GFORCE Proves To Be The Next BIG Girl Band With "Simon Says" – America's Got Talent 2019

[Applause] cheers of joy last time like their performance but the only thing I would say is this it's all about being authentic we should be learning from you not the other way around so you have to be the bosses now this round we really want to show Simon that we are no boss they really want to step it up from last time so for this round we were hers our songs this time were a little more personal it's about Simon but it's also better experience last time you cared you're more personal and group is really cute I'll see them in a bag there's my swag is this Maggie's got either making it to the knife shows could change our life forever we want to be the next Wonder Girl like they're touring around the world now and we hope we hope [Applause] how are you I'm really good thank you just remind me and everyone else who are you and why are you here tonight well we are g-force we're from Toronto last time you said we need to be our own bosses and this one we really want to show you that we are there always has been so what's the Sun close well it's called Simon Says I'm excited to hear this song are you ready I hope so what up there's about a million judges in here tonight this is important so good luck [Applause] it's kind of cool I said what you think there's everything now we have seen everything not really wanna be we're not gonna be fun he's his honesty is what we're gonna keep so we stopped a bit early look up every day be fast don't hurry not super here it was all a bit blurry but everybody told it's okay don't worry if Simon Says that was a toaster sides a dog I totally diluted wanna see already absolutely categorically [Applause] [Applause] we're going back to school so secret we came out feeling what did we win what does that mean it's gonna change [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] standed we have to bring it girl [Applause] okay the reason I wanted to become a judge on America's Got Talent is precisely for this moment an even bigger fan is when you said we are our own bosses and always have wait we think you guys are incredible the swag the confidence the attitude like whatever you're selling I'm buying it is amazing listen you're adorable you're good dancers you're good singers but if I've got to be totally honest with you I couldn't hear a word all I heard was Simon Says and jump I didn't feel that this performance had the same impact as your first I don't think [Applause] what is Simon gonna say I have a real hate with groups who are told what to say everything's rehearsed it never ever works because it's all about authenticity having said that I think this is a way way better audition than the first time we are they see a lot of amazing talent here tonight only seven can go through so good luck hey YouTube I'm Julianne Hough and yes I am old enough to know what this is right behind me this was a TV that I used to watch VHS videos on but now we don't have to so if you guys want to click below subscribe and watch away

38 thoughts on “GFORCE Proves To Be The Next BIG Girl Band With "Simon Says" – America's Got Talent 2019

  1. Wow this girls will conquer the world right now!! Give them a record deal!!thats not easy so impressive i really loved them …love from 🇵🇭

  2. So, if Simon says to quit and that you suck, would you agree. G force? Honestly, the first one was much better. As in, the audition. Second one sucked.

  3. ya'll stop hating on GFORCE, cause like they're appealing to people of all ages: children, teens, adults, etc
    They're got potential and they're gonna be great!

  4. 3:07 the kids were feeling it so.. this sound and group will be a success on channels like Nick, Disney etc.. Adults won't the bopping to this but it is actually a bop, so they need to be on platforms for their age demographic. With a well connected agent they can even snag a tv show as a group on kiddies/teen orientated media platforms ..shows like Jonas Brothers, Ant Farm, Austin & Ally etc….

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