Global Leadership Panel member Cara Glowacki: Hope can be found through connecting with others

My name is Cara Glowacki. Education, it’s
it’s through educating people and especially bringing bringing people
together so no one falls through the cracks. Where I remember someone was
afraid that they wouldn’t have coverage to get their treatment and I remember a
junior counselor said you will not I will not let that happen to you you will
get you a colonoscopy live your life do what you need to do. You’re not, I won’t
let that happen. So when I think that with something like this, that’s where
you know, you connect the dots. Everyone is,….kinda reminds
me of the tree of life. It’s like the roots, kind of, everyone’s….everyone’s
connected Everyone’s getting to everyone. If it’s
if you spread out this initiative like you said, global, it’s a global initiative,
everyone that way everyone can get I want say touched by this and brought in
by this and those people won’t feel alone. And and I think the biggest thing
with this is bring everyone together and then teaching them how to…doesn’t mean
you like it which you can accept it and you can find the joy in life again. You
can not get brought down by this that you know some people say cancer is not a gift cancer is never a gift in my life. It’s and some people say it’s changed my
life, it’s like well I think that with this initiative maybe people would
change their mind because so many people would feel like they’re not alone
anymore. No one should face the fight alone. I join the global fight against cancer. Cancer impacts us all. Become part of something
bigger than yourself. Stand with us as we build a global framework uniting
patients survivors health care professionals and organizations within
the global cancer space. Join the global fight and support us in
our crowdfunding efforts today so that no one should face the fight alone.

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