Global Leadership Panel member Jane Luby: Connecting patients with professionals and other patients

Hi my name is Jane Luby and I am a
registered nurse. I’m from st. Louis Missouri and I’ve been a nurse since
1996 and I feel very fortunate to have been asked to be a part of the Fight
Cancer Global Initiative because I think it’s very important that patients have
an opportunity to connect with each other, connect with others, ask questions,
have someone to talk to and to form support groups and to not be alone
during their fight with cancer. So I joined the fight for Cancer Global
Initiative so that no one should have to face the fight alone. Cancer impacts us
all. Become part of something bigger than yourself. Stand with us as we build a global framework uniting patients survivors
health care professionals and organizations within the global cancer
space. Join the global fight and support us in our crowdfunding efforts today so
that no one should face the fight alone.

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