Giving birth costs a lot. Hospitals won’t tell you how much.

That’s my wife. And she’s pregnant.When
you have a baby, there are lots of costs to consider. Isabel: Carseat, and a bassinet,
a baby carrier, thermometer. Johnny: Wait, wait, but how much is the actual hospital
birth going to cost? Healthcare in the US is significantly more
expensive than in other countries. Some experts say that this is partly because consumers
don’t go around looking for prices comparing them between hospitals. Like they do when
they buy a car or anything else for that matter. So I decided it’d try it out. And see if
there was any way to discover in advance how much we would be paying for our baby’s birth.
What happens next is at once depressing and horrifying, showing how broken and expensive
the American health care system is. There’s no way I’m the only person who’s ever
had this question. Childbirth in the US is the number one reason why people go to the
hospital. Almost 4 million women are going to give birth this year and most births are
relatively uncomplicated. So you would think that with such a common procedure the price
would be generally well known. VO: I wanted to know how much child birth
usually costs, so I did what any good child of the internet would do I found this really disturbing study from
the Yale medical school .It analyzed almost 800,000 low risk deliveries in the US, looking
for the variation in cost just for the facilities, meaning the hospital rooms and supplies and
stuff like that. For just the cost of the hospital room, this
study found that the price varied between $1,189 and $11,986. So I realized I am going
to have to go ask the specific hospital where my wife is giving birth figure this out. Every
hospital has a giant list they call the chargemaster which details all the services they provide
and what they cost. And each item and service in the hospital has a code. If a doctor spends
20 minutes with you, that’s a different code and a different price than if they spent
40 minutes with you. Your insurance company then negotiates a lower price for every single
item on the list. So when my wife goes into the hospital, The nurses have a bar code scanner
that they use to scan every item she will use. Everything from the IV tubes to the Ibuprofen
gets scanned onto the bill. At the end of it all, they put all the codes and prices
onto one piece of paper which they call a “claim” and send it off the insurance. The
insurance looks at it and pays a certain percentage of it based on my policy. The hospital then
sends the remaining balance to me. So I figured if I could get my hands on that master list
of prices I could add up the price of the delivery. Right? Well it wasn’t that easy.
I called the hospital where Isabel is going to give birth and got a message machine. So
I decided to call a some other hospitals to see if anyone could give me general pricing
information about the cost of birth. So my wife is pregnant. My wife is pregnant. My
wife will be giving birth. My wife’s pregnant and I’m trying to get an idea of how much
different services cost. Items that would be on a bill. Different costs associated with
labor and delivery. Hospital: One moment. Ok give me one moment let me talk to my team
lead. Certainly, let me connect you with the billing office. I can connect you with our
financial coordinator. What I’ll have to do is transfer you to the pricing line. I can
transfer you. Johnny: So now I’m being transferred to another line. Or something. I don’t know.
They’re transferring me somewhere. Answer the phone. Message Machine: I will be out
of the office until Monday February 18th. Johnny: I’m going to hang up and try this
again. Message Machine: You’ve reached the voicemail of Patient Priceline. I will be
out of the office until February 18th. Johnny: Everyone’s out of the office. All agents are
currently busy with other customers. Currently, all of our operators are busy. I’m sorry,
extension 59 didn’t answer. Mash up of hold messages. Johnny: No music this time? I just
have to sit her on hold with no music. I’m just trying to see if I can get a number.
Hospital: You will not get a copy of that until after the procedure. Johnny: Ok. Do
you have that information though in terms of like how much certain items cost? Hospital:
no, um they will not present the cost until after. Johnny: So there’s literally no way
for me to discover what the cost is until after I buy is that right? Hospital: We do
not keep that information on hand. Everything is processed after. Johnny: Certainly that
information exists in your hospital system somewhere. Hospital: The itemized copy, all
of that information is done after the procedure, not before. Johnny: I haven’t heard a single
number from anyone about how much anything costs. This is actually starting to become
frustrating. Finally, after two weeks and thirty phone calls I got ahold of a pricing
consultant from the hospital where Isabel’s going to give birth. I finally just got a
call back from a pricing consultant I wasn’t able to record it because she called me out
of the blue. She had taken down all my insurance information and was able to run it through
her system and come up with an estimate quote. And finally for the first time in two weeks,
I heard a number. She said I would be paying $347 for my wife’s birth. She wasn’t able
to give me a breakdown of what that meant or any items specifically. She was able to
only give me that number. And when I pushed on certain items she said she frankly didn’t
know. Apparently prices in a hospital are beyond even a pricing consultant. And then
one day, this happened. I think Izzy may be going into labor. Here we go. I forgot about
healthcare prices for a moment and watched my amazing wife go through a night of painful
labor. She was the hero of the night and at the end of it, we had a new member of our
little family. Oliver was born with no complications and a two day stay in the hospital. All very
typical. Well, I got the bill back in the mail The insurance negotiated a lower–[Oliver
cries]. So the bill that came to us–[Oliver cries] So the bill that came to — [Oliver
cries]. Isabel: We got the final bill back and the hospital charged sixteen thousand
dollars. The negotiated price with the insurance company was eight thousand dollars. They covered
90% of it and sent us the bill for $841 dollars. Johnny: That’s 500 dollars more than the pricing
consultant quotes me for a typical, uncomplicated birth which is what Isabel had. Our healthcare
system suffers from a big problem which is that there’s huge variation in costs. But
what seems to be the bigger problem is that us consumers have no tools to find out where
we fall in that pricing variation. The hospital down the street could be a fairly cheap hospital
or it could be an extremely expensive one–it could be 10 time more expensive than the cheap
ones. You have no idea and there’s no way to tell. And hopefully someday this will change.
But in the meantime, we got a really cute baby out of this whole thing. So, I’m not
complaining. Thank you for for calling the patient Priceline.
At this time we are assisting other callers. But your call is important to us. Please speak
clearly and leave your name and a number where you can be reached and someone will return
your call within…

100 thoughts on “Giving birth costs a lot. Hospitals won’t tell you how much.

  1. If you are singaporean and give birth in singapore , you get baby bonus, which means you get money from the government

  2. My moms birthing center just opened, it’s a wayyy cheaper place to have a baby and she delivered about 900+ babies with no complications, consider home births or birthing in a birth center, it’s safe and wayyy cheaper!

  3. I'm glad that i live in Denmark, Hospitals, Doctors, Police, Ambulance etc is free, and going to the dentist is also free until you turn 18.
    And we even get paid to study

  4. The healthcare system of America isn't broken and it never was it was just designed to benefit corporations and not the actual patient

  5. It’s disgusting how expensive going to the hospital is;

    I had went to a hospital once for a overdose on medicine, staying only for 7 hours.

    It cost 3k, with insurance…

  6. My mom is being sued bc she went to a dr office for them to check something and they told her to take ibprofen and charged her 2000. She was there 5 minutes, refused to pay.

  7. The hospital I got my prenatal at, had a cost around $7400 for birth if you stay the entire 3 days. (This wasn’t a price I asked for it was right at the reception desk of the Ob/gyn)

    I didn’t give birth in that hospital but it’s a children’s hospital as well which very reputable and well worth it IMO. Unfortunately it was 40 minutes from where I live so it was a hard pass when I was in labor

  8. Health care is a human right. White people have hogged up healthare and don't want to provide it to everyone else.

  9. Vox libtarded logic:

    Abortions are good. The narrative on the topic is always in the positive.
    Child birth bad, expensive, 'adds to humans carbon foot print in our overpopulated planet'.

  10. I honestly am flaberghasted at the callousness shown from people in other European countries at our healthcare system.

    Im reading horrifying stories in the comments from people who've lost everything to hospital bills. And most Americans would love free healthcare. But because the rich rule our country its funny to see us struggle with the weight that we are made to pay for our existance. And that Americans lose their lives daily under the cost, whether its from rationing out medications they need to live, or going without them and dying.

    Its disgusting. But yeah laugh in French, German, or British or whatever. Its so funny watching this man wade through what hundreds of thousands of people who have less money struggle with daily.

    Its so classically western highbrow to laugh at a suffering that wont touch you.

  11. I'm baffled how ANYONE is ever having kids in USA. How can you people afford it? Hospital bills and then no maternity leave, this country is so broken it's sometimes not even funny anymore


    Child birth should not cost anything , for thousants of years is was for free .

  13. Congratulations on welcoming the baby into thid world.Hope the baby will do great with parents likr you.All the best….😀😀

  14. This is why abortions should be allowed, some states have even talked about banning contraceptives that will help you not get pregnant, but y’all gotta birth every egg , and the foster/adoption care system should better.

  15. My medical bill was $4000 for 3 Stitches in my thumb. Which I took out myself 10 days later with a pair of scissors

  16. New York : thats unfair , we pay 1000$ for our child born
    Texas : onlg 1000$? We pay 3000$!!!!
    California : WHAT ??!! WE PAY OVER 5000$!!!!
    Rest of the world : you guys are paying for the child born?

  17. I think in NY and like states the max is 30k but the general is 10-15k. India is cheap, not even USD 3k. Stock up 15k. Ya having a kid isn't cake walk. Use protection guys.

  18. i had to get my wisdomteeth removed and the hospital's website descripes not only the prodedure but also the general pricing

  19. No wonder the US has an abnormally high mortality at birth rate of women compared to other first world countries, women are not seeking medical help when they should to reduce their bill.

    My birth cost CAD $30.00… the portion of our private room not covered by my benefits. This includes the midwife I saw throughout my pregnancy and did 3 home visits following the birth. Now i'm fortunate enough to be enjoying my 18 months of paid maternity leave… get with the times America!

  20. You have to pay so much money just to give life or have your life saved… What happened to our world? To have your life, you need to give it… 😒

  21. Costumer: (hmm this shirt has no tag)
    Costumer (to the employee): “how much is this shirt”?
    Employee: you have to buy it to know how much it is.
    Customer: wha I just want to know the price including my coupons.
    Employee: Well, you have to BUY it and add your coupons to know the price.
    Customer: Can I just know the price?
    Employee: YOu HaVe TO BUy iT To kNOw ThE FukINg PrIcE

  22. This is nothing unusual in the USA. With Medicare insurance I had a 20 minute MRI done. Insurance was billed $2862.00 and I was responsible for $150 of it. I heard one doctor say he was billed $10,000 for a CT scan for his daughter who had no medical insurance. Many hospitals charge more than the one I went to for MRI. To add insult to injury many hospitals get an attitude when you ask for a copy of test results on a DVD and a copy of written report. And when you do get these reports you often find there were problems found that you were never informed of by the doctor or any other medical staff. Things like signs of developing heart disease etc. Hospitals don't want to give prices for anything before the fact. This should be considered criminal.

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