decided by the denomination. From now on, Pastor Oh is the Senior Pastor. Pastor Oh isn’t the Senior Pastor. He is the Curate. There’s no need to hear any more. You heretics must leave. You have no right… How dare you call us heretics!
Get out! You need to go. You are heretics. You are not welcome here. Pastor Cho is here! We’ve had it with you Pastor Cho. Get out! (Get out!) You’re just a lackey for that cult! Get out! (Get out!) Okay enough! I know what you are up to. I know well. All of you! Pastor Oh! Do you have to resort to such tactics? I could stay out of the pulpit if that’s what you want. And also stay away from the church. Then go! Just get out of here now! But you cannot just make up rumors out of nothing.
We’ve had it with you Pastor Cho! You’ve gone too far talking like this!
You’ve joined in with the heretics! I wasn’t finished! I tell you very clearly! I have never done anything to split this church. Do you hear me? You are a liar. You are a lying heretic! You are just trying to divide us! Go! Get out of here! Pastor Cho, please don’t leave. You can’t leave! Pastor Cho… Oh Lord. I still don’t know what is Your will! And what do You want from me? The church is now full of jealousy and strife, corruption and indifference. People are slandering each other and launching wars on fame and fortune. I can’t be more upset about these purveyors of iniquity. Father in heaven! Do You really want, my Lord, me to abandon my church, Your temple? O Lord… I have only ever sought to follow Your footprints. Show them to me now! O Lord, please listen to my prayer! My Lord! Please! As I sit here reading these words, I am reminded of Pastor Cho. The last time that I saw him, he left before the new work was able to capture his interest, which is truly a shame! Ah, you’ve mentioned him. In fact you’ve mentioned him several times, I think. So do you know how he is doing? I did hear he was planning to open another church, having joined a new denomination, but was beset by problems. I’ve been friends with Pastor Cho for very many years. He has more conscience than all the other pastors my time in the church has led me to meet. God’s heart is to save man to the utmost! We truly hope that he will investigate this further. Yes, Pastor Cho does have a number of preconceptions regarding the new work of God. But he has good qualities and he believes sincerely and truly in God. In God’s end-time hidden descent, He only reveals Himself to the wise virgins. And He also comes “as a thief” in the night to steal the “treasure.” God never gives up on those who truly seek Him. Yes, we should all go and visit him. We should do it sometime soon. Good idea. Yeah, I think that I remember how to contact him. That sounds very nice. But I think it would be a good idea to pray for him as well. Yes, it would. Yes, let’s do it. What should we do to gain eternal life? Let us look together at another verse. In Ephesians 2:8, we read. What this means is that if we all believe, then everyone of us can be saved. Amen! This is the Lord’s word. It’s His gospel. Amen! Jesus Himself bore all of our sins when He sacrificed Himself on the cross. We rely on the Lord alone. And we worship and look up to the Lord with all our hearts. Amen! All right! Let us sing, all together, a hymn in worship of the Lord. Brother Min, there really isn’t any further need for us to have any discussion about this at all, this talk of the Lord returning to do a new work. Since we met, I’ve been studying. I’ve looked at a great number of verses. I’m quite convinced that it is absolutely impossible. We must trust what we learn of the Lord in the Bible. Brother Min, we cannot accept what you’ve said to us. You see the reason why I’m here is that Pastor Cho called me. After much study of the Bible, I’m convinced Pastor Cho is right. Pastor Cho. Elder Ahn. There are many problems and all churches are in desolation. And you know, things are only worsening as each day passes by. Isn’t this crisis worth thinking about and considering with some depth? To tell the truth, I haven’t got the energy to do this. You see all of my energy should be given to my young church and nothing else. For I believe with all my being if I just rely on the Lord, it will thrive. Pastor Cho, Elder Ahn, you know in your hearts that the sins of the church grow each day, in every sect and every denomination. The churches grow more desolate and chaotic. Co-workers scramble against each other for fame and attention. Believers become cold in their faith. They follow the flesh and they follow the worldly path. People who used to pursue God actively become powerless to break away from their sins. They all become weak and drop out. We have to find the cause of the desolation of the religious world. The cause? And what, may I ask you, could that possibly be? The cause is that the church has long since lost the Holy Spirit’s working. Oh really? And all of this is according to you! But how could you condemn everybody? I will grant you that there are a number of churches who’ve lost the path. The fact is there are some churches, too, that are led by the Spirit. How then can you say all of the churches have sunk into desolation because there’s no working of the Holy Spirit? Your words are well and truly this: absolutely one sided. Now, there are some churches who focus on missionary work and they are full of grace. The believers attend church regularly and live in a good state. You sit there and plainly say that there is no working of the Holy Spirit. It doesn’t accord with the facts. Actually, the important question of whether a church is led by the Holy Spirit can’t be measured by believers’ good works or by believers’ zealousness and energy. It is indeed judged quite simply by whether they can receive the supply of life and whether they keep gaining new knowledge of God. Do you understand? Simply put, if they can only keep some rules, but have no way to hear the truth, and in addition, have no new knowledge of God, never receive supply in spirit or grow in life, and their practical problems can’t ever be solved, then it’s clear that, they have no working of the Holy Spirit. We simply must commit ourselves to look underneath the surface. And we must judge in accordance with the actual spiritual condition. In fact we know full well that now the entire religious world is in desolation. And the churches have no working of the Holy Spirit. And this fulfills the prophecy in Revelation. Again I will grant some of the things you are saying have some sense to them. But, in fact, wouldn’t you agree that it’s true that the church has been on a wild ride for the past two thousand years? There’s never been a church that always prospers! So, yes, perhaps the church is in a kind of slump. But it’s going to come back. If we truly repent before the Lord, all of us, and do the work of spreading the gospel, I am sure our churches’ revival will soon be here. Pastor Cho, in the end time, the entire religious world is trapped in desolation. It’s not a short term concern. Actually, the church is desolate in the end time, because God has done a new work. That is impossible! Just now you said that God has done a new work? How dare you! Listen! What you are saying is not according to the Bible! What I mean is the church is the body of our Savior Jesus Christ. I’m sure we will see a revival of the church if we keep our trust in Him. Speaking of this question, let us recall the desolation of the temple at the end of the Age of Law. It’s important that you understand. We all know that, originally, the temple was full of God’s glory. In the temple, the priests served Jehovah reverently. And none of them dared do it as they wanted. Otherwise, they knew they would be burned with fire from the roof of the temple. But later on, the priests came and offered lame sacrifices. People exchanged money and sold oxen, sheep and doves in the temple. Why didn’t God’s discipline and punishment come upon them? Because… Why did the temple become such “a den of thieves”? Can you tell me? I am sure you’re going to tell us. You see it is because God had left the temple quietly, and started a stage of new work outside the temple. When the new work started, God no longer upheld the old work any more. So the Holy Spirit no longer supported the work in the temple, but instead upheld the work of Jesus. At the time, the followers of the Lord Jesus all enjoyed the joy and peace brought by the working of the Holy Spirit. They had the new way to practice and received the supply of the living water of life. Although, the Judaic priests, the Pharisees, and the people who held on to the law and didn’t accept Jesus lost God’s discipline for not having the working of the Holy Spirit anymore. They no longer had reverence of God in their hearts. As a result, the temple became “a den of thieves.” Just as it is written in the Bible: Similarly, the reason for the desolation of today is that God has already left the churches of the Age of Grace. He’s started a new age and done a stage of new work. Unfortunately, people haven’t kept up with it. How can you compare the churches of today with those two thousand years ago? How can you say that we can’t receive the working of the Holy Spirit without believing in Almighty God? Humph! You’re saying we’ll die of hunger and thirst if we don’t believe in Almighty God? Is that really possible? Pastor Cho, I actually shepherded more than one hundred believers before. But later, that originally prosperous church gradually became desolate. At that time, I read my Bible often, I prayed hard every day, and I sought out God here and there, fasted and watched… I tried all kinds of ways, I tried everything, and yet never gained what I wanted from God: His guidance. I became dryer and dryer in spirit. There was no light in my preaching. I helplessly watched the brothers and sisters live in a weak and negative condition, farther and farther away from God… When at last, after countless days, there seemed to be no way out, I was fortunate indeed to accept Almighty God’s end-time work. I got the watering and the supply of life and my spirit was truly nourished. And I also found that all those who accepted Almighty God’s work regained the working of the Holy Spirit and lived in light. From Almighty God’s word, I understand the reason for the desolation of today’s religious world. It is because God has left behind the church of the Age of Grace and started a brand new work. God’s eager heart is that we can come out of the desolate world as soon as possible and keep pace with God’s work. So please, if you will now allow me to read Almighty God’s word. Page 209. The word of Almighty God couldn’t possibly be clearer: Now God has taken back the working of the Holy Spirit from the church of the Age of Redemption. He does all His work on those who keep pace with His footsteps. So then those who believe in Him receive from Him the abundant supply, and the watering of the words of life, and they are satisfied in spirit. All of the other churches are suffering a terrible famine. For that, they must come to seek the true way and keep pace with God’s footprints, lest they fall into darkness and lose the salvation from Almighty God. Wait a minute! It is just not according to the Bible at all. The faith and love of many grows cold because iniquities are multiplied. Of course, it is not arranged by God. In fact, it is caused by the sinfulness of man. Additionally, it is even less because God has done some new work, understand? Well then, if it really is caused by man, it can be turned around. But if it’s out of God’s will and the Holy Spirit doesn’t work, no matter how great man’s effort is, in the end, it won’t help. Like now, facing the desolation of the church, all the co-workers tried every means they could think of to revive the failing church. Look what they do: some increase missionary work, and then others try to strengthen religious training, and then some… (Oh come on.) What could be so wrong with those things? They’re okay as far as that goes. But really, what result will that bring? On the outside, it appears as if the church is lively, and immersed in activity. But believers still feel weary in spirit, and the church is still desolate. More serious than that, they are not rebuked or even disciplined, even after they commit sins. As a result, most of them lose the fear of God. All of these phenomena are enough to show that the present desolation of the church is not caused by man. It is because they don’t keep pace with God’s footprints and then lose the working of the Holy Spirit. What the “Eastern Lightning” followers share really make sense. No wonder so many good sheep have been stolen by them. Allow me to read just one paragraph of Almighty God’s word. Please turn to page 974. Through Almighty God’s words, we know that now, the entire religious world has become desolate, not because of man’s deed, but it is because the working of the Holy Spirit has moved on. God indeed has done a stage of new work. That this is true, is undeniable. You keep talking about “new work” again and again. How could there possibly be any new work? (Elder Ahn, please sit.) What we mean is that this time God does the work of purifying and saving man. But only if man keeps pace with God’s work can he break free from Satan’s influence and be saved completely by God. What did you say? Be saved by God completely? We all know that the Lord Jesus has already forgiven our sin. We have already been saved. There’s no need for God to do anymore work of salvation. We all know this truth! But this is not according to the Bible. I can’t accept it. Pastor Cho, I would ask you not to jump to such conclusions. Rather, please investigate this matter. Pastor Cho, Elder Ahn, this is the new work the returned Lord does. I urge the both of you to treat it carefully, lest you offend God’s disposition. Oh, now you are just exaggerating. Brother Min, we’d better stop here. Oh sorry! The time is getting late. We have other things to do. So, let’s leave this here. Pastor Cho, here’s the next evangelism training course. Please have a look. Look at this. Oh no. Why has the fee gone up so much? Much higher than the last one, right? (A long sigh.) It’s ridiculous. Only the rich can afford that! (Sigh) I tell you, I’m not registering this time. What are you talking about? We should go even if we have to borrow money! We can evangelize better for the Lord after training. Besides, if we don’t do it, no one will take us seriously. They won’t call us for important missionary work. What’s more, if the pastors preach the way they do in their own churches and put in some effort, it’s worth it. These days, the pastors don’t even put that much effort into preaching. The sermons are so dry and long. Well, I am spiritually dry. I have long since run out of inspirational things to preach. I know they all say the sermons are too long. In any popular church these days, sermons never go over 20 minutes. Now believers are leaving the church and looking for grace elsewhere. So there are more and more falling into cults. (Sigh) Many don’t come on Sundays. Quite a few worship at home via TV or Internet. Shouldn’t our churches chase these trends and create programs to keep believers? Or when all is said and done, we’ll end up with no one left at all. Exactly. Even popular churches are doing things like canceling evening services. Sunday is the rare day one can rest. And then there are shopping, attending parties, wedding banquets. Sometimes you have to take your kids to the movies. Who has time for evening service? (Yeah, we should go.) Pastor Han, how are you? Oh, perfect timing. I’m just looking for you. Let’s have a talk! Is something wrong? Please tell me what? Why is the training fee so high? This will stop many from receiving training. We should consider our brothers and sisters. The fee? Why should there be any concern of yours? It’s not really your business, is it? You should keep your mind on just your teachings and sermons. (Sighs) Pastor Han, we’ve both been shepherds in the church for many years. We cannot do exactly the things that we know offend God. Pastor Cho, reality is quite different from ideals. I really didn’t expect that Pastor Han would collect money through the training classes. That will hinder the gospel work of the church and also delay the training for evangelists. I understand. But Pastor, such happenings are very common. You know that in the former church, I experienced some unhappy things. I was very disappointed, so I decided that I would come here. And yet, as it turns out, it’s the same thing here. Yes, Deputy Dean. I have the same opinion about this matter. Cho seems to be a great deal too rigid. Flexibility is necessary, isn’t it? He’s always asking questions about everything, and all his opinions, his annoying nit picking. Then it’s settled. That’s a good idea. All right, we’ll do it. And if anyone he teaches makes a complaint, I’ll say the one who set the high training fee was him. That’s it. Pastor Cho will be removed from his teaching position. You bet! Excellent plan! Um, then I’ll talk to you the next time. Good evening. (Exhale) And how is the church going? Pastor Cho, since you left, they‘ve all excluded me. The church has been in endless chaos, endless disputes throughout the church. Believers are becoming less and less. I must admit I also want to leave. That’s surprising! What’s wrong? As a person who has loved and served God positively for many years, you can’t lose your faith now, no matter how hard it is. (Sigh) Well, the church is no different than society. What’s the point of staying there? Oh, Pastor Cho, are you still in Pastor Han’s denomination? Ah, no. At first, I felt that that particular church was innovative, but I found that their evangelical training was really all about increasing their clout and their power. Their emphasis on Bible reading and prayer is nothing but formulas and regulations. They have no moving of the Holy Spirit at all. (Sigh) (Sigh) You know, it was no different with my former denomination, either. However, I dared not to give up. I had to seek. Recently, I found myself going to other denominations. Turns out they’re all the same. Ah, you’re telling me you went to other denominations? Then how do you deal with the church you worked so hard to plant? I passed it on to the young ones. Really? Why? If I … if I myself have no truth, then what can I give to believers? (Sigh) Well, if even you have no truth, who else could have it, Pastor Cho? (Sigh) Maybe … perhaps … there is truth somewhere. (Sigh) So then, what are you doing for a living? Well, I’m doing odd jobs. Ah, you are doing odd jobs? Yeah, it’s not a big deal. What has puzzled me all this time is that I’ve been serving the Lord for more than twenty years. And I pray and read the Bible every day but I am still bound by sin. Jesus taught us to love our enemies, but I can’t even love my wife, so I have no other choice but to live separately from her for now. (Sigh) The church is the body of the Lord and should be holy. When I visited so many denominations, I found none of them has truth, and no one of them seeks truth. They have a church building, but they don’t have a church. Get out! (Get out!) You’re just a lackey for that cult! Get out! (Get out!) You should keep your mind on just your teachings and sermons. Pastor Cho, Elder Ahn, this is the new work the returned Lord does. I urge the both of you to treat it carefully, lest you offend God’s disposition. My Lord, each denomination’s pastors and elders have no love for You whatsoever. And if I remain one of them trying to serve in their churches, then I will only become more fallen and I would gain nothing at all. And my own struggle with the cycle of sinning against You … unable to resist … my weakness … keeping me from Your will. Oh Lord, where are You? I’m praying for You to help me. O please help, help me, help me to find You. Hi, how are you doing? (Fine.) Please take a look at this. Do you know that there are many prophecies concerning Jesus’ coming again in the Bible? (Yeah, sure.) This half tells how the Church of Almighty God originates and develops. And in the area below that, you can find the contact information for our church. I really want to thank you for stopping.
Oh yeah, I see. Hope you can investigate after reading.
Uh-huh… You’re welcome. Great! (Thanks.) Hope you have a nice day! Thank you! Aren’t they the words that I read in Brother Min’s house? Yes, where are the footprints of God exactly? Seems that they really know something… Hello, this is the Church of Almighty God. Hello? Is this Brother Min? Hello, Pastor Cho. So, how’ve you been doing? Alright. I’m glad that you called. Some of our former church’s deaconesses are coming to the Church of Almighty God tomorrow to investigate us. We were hoping you and Elder Ahn could both accompany them here. My good friend, I hope that you can come… Well … I’ll try to be there, if I’m able. What is the time of the meeting? Please let me preface by saying I’m in disagreement with your theology! It is written, And more we have already got evidence that we have been gained by God. Which, to me, begs the question: Is there a need for the Lord to come and do new work? We’re taught by Jesus very clearly and very plainly, Since we are all believers in Him, every one of us has received His salvation, and are entitled to the inheritance of the Lord’s kingdom. Are you honestly sitting there and denying the word in our Bible? That’s just it. Haven’t we already gained our salvation by the Lord God? How can there possibly be a new work? I agree! The salvation of Jesus is enough! The salvation of Jesus is the full salvation of God. It’s simply impossible that God does new work. You can’t do this. Your conclusion is groundless. That’s right. We can’t have doubt on this. Everyone, yes, it is true that we, all of us, have been saved by believing in Jesus. Yet what did the Lord Jesus mean by “being saved”? In which condition was this word said? It means, of course, that Lord Jesus has saved us, and that He, our loving Savior, has delivered us from sin! Everyone, let us fellowship about the background in which the Lord Jesus said, “being saved.” As we all know, at the end of the Age of Law, people committed more and more sin, and no longer feared God. They could no longer keep the law, facing the danger of being condemned and executed under the law. In order to free people from the threat of death, God was incarnated to do a stage of redemptive work personally, to redeem people from sin. And since then, people could be forgiven of their sins, once they accepted Jesus as their Savior. They would no longer be condemned and punished because they broke the law. They could pray to God directly and receive His grace. That’s the true meaning of “being saved” in the Age of Grace. Speaking of “being saved,” let us all read what Almighty God has to say about it. Pastor Cho. Pastor Han. Please all turn to page 477. From Almighty God’s word we can learn: The work that Lord Jesus did in the Age of Grace is redemption. That is, Jesus provided Himself to be the sin offering forever, redeeming people from Satan. As long as people believe in Him, their sins will be forgiven, and they will not be condemned and punished for their sins under the law. However, it’s true that Jesus didn’t solve the cause of people’s committing sins. He didn’t do the work of purifying and transforming man. So, those who were saved through grace can’t stop committing sins. It requires God to do a further work of salvation before they can be purified. A further work? This flies in the face of the Bible. It is written, Amen! Jesus crucified Himself and He forgave all of our sins, so, due to His salvation, we will enter the kingdom of heaven. This cannot be doubted. That is correct! Hebrews 1:3 says, Amen! The Lord Jesus Himself forgave us all of sins on the cross. And He would never, ever treat us like we were sinners. That’s because we belong to God already! I am not denying people haven’t ability to overcome sin. Even people who have found redemption continue to sin. It’s true. We all will admit this. However, here is the bottom line— Christ’s salvation is full, true and reliable. That’s true, the Lord Jesus doesn’t remember our sin. Doesn’t that mean we are gained by God? We clearly know that it is the Lord Jesus who has redeemed us and forgiven us of all of our sins. Brothers and sisters, it’s true that Lord Jesus has redeemed us from Satan’s domain and we are forgiven of our sins and are no longer of sin. But still, we should know exactly what “sin” refers to. Don’t tell me you’re about to explain to us what’s meant by the unfamiliar term “sin.” Those against the law and Ten Commandments are all sins! As people sinned, they would receive the condemnation and punishment of the law. The Lord Jesus came to work just for the redemption of all mankind, so that they were forgiven of their sins and not punished by the law. However, the Lord Jesus hasn’t forgiven or excused their corrupt disposition, and hasn’t rid them of their corrupt nature which resulted in their sin. Much less did He say whoever is forgiven of his sins can enter the kingdom of heaven. Instead, He admonished people that, The Lord Jesus has very clearly explained to us: He that keeps the word of the Lord and walks the way of the Lord can enter into the kingdom of heaven. It is also written, These verses tell us very plainly: If people believe in Jesus’ name but do not also practice His word, the sin offerings become a void to them. How can it ever be possible for them to enter God’s kingdom? Stop right there! Paul said, Amen! We are not, any of us, going to be condemned at all because we have accepted Jesus in our hearts. And we will be entering the Lord’s kingdom! Are you actually still going to deny it? That’s true, the Lord Jesus didn’t remember our sin! What qualification do you have to condemn us? Pastor Han, about whether one is able to enter into the kingdom of heaven, we need to determine what it should be based on. The question is: Should it be based on man’s word, or on God’s word? Another question we need to address is: Whose word has authority, Paul’s word or Jesus’ word? Who is he that guards the gate of the kingdom? Since we all believe in God and we all seek the way of eternal life, we should clearly take the word of God as the criterion, rather than making decisions based on the word of man. If God receives a person to His eternal kingdom who is still resisting and rebelling against Him, where is God’s holiness and where is God’s righteousness? God is a holy God and He is a righteous God and His disposition does not tolerate man’s offense. So, judging by God’s disposition, those who received Jesus’ redemption aren’t able to enter God’s kingdom yet. It is a fact! And as we all know the Lord Jesus said, Jesus’ words teach us very plainly: Those who commit sins are not qualified to remain in the kingdom of God. It is important for us to ponder why God chose to do this. The intention of God saving mankind is to gain a group of holy mankind. If they are of sin and if they are of filth, then by God’s own word they are not entitled to enter the kingdom. This is determined by God’s righteous disposition. So, those who were forgiven of their sins and saved through the grace, are still in need of a further work of purification and of salvation, if they want to enter the kingdom of heaven. Did I hear you mention “a further work of salvation” just now? Jesus Himself said upon the cross: “It is finished.” Those were His words. What is it that you think He meant? Is it your position that Jesus wasn’t then able to grant us salvation? What you’re doing is boldly denying both our Savior’s word and the most important work He ever performed! Truly, the Lord Jesus said clearly that God’s salvation work was finished. Yes, it’s what the Lord Jesus said personally. You can’t just deny it! Pastor Cho, none of us are denying these words were said by the Lord Jesus. When the Lord Jesus said those words “it is finished,” He was speaking of the redemptive work He finished in the Age of Grace. However, this doesn’t indicate God’s entire management plan to save all of mankind. We all know that, about the Lord’s returning in the end time, the Lord Jesus had spoken the Parable of the Sower, the Parable of the Net, and the Parable of the Wise Virgins, and the Parable of the Bad Tenants, and many others as well. It is also prophesied in Revelation that in the end time the Lord will do the work of reaping and selecting, and the work of judgment. If the Lord Jesus had accomplished all the work of salvation, then how is it work of this kind could be done? Therefore, when the Lord Jesus said “it is finished,” His meaning was the redemptive work had been finished, yet He wasn’t saying all of mankind’s salvation and all of God’s work had been finished. Hmm, everything you just said seems reasonable. The Lord Jesus hadn’t done the end-time work. Ah, so the word “it is finished” said by the Lord Jesus actually meant that the redemptive work of the Lord had been accomplished, but not that all the work was finished. How come we didn’t find out? Let us read two paragraphs of Almighty God’s words. Please turn to page 791 in What? Just a small part? Yeah! That’s impossible! Please open and turn to page 588. Only a half? Didn’t Jesus say clearly “it is finished”? Just stop! You’re still just sitting there and denying the work of Christ. Pastor Han, please let us calm down. Let Brother Jung keep reading the word of God. Yes, Pastor Han, can you please do us the honor of listening first? Pastor Han, let’s listen some more. How can you sit there and say that about the Lord Jesus? The Lord Jesus was crucified on the cross and He redeemed the whole of mankind, but now you’re saying He only completed a part. What you’re saying is unacceptable. While it’s true sins are committed by men, Jesus Christ, our Lord redeemed mankind upon the cross. This is an absolute fact! Everyone, even if Jesus’ sin offering continues to be effective for mankind forever, the truth is, I tell you that Jesus’ work was not the work that saves men absolutely from sin. From Almighty God’s words we can see that, indeed, the redemptive work of Jesus only completes half of the work of saving mankind. It has only laid the groundwork, the foundation for God’s end-time work. Actually, although everyone who Jesus has redeemed has been forgiven for all their sins, there still remains their corrupt nature, deeply-rooted, and very much driving them. Their disposition is still filled with arrogance and self-conceit, selfishness, craftiness, jealousy, aggressiveness, and lust. All still worship evil, revere money, position, fame and worldly gain. They pursue a luxurious and decadent life, and enjoy indulging in the pleasure of sin. They also have no patience and tolerance for others. They even find it hard to get along with their own families. Living like this, in such a state, they cannot even hope to practice the truth even if they know the Bible. They’re trapped in sins involuntarily, without self-control. You see, if mankind’s sinful nature has yet to be eliminated, then, God’s work of salvation hasn’t come to an end. Their words are absolutely right. They are all facts! Yes, it is very true that people commit sins and live in sin every day, without ever being released. So it must be that God continues the work of salvation in every man. People can’t overcome their sins if they try to do it by themselves, which I freely admit. But I don’t understand how you can just deny God’s word, and even more than doing this, deny His salvation! Those saved through grace often commit sins just because they are still going through the process of transformation. If we can rely on His power working for improvement, then we will eventually reach the state of holiness. This process is called, listen: “Sanctification of Salvation.” Did you ever hear of it? Pastor Han, we don’t deny that many people in the Lord have paid quite a price to cast off all of their sins. Some have tried hard to refrain themselves from committing sins. And some have even studied the Bible all of their lives, trying to seek a way out of sins. To sin no more, they have made a lot of effort. They often confess to the Lord, fast and pray, yet what is the result of all of this? And now who truly dares to say that he has broken away from sins and become holy in the eyes of the Lord? Pastor Han, I think we should discuss this issue. Let’s think about this: if Jesus hadn’t done the work of the Age of Grace, even if all of mankind pursued for thousands of years in the Age of Law, he couldn’t gain God’s grace of redemption. So why would that be the case? Why in the world do we need to discuss such a simple elementary question? I understand, Pastor Han. But it relates to one aspect of the truth, and needs us to know. What I mean by that is man’s disposition changes constantly with God’s work. To the extent which God works, to that extent mankind is transformed. I want this to be clear, so let me explain it to you in another way: If God does not work, mankind’s transformation will remain at a standstill. It’s just as in the Age of Law. God’s work was to issue the laws and have people know and understand what were sins. His work was not to redeem. So, people in the Age of Law couldn’t gain God’s grace of redemption no matter how hard they pursued. However, when the Lord Jesus finished the work of redemption, all people could gain the Lord’s grace of forgiveness for nothing as long as they accepted Jesus as their Savior. Similarly, if God doesn’t do the work of purifying and transforming man, those redeemed by Jesus Christ can’t rid themselves of sins and become holy, however hard they pursue and discipline their body. It’s because Jesus only did the work of redemption, but didn’t resolve the problem of men’s committing sins completely. And the work of resolving man’s sinfulness is what God will accomplish in the end time. I can’t rid myself of sins. Is this because the Lord Jesus hasn’t done the work of purifying and transforming man? So, only when man accepts God’s end-time work of salvation, can he have his disposition transformed and become holy. So then, according to your words, did the Lord Jesus do His work of salvation in vain? And does it follow then that people believe in Jesus in vain? Everybody, please try to calm down. We all believe and we would never deny Jesus’ salvation. The Lord Jesus has redeemed mankind from sins. This is an undeniable fact. However, God will not finish the work of salvation in one step. He does it by stages and He does it by ages, and it progresses step by step. By stages? You must be kidding. The work of God is uplifted and it continues to deepen at every stage. They’re complementary and indispensable to each other. Each stage of work lays the foundation for the next stage. And there lies God’s wisdom. For example, the work of knowing sins that Jehovah did in the Age of Law laid the foundation of the work of redemption in the Age of Grace. And the redemptive work Jesus did laid the foundation for God’s end-time work of removing man’s sins. Humph! Pastor Han, without Jesus’ redemption, we, corrupt mankind, couldn’t be forgiven of our sins. However, without God’s further purification and salvation in the end time, men redeemed by God will have no way to get rid of sins and be saved. Hmm, now this fellowship is sounding reasonable. That is to say, if we accept God’s end-time work of salvation, it doesn’t mean that we are in fact denying Jesus’ salvation? Yes. After we are redeemed by Jesus’ sacrifice, we continue to receive God’s further salvation, just to completely be free of all of our sins, and just to simply be saved. To underscore that point, here are Almighty God’s words. Please turn to page 583 in And now please, turn to page 789. Almighty God’s words have clearly said that men who have just been redeemed have not received a full salvation, and cannot enter God’s kingdom. Only if they accept God’s end-time work of salvation, if they have their corrupt disposition resolved and break away from sins completely, can they be saved and finally receive God’s full inheritance. We’re all aware there are many Christians who just keep committing sins no matter how they try to get free from it. All the same, there are many true believers in God. They read and observe the word of the Lord, bear His cross, try hard to be light and salt of the world, love their enemies, and so on. Who are you, who are any of the people gathered here to just decide these people haven’t been transformed by their belief? You just can’t sit there and say this is true! Many pious believers can be humble. They can be patient. They don’t have vices like drinking and smoking. Wouldn’t you call this transformation? I tell you. I used to curse others. And yet ever since I first believed in the Lord Jesus, I’ve become more tolerant and patient, and I’ve stopped using those dirty words that shame God. My friend’s son used to always drink and get into fights. After he believed in the Lord, he has stopped these things. Whatever you say, all of us know many true believers who have been changed this way. Everybody, we were saved through the grace of Jesus. Our outward behaviors actually have changed somewhat. We are no longer dissipated and fallen like unbelievers, but this doesn’t mean that we will no longer sin and can easily obey and worship God, and that is not to mention finding true salvation. The fact of the matter is our sinfulness remains. We can still commit sins involuntarily, expressing a satanic disposition of being arrogant and self-righteous. This is exactly what we learn from what Almighty God says to us. Page 1082. From the words of Almighty God, we can all see that he who enjoys true salvation not only exhibits good outward behavior, but actually has his corrupt disposition cleansed from within. He can be absolutely faithful and true to God and obey God. In addition to no longer disobeying, neither does he resist God at all. If one only has good behavior, but has no transformation in life disposition, and could often continue to find himself committing sins, and resisting God as well, he isn’t saved. I find that to be an unacceptable opinion. A great number of believers continue to endure, to sacrifice, working for the Lord diligently all of the time, never straying from the Lord in spite of terrible problems. Are you telling me that such a faith isn’t worthy of the Lord’s approval? Aren’t they obeying the Lord and staying faithful to Him then? Pastor Han, this kind of outward behavior doesn’t necessarily prove a person’s obedience and faithfulness to God. For instance: man can be humble and have love for a period of time, but he can express corrupt disposition of being arrogant, selfish, and base at any time, which shows us that the actual substance of man’s true nature is at its core corrupt and unholy. Besides, you will all remember that those Judaistic Scribes and Pharisees were outwardly pious, outwardly faithful, and outwardly patient, earning the approval of a great many people. However, when the Lord Jesus came to work, they neither sought nor investigated. Instead, they frenziedly gave false testimony to condemn and frame Jesus. At last, they nailed Jesus onto the cross. And this fact is enough to sufficiently prove that a man’s outward good behavior is not a true indication his life disposition is a holy one, in the same way it’s not an indication that someone has truly been saved. Yeah, you always say that someone hasn’t truly been saved. So please, what do you mean by truly “being saved”? We believed in the Lord Jesus and have changed to some degree. Doesn’t it mean we are saved? Yes. Why are you saying that we are not saved? Everyone, the ones who’ve been truly saved, each and every one of them, not only exhibit good outward behavior but even more important than appearances, because they have understanding of the truth, the corrupt disposition of their nature can be transformed, and then they can practice the truth and obey God absolutely. When they practice patience, love, and humility, no longer are these outward practices, they are natural expressions of the people, they are inside. Such virtue can stand the tests of time and tide. However, the ones who were saved through grace only show some changes in outward behavior, and their virtue crumbles. Because they don’t understand the truth, the corrupt disposition within them is not transformed, and their viewpoints on things haven’t really changed. So they can still love the world, money, position, fame and gain, they can still indulge in fleshly ease, and they can still follow the evil trends of the world and in so doing, betray God. However, those who have found true salvation, because they understand the truth about God’s end-time work, their outlooks on life and values are changed. They know the value and meaning of gaining the truth, and have discernment for the negative things. So they can be sanctified from the world, no longer being deceived or even enticed at all by Satan. They’ll no longer resist or betray God even the slightest, and then they can truly live their lives according to God’s words. So according to what you’ve been saying, being saved in the Age of Grace is not the same as being saved in the end time? Yes, exactly. Being saved in the Age of Grace and being saved in the end time are two totally different and separate concepts. And there are substantial differences between the two. So to clarify this topic of being saved, let us read from this book and we can see what Almighty God has to say. From reading Almighty God’s words, we can clearly see this: the criterion of mankind’s being saved is breaking away from sins and is becoming holy. That is, the purpose of God’s managing mankind is to gain a group of people who can break away from sins, and who can truly obey and worship God, instead of those who are only redeemed from sins but all too often still commit the same sins and continue to resist God. So, the truly saved people are the ones who have been redeemed by God and then are completely purified in God’s end-time work of judgment. And they are the ones who truly understand the truth, and have God’s words as their life. Their arrogance, their craftiness, selfishness, greed, and evil, all the original corrupt dispositions have been transformed. They can totally be directed by God’s words, and can live according to the truth. Their satanic nature cannot work within. No matter what trials and tribulations come upon them, they can stand their testimony, without any complaining or their choosing their own way, and can still offer praise to God and flawlessly obey God. And even if God decides to hand these people back over to Satan, Satan has no possible way to corrupt them. Such men are truly what we can call the saved ones, and I tell you that this is really the true meaning of being saved. According to what they said, being saved as we believe doesn’t mean being truly saved! Everyone, there is a substantial difference between finding salvation in the Age of Grace and finding it in the end-time. Being saved in the Age of Grace only means that someone’s sins were forgiven and also that someone is no longer condemned. But, the root of men’s still committing sins has obviously yet to be resolved. However, being saved in the end time means that after experiencing God’s end-time work of purification, men gain the truth, break away from sins, become truly holy, and are completely gained by God. Brothers and sisters, if we accept Jesus’ redemption and continue to reject the end-time salvation of God, then we are never going to break away from the bondage and the restriction of sin. So, we see that the reason for the end-time work, for God’s new work, is the rooting out of this underlying problem, causing man’s continuing to commit sins. Can I ask you to take the time to explain this further? So the root cause of why people sin just hasn’t been resolved yet? Humph! But I bet you’re going to explain it! Yes! Why don’t you tell us what’s the root cause of sin? Everyone, as for the root causes of men’s committing of sins, we are fortunate because it is God who has told us the things we are telling you about this. So now let us read a paragraph directly from Almighty God’s words. Page 455 of From Almighty God’s words, we can see that the basic cause of all man’s sinning is traceable to his very nature of rebelling against God. Man’s mind has been deeply, deeply corrupted by Satan. All kinds of Satan’s poisons have taken root in man. As a result, man’s principles of living and doing things are extensions of Satan’s thoughts and philosophy. Which means all of his viewpoints are disobedient of God and resistant of God. So, as he does things according to Satan’s mind and philosophy, he will resist God and disobey God in everything. If these problems can’t be solved, that is, if his thoughts and his opinions continue unaltered and his disposition hasn’t been transformed, then he will remain at enmity with God, and he and God will be incompatible. Excuse me, Preacher, but could you please take a moment to talk a little about how man’s very corrupt nature and satanic mind is at enmity with God? Let me give you an example. It is something that Jesus said, Here, we can see that God is pleased with a person who is willing to be humble and willing to be obedient. And in fact, the more humble he is, the more he is noble. However, corrupt humankind’s view is that praise and admiration and such translate to glory, but humility and submission to others translate to shame. So, having been so long corroded by this view, our nature became exceedingly arrogant. We are self-important, conceited, and overweening, and we don’t like others to have the upper hand. The way that we are, we simply cannot hold on to the Lord’s way and fear God, and are also unable to shun evil, very much like the priests and Pharisees under the law. They all knew the law. They knew the law quite well. They knew what God expected of man, that God requested man to be humble in all things. But, driven by their arrogant nature, when the Lord Jesus came to work, they didn’t want to give up their high position in the synagogue and follow the Lord Jesus. And what did they do to preserve their power and position and influence? Not only did they denounce Jesus but they also killed Him. And then they hunted down His disciples everywhere. Humph! Then take a look at today. All followers of the Lord clearly want to keep and preserve the Lord’s teaching. They often speak Jesus’ words like “be humble and patient, forgive, love, help, and pass no judgment.” Nevertheless when God comes to start the new work in the end time, because of their preposterous ideas and arrogant nature, they involuntarily judge, condemn, slander, and blaspheme at will. Let’s all see together what Almighty God says about this subject. Please turn with me to page 297: So now you and I can all clearly see, the root of our sins is from Satan’s own corrupt ideas. When we see things and act according to these corrupt ideas, we will sin involuntarily and resist and rebel against God. So in the end of time, God Himself comes to express His words. He comes to judge and reveal man’s corrupt ideas and man’s satanic nature that exists inside him. It helps us know and see clearly that all of those things are both ridiculous and also evil and are hostile to God. Then we can deny and reject them and finally accept the truth from God. In this way, man can fully break away from sin and he can truly be gained by God. Did you say “to judge and to purify all of mankind with words”? Throughout both the Old and the New Testament, there are God’s words of judgment for mankind. And God’s judgment has never once left mankind. Listen: Can these very same words not judge mankind and make man purified? That’s just it. As Christians, we always judge our sins according to the Lord’s words, and we correct our behaviors according to the Bible. That’s enough. You have said that God will do the work of judging and the work of purifying man all with His word. So, there’s no need for anything else! Whether in the Old or New Testament, we are given many, many, many words of judgment from God. You don’t need further expression from Him on the subject. It has all been said. Everyone! It’s true there are harsh words of God, which are found in both the Old Testament and the New Testament. But they’re not the same as what is written about God’s judgment, as expressed in the context of the end time. So Jesus’ words are different from God’s end-time words? The words of judgment mentioned in the Age of Law and the Age of Grace were spoken just for punishing and rebuking people under the background of that time. They were not intended, you see, for revealing man’s nature or revealing man’s minds and thoughts. This is because the work Jehovah did in the Age of Law is mainly to issue the laws and lead people with the laws. Anyone who broke the laws would be judged. It, however, was just for punishing one or some who broke the laws. The work of the Lord Jesus performed in the Age of Grace was for man’s redemption. And Jesus’ words of rebuke were largely directed at the corrupt Jewish Pharisees of that time. But the plain truth, the work of judgment is part of God’s plan for the end time. So, Almighty God expresses the truth to expose man’s nature and substance, dissect man’s words and deeds and judge man’s unrighteousness and disobedience, so that man can know God’s righteous disposition that tolerates no offense, and man can know the truth of his corruption, and man can truly fear God and can truly shun evil, and it is only then a man can be considered purified and then be really saved. Really? Revealing satanic nature? And dissecting words and deeds? I’ve never heard about such saying. Everybody, let us all take a moment and read Almighty God’s word. Let’s turn to page 42 of Almighty God’s words let us all know clearly that God’s end-time work is principally to use words to judge and cleanse men, to begin the transformation of men’s root corrupt dispositions, to separate all men according to their own kinds, to help man find true and lasting salvation, and even more to end the age. And this work is directed at mankind’s nature and substance of resisting God, which is such that God speaks the words and does the works. All who accept God’s end-time work are the ones to be judged and the ones to be purified. Ah! Truly after this time in your fellowship, I understand so much more. God’s end-time judgment is meant to purify and transform man. This is so different in substance from the judgment the Lord mentioned. Pastor Cho, what do you think of this? Their fellowship is well-founded, and some of their words have touched my heart. I have to be convinced. … Has the Lord really begun the new work of judgment as these words say? … Is it because the Lord has transitioned His work that the church has become so desolate? Almighty God’s work of judgment with words fulfills the things promised by the message of Christ, Almighty God is the Spirit of truth. And these are the words of God. The Spirit of truth is Almighty God… He comes to express millions of words (Yes, that’s right!) with a purpose of leading man to enter into all truths and making man break away from sin and be holy. This just fulfills what the Lord Jesus said, The Bible clearly says all the peoples will weep when God carries out judgment in the end time. But we haven’t seen such a vision yet. So how can you sit there and say that God has already done the work of judgment? Alright, I’m saying that if the Lord has done the work of judgment, the good and the evil should be sorted. Why haven’t all of the evil been destroyed? Have the good entered the kingdom of heaven? No, I don’t think so! And besides, the evil are not punished, so how can it be called judgment? Everyone. We all thought that before: The day the Lord comes again to carry out judgment is the day that all the people of the world will weep. Actually, that is just a figment of man’s imagination. It is not at all based in fact. God’s end-time work of judgment is to completely purify man and save man from sins. And this work just fulfills the word “Judgment starts from God’s family.” In the end time, God will express words among His believers. Through the judgment of the words, He will separate good from that which is evil, completely purifying all those who love the truth and thirst after God’s appearing, also finally revealing those who condemn God and reject God. Only after all this is done will God reward the good and punish the evil. And so, the end-time judgment will be salvation. It shouldn’t be seen as destruction. And now let’s read a passage from Almighty God’s word. I would very much like to read it. Page 808 of These words are Almighty God’s words and they do make it clear, so clear there’s no room for doubt that God will make His judgment of word first when the end-time work arrives. In this way God will absolutely make complete the true believers who are able to accept His judgment and will be finally purified. And then, God will reward the good and eliminate and punish the evil. Hmm. So the Lord comes again and expresses words to judge people and make them to understand all truths and to be saved. Only then will He do the work of punishing the evil and rewarding the good. I just find this all so profound. God’s work really can’t be fathomed. Elder Ahn, Pastor Cho. This kind of words are not found in the Bible. Are you going to keep listening? The Bible tells us that our salvation comes from the Lord’s grace. And that’s the end of it. We cannot disregard what happened up on the cross. You can’t forget your faith in Jesus. That’s enough. Let’s go. Pastor Han. The Bible says, Objectively speaking, their fellowship is well-founded. I think that we may stay and listen more. Pastor Han. Please try to open your heart! For me, their fellowship is starting to make sense… You know, I really feel that their fellowship is definitely worthwhile. I strongly disagree with all that you’re saying. We will enter the kingdom of heaven by relying on the salvation of Jesus. That is reliable. We do not need any of this! I think their fellowship is from God and is able to solve the problem of our sinful nature. We should stay and listen more. Elder Ahn, Pastor Cho. You should try to remember what the Bible says. I’m leaving. Pastor Han. God is really a God of wisdom. Yet He doesn’t have to make sense to us. Why would God think the same as men? All of us hope you’ll try to understand Him with us. Humph! Pastor Han. (Pastor, please.) Pastor Han… Elder Ahn, please sit down. Where are you going? Elder Ahn, please sit down. What you fellowshipped has made me understand some about God’s end-time work of judgment, but how exactly does God judge and purify man in the end time? About how God judges and purifies man according to the plan for the end-time work, let us look for the answer in Almighty God’s word all together. Page 43 of Do you know? That sounds exactly like the voice of God. That’s true! These words are so severe! These words have God’s authority and cannot be spoken by man. O Lord! This is … this is Your voice! Otherwise, who can give such admonition to mankind? O Lord! … In God’s end-time work, He expresses the truth according to man’s corrupt thoughts as well as man’s very corrupt nature, in order to judge their unrighteousness and chastise their disobedience. So they will be judged by God’s word and understand the truth, know how evil and absurd Satan’s various corrupt ideas are, know the fact of their corruption of resisting God and rebelling against God, and see clearly their dirty and ugly soul. Then they will feel remorseful inside, hate and loathe themselves, and give up their corrupt ideas, no longer acting by their satanic nature. Then they become capable of conducting themselves by God’s word and then have transformed dispositions. These are the results that judgment and chastisement both achieve. After hearing everything you’ve said, I’m beginning to feel hopeful again that mankind will actually start to solve their sinfulness and find the path. I wonder if you could share your testimony with us? Oh yes! We very much want to listen to your testimony. Well, before we all thought that when we believe in the Lord, our soul will thrive forever, and our hearts will know joy, and then we will forever enjoy all of the blessings eternal, to come from the Lord. So, it is under the influence of exactly such a belief that we all ran and forsook and spent ourselves for the Lord. We kept asking for grace and asking for blessings from the Lord, and felt we were most qualified to enjoy these. But once I had accepted all that I read in Almighty God’s word, I had also accepted the work of judgment of Him. I woke to the truth. Just let me read it for you. Page 1045 of When we’re faced with the disclosure of God’s words, the truth is, we are ashamed. For we saw that we were deeply corrupted, and we were base and greedy by our nature, and devoid of humanity and sense. We believed in God not for pursuing the truth or for pursuing to love God and live a meaningful life. Instead, we were dedicated to satisfying our desire of obtaining blessings and for demanding from God the eternal blessings. Then we felt just so very remorseful and so started to abandon our ambition, and we began to pursue the truth in line with the requirements of the Lord, becoming free from the belief of “asking for bread to be filled.” Everyone, it’s true! All my experience with Almighty God’s word has given me many profound feelings. It is through the judgment of Almighty God’s words that my view, that wrong viewpoint, of how I believed in God, has been absolutely corrected. Here these astonishing words of God: By the remarkable and inspirational and wonderful guidance of those words of God, something inside my soul told me that a man should strive to worship God and pursue to love God while he’s alive, just as children love and honor their parents. In it there is no term, no reason, much less to say demand. This is the conscience and the sense required of man. And so I loathed myself inside but I was motivated to repent and to change, and never try to make terms with God, but earnestly remaining more than willing to submit and to follow the words of God and to be led by God, being willing to finally be perfected by Him. In experiencing Almighty God’s blessed end-time work, I felt: Only by receiving the judgment and chastisement of God’s word can we all truly know our satanic nature of resisting and rebelling against God, and also know God’s righteous disposition which tolerates no offense, and can we gradually cast off sin and become a new man. Otherwise, we will all live in sin forever, and then we will not be qualified to be brought into the pleasant destination by Almighty God. Such an experience is so true and real! We never heard of such testimony of experience! Yes, this way must be from God. It’s so obvious from these testimonies. Who else is able to reveal the corruption of man and bring such transformation to man? It feels so truthful to be saved like this. Preacher, do we have to receive the judgment and also receive the chastisement in order for us to be saved? Yes, Elder Ahn. About such matters, let us both look at a paragraph together from Almighty God’s word. page 1024. Looking at the words of Almighty God together, we can learn: when it is the end time, God becomes flesh and expresses the words to judge and chastise mankind, in order to be able to purify and transform man. Because this is the only actual path for all men to be saved and know God. And this is also the only true path to enter the eternal rest. For these are the words that have been repeatedly mentioned in the prophecy of Revelation: As is plainly evident, the words of God’s end-time judgment are so important to corrupt mankind! And the rejection of them can cause the loss of God’s eternal salvation! But there is absolutely no need for you to be left behind. Yes! That is the truth! God’s judgment and chastisement eventually give to all of us our salvation and also our perfection. And only by acceptance of God’s end-time work and obedience to it, can anyone receive God’s true love and His full salvation. But anyone who refuses to accept God’s end-time judgment, shall perish and be destroyed due to God’s punishment. This is just what Almighty God says. Let me read it. Please turn to page 57 of This is the voice of the Lord! Thank the Lord! He has, He has finally come! This is a wonderful revelation! Yes, surely, rejecting the Lord’s voice, we cannot be saved! Yes, everybody, the truth is that the work of God awaits nobody. And if anyone fails to follow it, they’re going to forfeit their salvation! And now let’s take a look at some more of the truth we find in Almighty God’s word. Turn to page 135 of Ahh. The word of Almighty God has woken me up. And it has shown me the way to be freed from corruption and be saved! Um, we need to consider it carefully… Everyone, the word of Almighty God is the truth, the way, and the life. But first man has to accept God’s end-time chastisement and judgment before he can receive His wonderful promise… Yes, clearly, man cannot resolve his sins by himself. The word of Almighty God enlightens me, helping me discover the way at last to solve the problem of sin. I wanna praise and thank God! After many days of investigation and prayer, I can honestly say that I feel in my heart Almighty God’s words are so practical. These days, though I do not have much understanding of God’s words, these words have truly touched my heart. I am absolutely sure this is a new start for me. Very much thanks to the Lord’s care, I can hear these words. And for that, I’m grateful. They solve much of my puzzlement in the way that I have believed in God over the years, and now they’ve enlightened me. Well, everybody, I wish to say “Thank Almighty God”! Over the years, I held a firm conviction that I was saved by relying on grace. That my past, present, and my future sins all have been forgiven by the Lord. And I could just wait, just keep sitting where I was sitting, until I received God’s Kingdom reward. And for this, well, I was very grateful. But I couldn’t rid myself from the affliction of committing sins. My spirit would rebuke me, making me feel terrible whenever I committed sins. I always felt so unworthy of the grace of the Lord, and felt ashamed standing in the pulpit because I knew that I was just unworthy to preach to them. I kept asking myself: how, just how, can such a sinner who has sinful nature receive the Lord’s blessing? And when the Lord does return to earth, what would He see in me? How can I look on Him who is perfect and holy and pure? How I struggled with all my sins … so much… How I looked, but no … I could never fix the problem. But no, try as I did, I always failed. I’ve found that I have long heard the word of Almighty God. But through my blindness and through, yes, through my willful disobedience, I misjudged. I am so grateful to Almighty God for not abandoning me, and for saving me. (Amen!) Listen, because of your wonderful and true fellowship, the truth has been given to me after all that Almighty God is the returned Lord. Amen! I believe His end-time judgment finally can save this long-time sinner from his desire to sin and for all time. Amen! I’d like to give my true thanks to Almighty God for the fact that I can actually in my life have the opportunity to see God’s appearance. Amen! Thanks be to Almighty God! Amen! O Almighty God… I’ve spent so much time looking for You in different denominations and sects, but I failed to recognize Your voice for so long due to my ignorance and blindness. I have even hindered others from acceptance… I truly don’t deserve to live! I don’t deserve to live! I have been so very blind, so very blind! Can You forgive me? Ever? O Almighty God! I held onto the “once always saved belief.” It isn’t true. The truth is that I have been living in so much sin. I just stuck to my old religious preconceptions. I had such a closed, closed mind. Forgive me. Almighty God, I’m ignorant of Your all-important work. Oh, God, I was so very wrong! Forgive this sinner who resisted You. Can You ever forgive… Can You ever forgive me? I know that I am so unworthy to ask for anything. And, I want to offer all my life, all that I have left, to repay You for Your infinite love…

23 thoughts on “God Is Knocking at the Door | Gospel Movie “Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit” | Seek and You Will Find

  1. As a Christian, I am bothered by a life of sinning in the day and confessing in the evening. I often read the Bible, and behave myself according to the scriptures. However, I still sin unconciously.I don’t have forbearance and patience with my family and struggle for fame and fortune with co-workers. I can’t even be an honest person for my own profit. I often pray to the Lord about my troubles, seeking the Lord’s will and hoping Lord would lead me! But it has never been solved. After watching the video today, I got a little inspiration: the work that the Lord Jesus did is the work of redemption but not the work of judgement, chastisement and purification. These works should be done by God in the last days. Now I see, no wonder this problem hasn’t been resolved all the time.

  2. After watching the video, I am impressed deeply. Pastor Zhao’s experience reminds me of my past. I believed that I was saved because of my belief in Jesus and that when the Lord comes, I will certainly go into the heaven. But I am still bound by sin, and don’t know how to deal with the sins. Now I have realized the difference between being saved in the Age of Grace and being saved in the end time. Being saved in the Age of Grace that we often mention is that God has forgiven our sins. Although we have some changes of our behavior, we still sin because of our sinful nature. In fact, the true salvation means that man’s corrupt disposition has been cleansed away and we no longer disobey or resist God and live according to God’s word after we experience God’s work and know the truth. Now I have realized the work of judgement He does when He comes again is for the purpose of purifying man completely and making us no longer live in sin. I feel clearer when finishing watching this movie. Thank Almighty God! Through God’s words, I knew the source of sinning and the way to solve sins.

  3. I love all these videos and I understand a lot more of what I missed. It's not about stopping sinning. It's all about loving Jesus no matter what you do in life

  4. Why are they reading a different book and not the bible. Throughout this the bible wasn't read other than a couple of scriptures. Jesus has redeemed us yes, but it is the Word of God and the Holy Spirit that transforms us if we are truly repentant. what religion is this?

  5. 'For we do not wrestle against flesh & blood, but……
    against principalities,
    against powers,
    against the rulers of darkness of this age,
    against spiritual host of wickedness in the heavenly places'


  6. the book of Acts will show you, the foundation is the book of ACTS , you must be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for remission of sins and you shall receive the gift of the holy ghost, you will speak in a language you don't know. prayer and fasting and reading the word will keep you.

  7. wow, this pastor is very humble~i appreciate his attitude, although he was a pastor, he still looked for other good churches. and he finally found the church he was looking for. congratulations!!

  8. It's right, my pastors always asked us to devote for the church extensions, but no one has thought, 🤔 is it really in line with God's will?

  9. Even Pasters are always commit sin and confess sin again and again. Hope the Lord will come back soon to save us😥 😥

  10. Well, I never heard such experiences. I felt the experience testimony of the members in the church of Almighty God are so real and touching!

  11. In the past, I never thought of such a question: At the beginning, Israelites all worship Jehovah God in the temple very devoutly; only if they were against the commandant or laws, they would be punished for it. When the Lord Jesus came, many Israelites even did business but why didn’t they get punishment for it? After watching this movie, I knew that it was because the Lord Jesus came to do the new work, there wasn’t the work of the Holy Spirit any more no matter how people obeyed the laws,.

  12. The protagonist is a upright person. He is excluded by the people with ulterior motives in his church, even some people bribe him, but he still can insist on justice, not seeking his own profit. I feel he is a true follower of the Lord, in particular he could humble himself to look for the church with the work of the Holy Spirit, and in the end his wish came true. This exactly fulfilled the Lord’s words, Mat 7:7 “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and you shall find; knock, and it shall be opened to you”.

  13. brothers and sisters of our church often commit sins, but they can’t feel God’s disciplining and even the presence of the lord when they pray, so I always think, has God abandoned us? may the Lord show his mercy to us and lead us back his side! amen!!

  14. I must this movie is hitting all the nails on the head with the truth and is showing us what we are facing and going to face sooner or later, and this is what l'm struggling with myself, this movie really makes one stop and think?????????-2-9-2019,am.lm Bless to view this powerfull messages, l ask our Lord Jesus Christ too Help us through the guidance and teaching with the help of the Holy Spirit and Spiritual discernment.Cause of the false teaching.Thanks for this eye awaking messages in Jesus Christ name.👏👏👏👏👏😇😇😇

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