Get Started at TTU as an SGA Member 2019 | Programs & Events | Texas Tech Transition & Engagement

[MUSIC PLAYING] DAVID RIVERO: Hey, y’all. My name is David Rivero, and
I’m your student body president. MIRANDA DAVIS: Hi. I’m Miranda Davis, and I’m
your external vice president. AVERY AIKEN: I’m Avery Aiken,
and I’m your graduate vice president. EMILY GARCIA: And
I’m Emily Garcia, and I’m your internal
vice president. And we’re your executive
officers for the Student Government Association. DAVID RIVERO: We’d first
like to congratulate you on making your decision to
attend this great university. Your first year at Texas Tech
is an exciting time for each and every one of you,
and really sets the tone for the rest of your
college experience. We encourage you guys
to really explore each and every one of
those opportunities, get involved, and really make
the most of your time here. MIRANDA DAVIS:
Here at Texas Tech, we have an endless
amount of opportunities to create a pathway of success. We encourage you
to develop roots for mentorships and internships
within the Lubbock community. This will allow you to grow
professionally and personally for your future that lies ahead. EMILY GARCIA: Here
at Texas Tech, there are over 500
student organizations that you can get involved in. If you’re interested in getting
involved with the Student Government Association, we
have two first-year programs, First-Year Leadership
Association and First-Year Council. Both of these programs give
students the opportunity to work closely with
student executive members and senators while learning
what SGA is all about. AVERY AIKEN: One of the
most important things we want you to remember as
you transition to your life here at Texas Tech is
that everybody is new. Everybody’s in the same place. Reach out. Make friends. Join groups. Try new things. You’d be surprised
at how many people are feeling the exact
same way that you are. EMILY GARCIA: We hope you guys
are proud to be Red Raiders. MIRANDA DAVIS: And we’re
so excited to meet you this upcoming year. AVERY AIKEN: We
can’t wait to see the mark that you’re going to
leave on Texas Tech’s campus. DAVID RIVERO: If you have
any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free
to stop by the [? Org ?] Fair or the third floor of the Sub. We hope you have a great year. Wreck ’em, Tech.

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