Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Starter Gameplay Tips and Class Guide | Ubisoft [NA]

PLAYER: We got to do this soon. We have to do this soon. NARRATOR: Sink shots
like this don’t just happen in Ghost
Recon Breakpoint. You need to prepare. You need to plan. And you need to know
the lay of the land. So here are some tips and
tactics to get you started. First, you got to
know your classes. Each one has unique
proficiencies, items, and techniques that you can
read up on in your Skills menu. The Panther, for example,
can bust out the cloak and run technique to
break enemy line of sight, and disengage drone attackers. Stealing a car and
speeding away is optional. As for assaults, that’s Assault
with a capital A. True grit technique activated,
damage and recoil reduced, gaining
help with each kill, really showing that the Ghosts
can get loud when they need to. Now sharp shooters, they
do it from a distance. And with a few armor buster
bullets in the magazine, you won’t need to get too
close to a dangerous drone to shut it down. And the field medic– well, the power to bring
allies back to their feet with the medic drone
is clutch in co-op. And if no one’s
around to pick you up, hey, you can just do
it all by yourself. Crank up your
classes by completing their respective
challenges and you’ll earn a steady stream of skill
points for your trouble. Not to mention some
nice proficiency bonuses and other goodies. OK, here’s one of
my favorite tips. Fly low over smoke
columns to unlock bivouacs wax from the comfort
of your cockpit. Bivouacs are good. You can fast travel to them. You can deploy vehicles
at them, including the helicopter that you
get right from the start. You can change your class. You can activate
a temporary buff. You can buy new weapons,
attachments, gear, et cetera at the store. You can craft items and rations. You can stoically refuse
to put on a jacket, even though it’s snowing
outside for Pete’s sake! Skills are also good. When you unlock a new item and
your skill tree like the rocket launcher, you get a bunch of
that item in your inventory. So you can do stuff like this. And get yourself some
sync shot drones. Aim at an enemy and
press the use item button to send out the drone. You’ll hover out of
sight until you hold down the button to execute. It will also execute if
you fire your weapon. And you can use this tactic to
take down a group of enemies in one fell swoop. And a sync shot drone kills
a helmeted heavy soldier in one shot. Want to give a quick shout
out here to EMP grenades, because when you
start encountering those more dangerous drones,
the disabling power of the EMP is a must. In addition to new
items, skills can also grant passive bonuses,
ability buffs, and perks. Perks are labeled with
a little backpack symbol and they give some of
the biggest bonuses to things like damage, stealth,
speed, ammo capacity, and XP gain. Just remember that you have to
equip perks on the inventory screen to make them work. And it’s worth unlocking
those additional perk slots. You should also unlock the
parachute like, right away. Because who doesn’t
want to do this? I mean, it’s probably safer to
do under the cover of night, but hey, it worked out. Now if you’re
feeling extra daring, find a sheer ledge
with a steep drop and just run straight off it
while holding the skydive jump button. And don’t run down slopes unless
you want to trip and fall, and maybe hurt your
pride, but also your body, and your stamina gauge. If you do take a tumble,
just dust yourself off and drink some water. You’ll feel better. Now we all know first person
aiming is great for precision. But when you’re
in close quarters, toggled to 3rd person view and
use the switch shoulder button to get a better view
of the situation. Poise is important
in Breakpoint. But sometimes, you just want
to throw yourself on the ground and get absolutely filthy. This is called prone camo. It’s good for hiding
from enemies while you scout with your drone
and it’s great for hiding from enemy drones. Here’s another aiming tip. When aiming down sights
and first person view, you can hold your breath
and steady your aim. Just hold spacebar on PC. And on controllers, pull the
left trigger in all the way, then slowly release it until you
see a slight zoom and vignette effect. This can really help
you land a shot. But if you’re finding
it a bit tricky, remember, you can fully
remap your controls in the Options menu. While you’re there,
take a minute to check out the
Ubisoft Club rewards, and get some free
stuff for your Ghost. You’ll get extra goodies
if you played Wildlands or other Ubisoft games. And you can redeem
a few Uplay units that you’ve earned by
completing Ubisoft Club challenges to score yourself
a new car, some materials to upgrade your guns,
some guns, and a bunch of other neat stuff. Speaking of guns,
it’s not a bad idea to dismantle your surplus
to upgrade the ones you like and unlock new bonuses. And don’t sleep on attachments. They offer big
bonuses to anything from recoil and shot spread
to magazine size and movement speed. Keeping a decent variety of
weapon types in your arsenal is wise as you never
know when you’ll need to clear lookout towers
from long range with a sniper rifle, shred an enemy scout
helicopter with an LNG, or swat some pesky drones out
of the sky with a shotgun. Your loadout and
your progression is persistent across all
game modes and activities. So whether you’re
competing in Ghost War PVP, exploring in co-op,
or stealthing solo, your Ghost is always
getting ghostlier. What would you consider a top
tip for Ghost Recon Breakpoint? Share it in the comments below
and help your fellow Ghosts out. Ghost Recon Breakpoint is out
now for Xbox One, PS4, for PC. For more, subscribe to
this YouTube channel and visit us at Oh, and one more thing. Those big enemy compounds with
automatic mortars and turrets often have generators. Sabotage or destroy
the generator and the turrets won’t
work, and your life just got a bit easier.

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