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the social determinants of health are based on the social and environmental in which people live some people live in a more advantaged social gradient whereas there are still many people living in disadvantaged conditions health inequalities mean that people have poor health and die younger based on the circumstances they are in where they live and what they do a social gradient of health exists across society and are based on a number of absolute factors such as having no access to education and unemployment or relative factors such as poor education and unstable employment as a general rule people from poor social and economic status have shorter life expectancies and are more at risk of serious illness in this video we will look at nine social determinants of health the nine social determinants of health are based from publications by the World Health Organization and they include stress early life social exclusion work employment social support addiction food and transport let's begin by looking at stress and the impact it has on health there are many things that can cause stress study work and relationships for brief periods stress is not a problem but when it persists it can have a negative impact on our health stress can lead to continuing anxiety insecurity low self-esteem social isolation and lack of control over work and home life all which affect health early life early childhood is when the foundations of adult health are established a supportive and healthy early experience lead to better health outcomes later on early education on good eating habits and lifestyle result in better health outcomes later in life what occurs before birth can also impact on the future health outcome of the baby poor circumstances during pregnancy can lead to less than optimal fetal development these poor circumstances are things such as poor nutrition maternal stress smoking and misuse of drugs and alcohol poor fetal development is a risk for poor health later in life social exclusion poverty relative deprivation and social exclusion have a major impact on health poverty denies people access to decent housing education and many other things that are basic life necessities this inequality leads to worse health and greater risk of premature death social exclusion as a result of racism discrimination and stigmatization also prevent people from having access to services and participating in activities overall people that live in disadvantaged circumstances are more likely to suffer from a range of health problems work having a job is better than having no job because having a job means income and income allows people to maintain the basic life necessities however a healthy workplace is also important with good social organization and relationships stress as mentioned earlier increases the risk of disease and the stress at work contributes to poor health outcome people who have control over their work have better health employment unemployment puts health at risk it begins even when people's jobs are threatened before they actually become unemployed the health effects of unemployment are linked to both psychological consequences and the financial problems it brings especially debt job security increases health well-being and job satisfaction social support social relationships are an important part of being human social support and social interaction contribute to good health social interaction allows people to develop social networks and makes people feel loved and valued social interactions provide people with the emotional and physical support they need supportive relationships may also encourage healthier behavior patterns addiction addiction including alcohol dependence illicit drug use and cigarette smoking contribute to worse health outcomes and increases risk of chronic diseases drug addiction is associated with social and economic disadvantages and is often used as an escape from adversity and stress but only makes the problem worse addiction also can lead to social breakdown and unemployment food food is a basic life necessity many people worldwide do not have access to proper food resulting in poor diet and poor health outcomes a good diet an adequate food supply are central for promoting health and well-being however overeating is also a health issue people that indulgent unhealthy eating habits are at risk of developing certain diseases finally transport cycling and walking promote health by exercising reducing air pollution and increasing social contact access to transportation is also important especially for people living in rural and remote areas that require medical attention from elsewhere and those were the social determinants of health according to the World Health Organization the social determinants of health are based on the social and environmental conditions in which people live some people live in a more advantaged social gradient whereas there are many people still living in disadvantaged conditions

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  1. The exact mechanism stress effects the patient is hormone cortisol from the adrenals arising from fight or flight mechanism I think Hope this helps.

  2. What determines increased Catholic guilt? All I had to see was Our Lady and I couldn't be happy I've been given every advantage in life.

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