Giuliani: Salem witch trials are fairer than Dems’ impeachment probe

100 thoughts on “Giuliani: Salem witch trials are fairer than Dems’ impeachment probe

  1. Well, the SALEM witches were innocent. Big difference. Our White House Witch is THE most corrupt person to EVER sit in the White House. He’ll get his chance to defend himself once he is arraigned (impeached), during his trial. When the world sees him for who he is, he will be lucky if his 20 million zombies will even stay with him.

  2. Does the GOP want to ride to victory in 2020, as obedient sycophants on the back of trump,the leader of the four horseman of the apocalypse.

  3. A vote for vile Trump is a vote for ISIS, he just facilitated 10K of them to be released from Kurd prisons when he gave Turkey the green light to attack them. He betrayed the very people who killed thousands of ISIS fighters while US forces "advised". You MAGA maggots are too stupid to see this. Trump is quite content for ISIS to regroup somewhere in Europe because he does not give a sh*t.

  4. I don't think Hannity has actually covered news since the impeachment inquiry started. Pretty sad that this is what he spends his time with.

  5. Trump supporters have amnesia and seemingly political logic retardation. They COMPLETELY forgot Biden ALREADY released his taxes during the 2012 Campaign and will do so again in 2020. Which would reveal any potential income earned and from what source. Biden is not afraid to do so. What about Trump? Where are his taxes??? LMAO Guess Trump is more focused on the bait n' switch and himself. Basically playing AMERICAN VOTERS, as simple minded, and GULLABLE Chumps. Simple minded folk falling victim to the big mouth NY Con Artist. Taxes show who has been corrupting who and when. Biden already released taxes and will release his in 2020. WHERE ARE TRUMP'S TAXES???

  6. Ghouliani has flushed his name down the toilet once and for all. This is what he will be remembered for…..the lying , slimy weasel that tried to cover for Trump

  7. View YouTube The Edge of Wonder and see how the Illuminate the Deep state is really running things and Rothchild Family. As well soon many arrests of Democrats involved with Epstein. YouTube Anonymous group expose of Hillary Clinton. Believe it or not, Trump is supposed to be the good guy.

  8. Guilianineeds some boly water when he testifies in a squirt gun. When they get in his face he can squirt them.
    When they say it’s burning me and they scream, we will know who the demons are. That would be most of them.

  9. According to the indictment, Parnas, Fruman and other defendants “conspired to circumvent the federal laws against foreign influence by engaging in a scheme to funnel foreign money to candidates for federal and state office so that the defendants could buy potential influence with the candidates, campaigns, and the candidates’ governments.”

  10. An NBC report also suggested that special counsel Robert Mueller was investigating whether the Turkish government had offered former US National Security Advisor Michael Flynn a sum of over $15m to ensure that Mr Zarrab's case was dropped, and to work towards the abduction of Fethullah Gulen, whom the government claims masterminded the 2016 failed coup plot in Turkey.

  11. So, the impeachment probe is "unfair" why, exactly? You goofy propagandists seem to have a difficult time explaining this. You just quickly move on to making silly accusations against the media and then jerk off over your pathetic, dishonest attempts to slander the Bidens.

    Meanwhile, in the real world, it's now been revealed that Trump asked Rex Tillerson to lean on the DOJ on behalf of a Turkish gold trader, a client of Giuliani's, who was helping facilitate trade with Iran that went against sanctions. But that's just one of many instances of Trump thinking he is above the law, isn't it? He is a law unto himself, he is such a hopelessly corrupt, self-serving narcissist. I expect his defense will use his NPD and possibly other personality and mental disorders to try and argue that he wasn't cognizant of his crimes and is not fit to stand trial when he is finally out of office and facing criminal charges. 🙂

  12. Guiliani = Americas Mayor…….He's taken down some top heavies so these Dems are nuthin to him. Trump trusts him because of their relationship going waaaaay back

  13. The House has the ability to impeach according to the Constitution. When the GOP tried to impeach Clinton they did the same thing. So why are they butt hurt now it's their turn.?Clinton lied about getting a blow job and Trump tried to obstruct an investigation so which is more serious to the USA?

  14. All of this exsplains why Biden was so reluctant to run for president. He was scared of the scrutiny would lift the vale of his criminal activity

  15. Wait for it….in 5….4….3….2…1…."Rudy, Mike Pompeo, Jay Sekulow,and Bill Barr only worked for me for a short time…I hardly know them…..I know nothing about them…..I think they were lawyers….I have many lawyers….never spoke with them….wouldn't know them if they were in the room…Rudy, Mike, Jay,and Bill who??"

  16. I understood the POTUS comment to be that because of all the money Joe Bidens son has made in such a short period of time from the Ukraine and Chinese governments they should as any smart group would do, investigate to find out how he is stealing so much of the money they are getting their hands on. It’s to obvious to not be happening.

  17. It's amazing just reading the comments here how dumb most americans are. This issue is very simple, your president asked another country to interfere in your election and there is a transcript to show he did and you still believe he didn't do anything wrong?? And then this guy openly admitted he facilitated it and you think he is the hero???

  18. Are you not surprised to see that now the table is turned, Dems gullble followerss and liberals are off internet and do not comment anymore? They have fooled themselves and being fooled to date. No more Russia, Russia, Russia and collusion, collusion. I'm reserving more laughter for them against Trump 2020.

  19. Rudy is one tough guy to interview… he just needs his own monologue time… it's all great stuff, but forget trying to ask him questions, because he just keeps rolling with whatever topic he wants to talk about…

  20. lol – keep talking Giuliani. It will reveal more evidence that will be used against you. Two of your henchmen were arrested this morning. Tick tick tick.

  21. Giuliani knows exactly what he's doing. He's going to strategically drop the intel in the way that causes the most damage to the corrupt swamp creatures in DC

  22. mr H on the move. Get this man out! Fortunatly it will not take long. The corrupt Individual 1 is going down. With him all his servants. Nr H, Mr G.: how beautiful can life be!

  23. GOP's had enough of this clown show. They'll be dumped before Christmas. It was the Cut and Run from Syria that was the final straw.

  24. These people think they are above the law President Trump bring the police to Congress and make arrests for blocking corruption.

  25. Hope Graham requests Giuliani to testify before Senate Judiciary in a public hearing, to counter the nonsense coming from Schiff and Pelosi.

  26. What's with the closed captioning? I can hear what they're saying I don't need a delayed closed captioning to block the banner at the bottom of the interview. Thanks corrupt YouTube

  27. Obviously….Americans politicians are benefits themselves wealthy lifestyles from crooked corruption government systems to steal the people taxpayers money from politics seated……without any work but keep up with lying, faulted promise……than living luxuries lifestyles and powerful control Americans?…….

  28. Rotten Rudy has about as much intellectual power and credibility as those infamous "Epsilon Semi-Morons", of Huxley's
    "Brave New World" fame…

  29. We Americans have become so prideful and self centered. God ALWAYS punishes the arrogant. And our president is the epitome of arrogance when he praised a tweet referring to him as "The king of Israel" and "The second coming". This is BLASPHEMY!!! We WILL lose a military engagement soon and an ally will betray us. That is how you will know that God is angry with us.

  30. Demon-crats saying that Trump is destroying the constitution of this country. WHAT? You can not impeach a president because you do not like the choice of the people. That, demon-crats is the heart of destroying this country and our democracy. California, I am afraid is test market for tampering with democratic elections. PG&E is holding the state hostage and most counties without power are Republican. Wake up! They are trying to take this country by force.

  31. An impeachment is like a grand jury. It doesn't involve the accused. The trial's in the Senate after the House impeaches.

  32. Wasn’t it the GOP that refused to let Merrit Garland sit for an interview for a spot on the Supreme Court?
    As a long time Independant I’d say the Dems have finally grown a spine and are playing the GOP’s game of dirty politics really well.

    Sad state of affairs for this country.

  33. Thank you for explaining in no uncertain terms that the people we pay to be scientists are the opposite of scientists.

  34. Somebody PLEASE tell Rudy how to be a much better gracious guest with a much better back and forth with a host/interviewer.

  35. Giuliani and Trump both belong to Satan' s Witch group he is maybe a lying Witch Warlock . Like Trump full of lies and deception. Giuliani is trying to put a plug in for their wicked organization The Witches and Warlocks . Is where they get their support from. Satan the Devil.

  36. This isn't just Ukraine, Romania & China! It's Worldwide! No wonder Demonrats & RINOs are panicking! They've been doing the same thing! Go into politics poor & come out RICH!

  37. What “Trial” has Trumplethinskin had? It’s not like he had a Tan Suit, ate Dijon Mustard, or belonged to the same Christian church for 20 years..

  38. The Truth is out there. We just need to look, and not believe the Propaganda lie's from the Main Stream Media. They think or in some cases know if they say things enough times over and over, we will believe it to be true. They are lying to the People, for money and power. Period….

  39. Zelensky saying "I wasn't pushed" reduced the circumstantial evidentiary value of all whistleblowers-texts-opinions to pathetic Pelosi TDS IMPEACHMENT😂THEATER.
    Trump is~checked & balanced~by foreign leaders ability to threaten "if you play dirty I'll get you impeached for quid pro quo."

  40. When anyone says "turn it over to the dept of justice", what they really mean is "turn it over to our legal mafia protected by the court cartels".

  41. hahahahaha they had to cut him off, the nut he is. Just won't stop rambling. The web is closing around Giuliani. Today two associates from Giuliani have been arrested by the FBI and they are in custody right now. One by one they go behind bars. It might take a week, it might take a month, it might take a year, it might even take 5 or 10 years. But eventually they all go behind bars, one by one …and the clock is ticking …tick…tock…tick…tock…who's going to be next …tick…tock… Is it going to be me, do the perpetrators think …tick…tock…tick…tock… how long can we keep this charade up before we get caught, do the perpetrators think …tick…tock… the clock is ticking, and the republicans feel it, they know it, they just don't know who's going to be next. But one by one they go, behind bars. While the clock keeps ticking…

  42. I've heard this all before, over and over.
    "Trees cause air pollution."
    "Ketchup is a vegitable."
    "It will trickle down."
    'I knew nothing about arms for hostages.'
    "Read my lips, no new taxes."
    "I did not have sexual relations with that woman"
    'Weapons of mass destruction, yellow cake, aluminum tubes, mushroom clouds, Shock and Awe, Mission acomplished'
    'Climate change is a hoax'.
    'Russer collusionusio is a hoax'.
    'No Collusion, No Obstruction'.
    'Completely Exonerated'.
    If I tried to BS my boss that way, I'd be fired in a heartbeat. They are supposed to work for the American people. Fire the SOBs!🍑🍑🍑🍑


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