GMSA @ 9 Fiesta Medals for a Cause: S.A. Humane Society

[Music] okay that’s for us to boil tea is powered by your local San Antonio area chevy dealers meet el rey phyto the name is hazel Murr k9 royal court are committed to raising funds to help improve the lives of dogs and cats in our community I’m Felicia Nuno the public relations manager with the tantony maid society and today I am honored to be in the presence of Miss El Rey phyto herself happy happy hazel and a couple of our royal court members we have Betts and Grayson and their wonderful parents are here as well so we’re very thankful to everyone they raised over $100,000 to help all of our pets at the Santoni Maine society so what is it take to become El Rey Fido well we have our annual every final fundraising competition that starts in October every single year and so for those who are interested they just enter the competition and to all of their friends and family about what’s going on and how they can support pets at the Santoni Maine society in this is a great way to brag about your dog and also raise funds to help all of the pets that are in need of a home that need medical attention or a foster family so this is a ton of fun and your pet could possibly become official free instability like hazel here [Music] we are very happy to announce that happy happy hazel a ray 5l ray Fido the 17th will be crowned this Saturday at 10:00 a.m. at the Sheraton Gunther hotel that’s right yep sure enough and it is time for our Fiesta metal for cause these are positively perfect that’s right today is a twofer and our spokesmodel today is Dee Justin horn beautiful these are this is the San Antonio Humane Society which we always make sure we say San Antonio Humane Society when you hear humane society it is not part of the National Organization that gives funds to them San Antonio is its own organization that has to raise its own money and so if you purchase these it will go truth is you main society the profits will and go to a good cause we’ve got some great numbers you wonder if they do good work here obviously they do they say they’ve had 4,100 pets adopted through the Humane Society almost 20,000 pets spayed and neutered pets serviced at wellness clinics four thousand 178 and volunteered service hours twenty six thousand six hundred and ninety-six volunteered service hours these folks are doing some great work but back to El Rey Fido and the fundraising competition oh and the medals rather actually they’re $10 they benefit the pets at the sandwich nu main Society and you could purchase them at their shelter on Fredericksburg and also at the Brooke spay neuter clinic on Brooks Brooks or at the Fiesta store which just up the road from ke sath on Broadway I think that is so terrific and they’re adorable all the medals this year these aren’t as big as some of the others we’ve seen no but they’re beautiful yeah they really are they’re perfect so here’s the info on our event coming up Saturday from 10:00 to 11:00 of the Sheraton Gunter Hotel down town that’s at 205 East Houston Street it is going to be a fun time as hazel hazel right that’s her name happy happy happy not to be confused with hungry hungry hippo which i think is hilarious Sophie bachelor princess of the food bowl with Eddie at one of the contestants Betty mid kur McGraw who was the Duchess of the chew toy by the way Grace and blue the Duke of the fire hydrant and Maximus Miller shrine oski was the night of the Royal Court and collectively as they mentioned that piece they raised $100,000

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