Ghost Helper tool in the FL Studio Piano Roll – FL Studio Tutorial

this tutorial was brought to you by fo beet tutorials calm in the FL beatmakers podcast in this tutorial i want to show you one of the helper tools that allows you to see ghost channels and i'll show you exactly what that means but basically what i have here is a simple little melody i created right here and i am going to try to create a harmony to that part well the tough thing is is right now i'm in the the second instrument here and it's hard to make a harmony when i can't see these notes well there's a tool within the piano roll that allows you to see those as you can pose and to access that all you have to do is go to the drop down here go to helpers and select ghost channels now you can see that the melody that is played on this instrument is now showing in the piano roll of this instrument now it's not actually there but it's showing the ghost notes so now i can see these to try to compose my harmony too so now that i can see that i'm gonna come down here and try to harmonize that and this one here go here and we're just gonna do this and so let's listen to this real quick and now i can just do that same thing so you can see using this ghost helper you can see the other notes you can quickly create harmony parts because now you can see those notes other than under this other instrument and it's also great if you have a chord progression that you would like to see as you compose your melody or vice versa you have your melody and you want to create your chord progression underneath of it using this ghost helper can really help you out when doing that thanks so much for watching this tutorial on please visit fo beat tutorials dot-com

15 thoughts on “Ghost Helper tool in the FL Studio Piano Roll – FL Studio Tutorial

  1. Literally did exactly what was in this video and there is no ghosting of the notes from the channel above to the channel below.

  2. this was important for me to become a pro,im already dope but this was last thing what i need it thanks 😉

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