Gethsemane Lutheran Church Service 28 April 2019

Tung in a day of my own home of an era of an eye, and an an a and the event, high and the one of the morning and happy Easter he has risen a unhappy Alija if I went right on
time for us it only for GATT he is a
resident of a man welcome as we gather this is the
second Sunday in the season of
Easter so we can to say that
alliance the A is pleased as a
remi and if you’re a visitor we
welcome you whether you join us
in person today or via our video
of a live stream broadcasts are
lyin on this morning wouldn’t try to
do something different so you’ll
notice that you’ve gotten two
bulletins today are you
should’ve and then the white one is going
just be a weekly concert, that
will let you know what we’re seeing in the hands
and stuff like that so on both
were seeing if this works out
front entrance of the mail we
also c experience at enjoyed that and
receive that for norseman fear
body should find your souls and
another announces will happen
afte son I invite you as you’re able
and we continue with our worship
on page two please stand god gathers us together in the
name of the father into the sun
and of the holy spirit , and are gathering him this
morning is 513 less than god is
calling in a move move a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a move a a a a a a a a a a a a a boon crisis arisen at all area you a home to grace the Lord
Jesus Christ the law of god in
the coming of the holy spirit be
with you all and for a name used let us pray to
the Moon , move that the threat of an ad
for our salvation adding that a
spread through the Moon, of,
that the sum of all world for
the w that for the unity of all let us
pray to the Moon , the board is wholly house ad
for a new offer hear their
worship and friends that the spread through the
Woolard on new movie file save
comfort and the band aspiration
a small room, and the iron giant has that newsstands the food is the big
to the home and RRM a R madam, and an aunt a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a R a food they let us pray god of action the center disciples into the
world preach to teach and make
disciples of all nations make as instruments a
proclamation so that all might
know of a love you have for
humanity we pray the sayings in the name
of Jesus Christ our savior and
more , and you may be seated the morning throughout scripture god has
made and kept promises but god’s greatest promise was
to send a savior yet even after jesus’ death god’s promise to rescue still
stands as it is that disciples discover
the risen Christ they are
invited to like go of their fear
and rejoice as they share the
good n not even sees is dying on the
cross we will read portions of some 40 rate by the lenders you have
done the lord mike nine in your plans for as 19 be
compared with you know that I could make them down
and tell them that they’re more than I can
count a NS Allies said here that IMI
come in the scroll of the but it is
written of me a a I’ve been playing righteousness
in the great assembly I have not restrained my lips
the lord you know a a a a word of god word of life please stand for the elderly and
the gospel reading a a a a a a a wholly gospel according to
Matthew the 28 chapter , not 11 disciples one to Galilee
to the mound which Jesus had
directed them when they sought him they were
shipped him but doubted and Jesus came and send them all
authority in heaven in on earth
has been given to be going there
for work and make disciples of and teaching them to albeit
everything that I have commanded
you and remember I am with you
always to the end of the age this is the gospel of a more praise to you, you may be seated
and our youngsters are going to
see us about this gospel this
morning once did home a E a R a V a R a V a R a home they are a V a a a home home a home a a a a a a a home a a a a a a a home a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a home a a B a R R a V and one now for youngsters would come
forward, if she would help me
this morning jet database help
me some help this morning here which take this here with a good fit that one went on hopes careful take that one can of good were small and
mighty day OK so I want you to
take all the Korean war Allies coming up at with delegates who will give one
of these OK so I brought these rubber bands
two, minus this is what it’s
like to be a disciple I know this is, where but we do
me a favor structures as big as
it can check out this wide OK reads a book that stretch it out
as a way to get back all you
must above people little bit
further of the receipt are picked as an object to be
more from you see what the deficit
between else date of its attract it is a track because of a band
I gave you don’t stretch as far
as the broker. And I have so
what’s the key to being a
disciple maybe be inflexible be inflexible would not be
important OK so I have other
upper bands for you would you like a purple one of
kink one car blew away from all
talk about this for booking to blue blue oak kid who you like tinker blue opponents
like to confirm the new which woman a wobbly today OK with 20 think I would like for
sheer come up a yes OK cell on this is what it needs to be
disciple that we need to become
a flexible. Can you make it so
that bends. You what you can do just the
blue one and see how far church
is what I like chess is pretty
far doesn’t why 00 case of what
it i that one, flexible but it also is important that
throwing to be open like this are we opened not really a winner, narrower
way sometimes were too busy in
our lives in our lives are so
hectic we’ll have room for god
era, s , neither feel strong rights too
far that we don’t have room for
Gonzalo line so one of the
things is the disciples we need
to b to what god is teaching us and
be flexible in what god is
teaching us we also need to be
open to include other people
write sett no is it just due jay with its
rubber band Niles some were
supposed to be all bad and so
that we can include others in
what we’r and memo last seen is to really
important Jesus told us to do
something to hear that a gospel
today what Jesus tell us to do of getting hits with the state Colin white going to tell others yes he said
specifically go in make disciples of all nations message to
everybody is we saved all sheets
to have rebounded off teaching them everything that
I’ve been doing in baptizing me
the name of the father and soft
so the last thing that’s really
fu we need to be opens a week and
include I then our fate and then
we also need to be open to go
right out and from slow, and sharing the good news
that exciting is that that’s what were called to do so I wanted to take an advanced
remind you to be open to be
flexible percent of the not too
flexible and to be open and flexible to learning about god to concluding
others and to be going out in the old world that one way to
further to be share the good news was
spray together pay dear god thank you for Jesus and his words today that Ellis to be open open some learn open to include others and open to sharing your were your good name is within the in his name we pray real thing , and rejecting the favorite in
takers, we take the money taken
over to the woman of an inch
thing for me pay you guys can keep
forever be and two attempted a book banks J and you can keep her in immune systems like it OK for them to one 5th grace mercy in PC in the name of
god who create some losses in
the name of Jesus two saves and
loves us in the name and the
holy come and sell how which you close the story of Jesus is abundant life that gripping story of his death in the shocking news of the
restaurant of the resurrection after so many acts of healing
and that drew all drove vision
of Jesus suffering and dying on
the cross and that his
triumphant d how would your rights the end of this story we are four different unique endings to this story in the gospel of mark that both are famously concludes
with a cliffhanger with the air lingering with fear
and confusion Beatty said nothing to any one for me were off for a bat lighters abrupt and abrupt
ending provokes the original
hearers to act to continue on
this story of jesus’ again and
again e lips conclusion forms this bridge to the
beginning of acts linking the
two text with cheeses ascension
and it serves as a change
between two old john notes that many stories that god excluded from the other
gospels ones that only john has told and john leaves us with this
intimate glimpse at cheeses and
Peter dining along the beach with that threefold impaired to use of the chieftains feed my feet feed Michie care for my for two
years of the anno despite matthew’s gospel
fork over the top theatrics for
this whole gospel it closes in a really unique way it wouldn’t be easy for the
disciples to assume everything
was over everything could have ended on
that fateful Friday when the one
they had committed their lives
to which were even in the face of the
resurrection there had to be this
understanding of everything that happened the
first three years wasn’t gonna continue the same that rom of the crucifixion of
their teacher their friend the
messiah had sent IMS gathering
with fear in grief as much as
Jesus they were ready for this life
and work without him it could’ve been over that something happened after they receive the testimony
of the two mary’s remember Mary
magdalen and the other Mary he’s not that he’s alive they
said go and meet him in Galilee directed to return to Galilee where Jesus would meet them the
disciples Folic yet again not
knowing what they’re going to
encounter in Galilee can only that’s where all
started began Galilee it seems that was gonna
mark a new beginning it was difficult for them
imagine what that journey was
like that on the waiting Galilee
PAC and Polly recall the remote
remembe had to be that Altman wrote trip filled with lots of conversation that focused on all of those in
mind boggling events that have
transpired in wandering us could happen next in just a moment with Jesus when
it ceased to be very important
that they have lost something
special that this catastrophic
eve they arrive at the mound of
Galilee and the resurrected Christ
living board meets them they’re there and Jesus tells those
disciples and all disciples what is now known as the great
commission however this is not just a triumphant
joyous celebration Matthew includes some details
that first glance that can click quickly we go
over them but instead if you read them
slowly they have this a fact to make a
stop and wonder for a moment now be a lavender disciples respected how many disciples were there too well what happened the other
one Judas the trade cheeses home of
some , that’s right so there’s that lingering
reminder that not all of them made it to
the end for Jesus was
resurrected an inverse 17 continues when they saw him they were
shipped him but some down as one
translation says that in the Greek the original
Greek is more natural perhaps to
suggest that every one all of
the crew both were shipped in doubted these two words worship and dell were only use one other time in
the gospel of Matthew heating and you wear number cheese remember Peter and the boat afraid to walk out on the water Jesus calls them out and yet
Peter one delegates started to see Jesus saves him
begin the boat and the worship
him down in Matthew is not the Optus in the face instead in Matthew doubt is part
of the Christian faith in our war I find really great comfort in
that Pope Benedict the sixth team
began his introduction to Kush
Christianity by knowing that
doubt is the one thing that unifies us
together as humans I found when I listen to others in the
tell me about their faith
journey no matter how widely different
it is from mind I’d always learn something new
about its it always kind of opens and the
opt to win new way of looking at
god and how god is interacting
in someone else’s life A is imputing god in a box tying
up with a nice little ball with
correct doctrine fate is encountering the
resurrected Christ and Laplink and struggling with
his challenging implications for
the reality of our lives and
others are doubt keeps as human it keeps us learning and understand the more he keeps
us engaging in the world to Jesus cases command to gobble
their foreign make disciples of
all nations teaching them to abate
everything that I’ve committed
to use dial it’s pretty simple white only purely it’s not who, if you
go into the world they can
cycles new menace Christians, turnaround we’ll go to make disciples we go to church of Jesus doesn’t say go to church of Jesus as go make disciples of all nations go to the nation’s the nation’s do not come to us point to your neighbor and tell them you are a
missionary point to another neighbor and
tell them that as well now point to yourself and say I8 am a missionary who what do we do when we go we teach everything that we have
been talked at great right of teach what I’ve been talked that means I can’t be satisfied
with what I’ve learned in Sunday school was a kid that means I can be satisfied with just been confirmed as a
teenager that even means I can’t be
satisfied with what I learned seminary 18 years ago that means I need to be open open to be continually
instructed and talked like god in my face for a known for . We are to teach for jesus’s
command of us in matthew’s gospel what is
Jesus taught his disciples he
taught into well as god was long
and that love is all that
encompasses we have work to do it is not over is not complete
and it will not be complete in
one generation the magnitude of the work to
which we’ve been called to is
greater than we can even a
mansion it’s a bigger than our own
understanding the magnitude of the work to
which we have been called is a
work Baker and that is being
given to just this generation
but two g , it’s in the midst of this awesome
challenge in the midst of Jesus saying
it’s not over to dial there’s a promise IE will be with you always to the end of the page that some of the worry of saying
forever and ever ever and ever unlike the gospel writers of
mark Luca even john mark Matthew
doesn’t report about the
ascension about Jesus going into
heaven b he doesn’t have the disciples
looking up in Jesus one last
time saying goodbye predominance conclude with this promise I will be with few all to be in the age jesus’s presence with the
disciples jesus’s presence with us is a continual reminder now the work of god continues in us and threw us thanks be to god , and I invite you to Standish you’re
able as we seeing my him of the day
number 570 dining lord you give
the great commission in a move a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a , a a a a a a a a a a way to turn back try yellow
bullets and on page six as we
profess our faith and I sync RE we believe in one god the father
the almighty maker of heaven and earth of all that is seen in months we believe in one Lord Jesus
Christ the only son of god the turn only begun to the
father died from god light from lights
should often true, begun not
made of one being with a father
threw him all things were made for us and for our salvation he
came down from heaven was incarnate of the holy spirit
the virgin Mary and became truly the state and spruce a file on the suffered out and was very on the third day heroes again in
accordance with the scriptures is sending them listen, he will come again and Glory to
judge the living and dead in his
kingdom one in the believe in the holy spirit of more than one the proceeds from the father and
son with a father and son is
worshiping the war on loose ball into the profits we believe in one holy catholic
in the stone church the knowledge one baptism for
the forgiveness and look for the
resurrection of the day and one of the world, and we continue now as broccoli to
sing the prayers of the church pressing god’s promise of new
life and we pray for that the
church the world and all of
creation stroke for the witness of your
church in all corners of the
world because visible signs of
your vase still others see your
goodn he wrestled dog brief life in peace into your
creation project Holmes fields
and communities from damaging
winds was environmentalists
engineers you’re so bad give to all their leaders are
renewed spirit of humility and serving. Following the example of Christ
our leader savior and ruler of the old ceasefires treaties
and all agreements in agencies
that further the cause of peace
on earth here is so broad by the resurrection of them will
be priced from year to those
were getting body course. Liberate all who were building
three abuse addiction or paying restore faith to the despairing
and hope to the suffering we pray especially for those of
our prayer list and those we
near Reno name either allowed or
70 with inner parts here is oh god protect and provide for all of
whom you send out a mission
across the world and our global
mission organizations and
partners to here is a god we give you thanks for all the
saints who believe in you think
you’re going to reach her life
in your name sustain us with your error of
some presence for your Oakland
raider for beginning and are in
your synagogue the committees in all our
prayers to you and god from year
to us with your saving help for
the sake of Jesus Christ our
reason m the piece of this and lowered be
with you always and as a dozen lord greeted his
disciples please greet one
another home and home you are you are a U home a a RR a R S a REE R and R VE RVE R VE S ERS R EVE RE RVC S RV ER R REE RERV ERS V , IREE a R I V ER a RR R, S E a R E a SERS, a R R – a are , you are, a REVEN E a RIEVERVERV ERSI II I IREE R a R I S I S , SIREE RS I NI a V ES event in in in in in a in a home in a a let us pray raising them as you
broke bread with your disciples
on the short minutes and Elena
Smeal nourish us to follow you
us of a debt crisis as an a to ZZ left up your hearts people of
god S, let us give thanks for them
on a god is, to give a SS, Su it isn’t the right to our duty
in our joy that we should at all
times and end all places give
thanks and praise to you all
might in rising has brought us to
return a line and so with Mary magdalen Peter
and all the witnesses of the
resurrection with earth and
seeing all the creatures and
with angel cherubim and Sarah family praise
your name and join their unending him, of
Lowell of an eye and then, and I and the ZZZZZZ and a lot
and in the nine which has
betrayed our Lord Jesus to play
gave thanks he brought getting them into his
disciples saying taken eighths
this is my body given for you do this for the remembrance of
me again after supper heat to pick
up and gave thanks and gave it
for altering saying this compass
in new covenant in my blood shed for you and for all people
for the forgiveness of saying do this for the remembrance of
me remember in there for his life
giving passion into his glorious
resurrection and ascension and
the promise of this coming again all lord god almighty not as we
all but as we are able product on assists. The level or
unite the wills of all who share
in this heavily from the body in
blood of Jesus Christ are mor to do with you and the holy
spirit feel honor and Glory now
and forever , remembering the one who
defeated death and the great we
pray the prowler Jesus taught us are fond of the 1919, and the move is and has been an Investment Trust these is the interest of his knees, and the than a rise in home in Jesus Christ and risen from the
dead gives everyone a place of
the welcome table on Maria come to the fees as the you may be seen as weak as the
ushers direct to come forward
for commuting a home a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a move in a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a please stand as you’re able may the body and blood of our risen lord and living savior strengthen us and keep us
forever in god’s grace , a home in a a a a a ) a living dog you’re greeted us in our broken
minutes and urged us with the
body of Christ broken for us resulting in life with you some
as well to bear your heel of it
into the wooded world in the
name of our recent savior and
lord at issue has come to church now
go out into the world know that
god’s blessing is with few may almighty god who raised our
Lord Jesus from dead lift you up
and restoring to De Jesus Christ the word of life
bless you and send you to be his
witnesses and may god the holy spirit who
renews the whole earth refresh
you in the gift of baptism this day in all ways, and we
seen are sending him number 576 we’ve all are one and mission
576 a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a man thank you for joining us
on the second Sunday of east of
fall bless in celebration if you
do not have a church home in out women on Wednesday is as maybe not the Tuesday and style and then Wednesday
slashed Tuesday and is this
weight on the 30th of April so
many of Aidid’s you to join us
here at 6 and other nonsense bite you hadn’t so yes time that it had a home hell in a DNA a man praise the Lord Yang Katz OK other nonsense bopper law will thank you other
announcements NAZI enhancing the other hand, okay send a son a way of late
late may wait wait a year ago
that sun is a way prices are at home address and an 18 to: your own
way to the hospital until other
prices rising only a vague and as endgame, I have got
the sense that in a tent that

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