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Hey, everyone! Kristeen from PanickedPixel here welcoming you to the visual guide to getting Ending 19 and the ‘Member of the Order’ Steam achievement in Lucas Pope’s game ‘Papers, Please’. So to get this ending and achievement, you’ll need to complete at least 4 out of 5 associated EZIC tasks which will be illustrated to you in this video, along with the ending. No commentary, just pure gameplay. Timestamps to skip around will be in the pinned comment, as well as posted in the description for your convenience. Please note that completing any of these tasks will prevent you from getting Ending 20 and the ‘Glory to Arstotzka’ achievement. Like my previous ‘Papers, Please’ guide, there are going to be labels at the top of the video so that you know which day and which entrant you need to be paying attention to for the task, as well as whether their appearance is fixed or randomly generated. I’ve also listened to some feedback about adding the next day’s headlines so at the end of every completed task, I’ll show you the next day’s newspaper. If you have any further questions or feedback, feel free to leave a comment in the description below. So without further ado, let’s take a look at what you need to do for the Order.

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    Complete at least 4 of the following tasks:

    1:17 – Task 1: Day 10 & 11 (Mikhail Saratov)

    2:11 – Task 2: Day 14 (Stepheni Graire)

    2:39 – Task 3: Day 17 (Marie Escalli)

    3:32 – Task 4: Day 20 (Khaled Istom)

    5:19 – Task 5: Day 27 (Kordon Kallo)

    : 6:54 – Day 31, 8:13 – Ending 19

  2. Your channel is honestly well put together, consistent and very entertaining. You definitely deserve more subscribers and views. I've never even heard of this game before, but I was still interested enough to finish the vid. I'm already attracted to videogame genres such as this and the kind of people who play them, but still, great video and great material.

  3. I've had Papers Please on Steam for a long time and never played, so this was really interesting to see! I should give it a go sometime

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