Getting Member Discounts with your Blue Cross Mobile App

Hi. Welcome to ‘Getting member discounts with
your Blue Cross mobile app.’ Keep watching to learn how you — and everyone
on your health care plan — can find and use discounts through the Blue Cross mobile app. First, log in to your account. Tap your Blue Cross app. Enter your username and password and tap ‘Log
In’ or use the Touch ID for instant login. This is your member home screen. From here, tap the drop-down menu on the upper
left-hand side to access member discounts. Once you tap the menu button, a menu list
will appear on the left side of your screen. Tap ‘Discounts.’ Your app will automatically open the Blue365
deals web page. If this is your first time on the site, a
‘Terms of Use’ screen will appear. Read through the description and tap ‘Accept
and Continue’ to redirect to the Blue365 deals web page. You now have access to exclusive, national
and local discounts, health products and services – all in one place. To see all of the exclusive deals on Blue365,
tap the menu button. After the drop-down menu appears, tap the
‘browse all deals’ tab to continue. From the ‘browse all deals tab,’ you can
‘narrow your search’ by ‘category,’ ‘location, ‘relevance’ or ‘keyword.’ For best results, filter by ‘location’
to find deals that are near you. Scroll through the list and find a deal that’s
right for you. To learn more about a deal, tap on it to open. Now, you can review details of the offer and
any exclusions that may apply. Tap ‘Redeem Now’ to get the deal. To purchase your deal online, click ‘Continue’
and you’ll be directed to our partner’s website. For local, in-store deals, just show your
Blue Cross or Blue Care Network ID card at the time of purchase. Thanks for watching. To learn more about and the Blue
Cross mobile app, be sure to check out the other videos in this series.

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