Ginger Panther and The Digital Influencer Spy – Society of Virtue

Alright, so…going over the mission. The Italian Mafia is trading a cargo of enriched plutonium hidden in boxes of lasagna that are going to be … Excuse me, sorry to bother you, but can I take a picture of you? Of course! What was that? I got a bit famous after saving the world 7 times with the Vendettors. Right. That doesn’t help much with the whole secret spy thing, right? It depends on what kind of secret spy you are. In my case, I am the kind of secret spy that is on the cover of two magazines every month and has 12 million followers on instagram Wait … you posted on instagram that we were coming?! Why?! So we get free food from the restaurant, duh! If it’s a sponsored photo, you don’t pay for dinner But we’re not going to have dinner! We came for the mission! Of course I’m not going to have dinner! I was twenty the last time any nutrient hit my stom-ach and I regret it to this day Nowadays I only drink water and I pretend I’m eating for the photos I take. What people call a meal, I call a photoshoot. And what’s the point of this? The food part is just an excuse to promote this cute outfit, this wig, these glasses, these con-tact lenses, and the facial peeling I got done yesterday. Can we focus on the mission? The mobsters have already gone to the back of the restaurant. Okay, okay, let me just let my team know. They’re outside. This was supposed to be a secret mission! Do you really think no one is going to suspect if the Vendettors are waiting outside? No, no, you got it all wrong, the mission is just for us. The team is shooting this reality show I have. We’re not even supposed to look at them. Just pretend those 8 people are not there. But if you can smile while doing the mission, it would be great! That’s it. I don’t think it’s even worth it anymore. They probably already left by now. I doubt it… I recorded three stories showing where we were and there’s like two hundred people outside waiting for me already. Don’t worry, they’re not going anywhere. Secret mis-sion … saved once more!

100 thoughts on “Ginger Panther and The Digital Influencer Spy – Society of Virtue

  1. I like how you snuck the Mask into this video. Nice touch. Now I have to go back and watch other videos for more Easter eggs. ✌🏾

  2. That's actually kind of ingenious. Beign able to sumon massive throngs of clueless fans fo obstruct your enemy and record their every move?

  3. Why do I get the feeling this gal is not really a spy, but a pasche of ScarJo so dedicated to her role, she doesn't realize that this isn't just an act?

  4. 0:17 I guess she has to drink a lot of water to drop those torpedoes into! I mean, she's got to eat something to get those warheads so huge… yogurt maybe?

  5. Anyone else feel ginger is the only hero in the SoV universe who takes it seriously and was done years ago with all the others bs

  6. I think if someone, and I am not saying who, were to try being a secret agent with a Moron of a different spy, again not naming names. A certain said persons reputation as a spy would get damaged simply via proxy do to the unknown amount of publicity they would be getting, pretty soon a lot of people would know said persons face even if they don’t know their name and could simply guess what they do as a profession simply being in said proximity to a moron of a spy… wouldn’t you agree?

  7. Ok, I know that they are professionals, but I am still amazed how many voices can Kate Jopson make/do/pull out/whatever.

  8. @ 1:32 anyone else noticed the green mask wearing a yellow suit in the background 😂i loved that movie when i was a kid

  9. The Mask, Jules Winnfield and Vincent Vega, the cast of the Untouchables remake, Tony Soprano, and likely Al Pacino/Michael Corleone from The Godfather opposite the man in the hat.

  10. People already point out The mask … But is that Rorschach I seeing??! Also that angry look on Panther is wuu menace

  11. +10 points for both the Pulp Fiction reference as well as the Pulp Fiction reference in the background

  12. Ginger may be my new favorite superhero, she is the only one around with a sliver of common sense.

    anyway, I recognized a few criminals on the background, I wonder if any of them was the one they looking for… mask on the left, corleones at center, samuel L jackson in his pulp fiction outfit to the right, and Tony Soprano at the front.

    and I think I know who the guy on the pimp coat is… but cannot remember the name.

  13. Yeah…I don't get those influencers fuckers. They're so delusional and the followers are bigger retards.

  14. The mask, sopranos, godfather 2, maybe dr evil and minimi.
    Who are the 4 guys at the last table a reference to? Comic book artists?

  15. Please keep doing more Ginger Panther episodes. He needs his own comicbook and full-length animated feature. I see Tom Cruise playing him for the live action film.

  16. I know that there's no such thing as an original idea. but I genuinely thought that I was the only one in the world that actually thought of an online influencer that's an undercover a secret agent. like it's "welcome back to my YouTube channel" during the day, and "where the fuck did you hide the nukes during the night" you understand what I mean? 😩

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