Global Leadership Panel member Swapnil Sanmukh: Freedom of expression for patients and researchers

Hi my name is Swapnil Sanmukh. I’m a
postdoctoral researcher at IBIG Barcelona Spain. I am a part of Fight
Cancer Global, I am a global leadership member, panel member. and I think that
this this initiative is highly important for all the research community as well
as those who are suffering from cancer as as well, as those who are treating
them. Because it gives us a platform where the people who are doing research
as well as those who are treating the patients, along with the along with the
patients who have a fear of speaking it freely. They have all the opportunity to
express them freely. So what I think is that this platform gives you a freedom
of expression by all means you can also get help assistance as well as other
devices and it’s really good initiative from the Fight Cancer Global, no
one should face the fight alone. I join the global fight against cancer. Cancer
impacts us all. Become part of something bigger than yourself. Stand with us as we
build a global framework uniting patients survivors healthcare
professionals and organizations within the global cancer space. Join the global
fight and support us in our crowdfunding efforts today so that no one should face
the fight alone.

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