Get 3 for 2 membership this summer! The Menaphos Summer Special – RuneScape

This summer, the best way to prepare for Menaphos and everything else we have in store for you is by buying the Menaphos Summer Special. You can grab three months for the price of two! Great value for all your RuneScape needs over the summer! SUMMER SPECIAL

28 thoughts on “Get 3 for 2 membership this summer! The Menaphos Summer Special – RuneScape

  1. "Any account that purchased the summer special previously will be able to use the Enlightenment aura from the 1st of June to the 9th of September. The Enlightenment aura is no longer a part of the annual summer special package, so if you don’t already have the aura, you will not be able to obtain it."


  2. Is Easter ring buyable from ge? It's 2017 and we all know jagex does everything for money so I want to buy Easter ring from ge or irl money

  3. lol  dead content city and update, just make new skill, or new quests every week – like you used to do in 2006-2013

  4. This dying ass game needs a better deal than that. Considering there's so many better games for cheaper lol

  5. Would be cool if Jagex made RuneScape more free, i don't mean free as in f2p, but like, you're so limited on rs! I would like to see that our character could swim in water and things like that! And walking with WASD would just increase the freedom of RuneScape, you wouldn't feel as you're trapped in a box anymore, it just would be so much better than the click walking! And plus the more "mmorpg feel" they add to the game, the more players it will attract.

  6. But for how long is this deal out for?
    I'm not gonna buy now, because of GCSE's, until the 16th June
    but then I'll have to wait until the 26th June when Ramadhan is over and I get birthday money coincidentally

    How long will this offer last exactly?

  7. Hi,

    Firstly, I would very much appreciate your time to read through this and forward it on to the relevant team. I have searched around but am unable to find any direct contact information for ideas/suggestions/general etc. for Jagex or Runescape.

    Right, lets get to it. Firstly i'd like to say thanks. Thanks for creating Runescape back in 2001. Runescape was my first experience of MMO and my first time playing a 'real' RPG (does Pokemon Red count?). Even today, 16 years on, I am unable to find a game that compares to Runescape and it's style that we have all grown to love.

    Now you might be thinking, why is this guy looking for a game that compares to Runescape, but isn't Runescape. This isn't an issue when we're at home, sitting at our computers with time to get on and grind a bit of fishing or hunter for some much needed xp. However, the reality for myself, and most people, these days (especially the long standing fans that joined way back in the classic days, and have now grown up) is that there are other places people need to be or things they need to do (work for instance), and I'm sure you can relate. Don't get me wrong, Runescape is a great game and one of my all time favourite's, but to make it worth while a mass of time needs investing, which a lot of people just don't have. To put things in perspective, I work an average 37 hours per week, to get 99 hunter I would have to be playing Runescape for around 6 weeks at these hours. In reality I can probably fit 10 hours per week in, meaning 99 hunter will take me roughly half a year. Something that myself and others just don't seem feasible. Yes, I understand that different people want different things from a game but in general, these goals or achievemen's all require a lot of time at the PC.

    With the explosion in mobile devices and mobile gaming in general, I'm surprised that Jagex hasn't taken advantage of this and created something that their much loved fans would be so happy to see. Why hasn't a mobile variant of this much loved game been created yet? Imagine being able to grind some xp whilst on the train to work, or sitting on the toilet!! How freaking cool would that be!

    I'm not trying to sell or gain anything from this message other than a great game I could play (and would pay for), but would like you to really think about what I've mentioned and the potential an opportunity like this holds. You guys have a great pool of knowledge/skills and I have no doubt that you could create it. Try something simple, as a trial, so you can see how big this could be. It wouldn't need to be linked to the already existing Runescape, but more of a new version. Runescape Mobile. Create a small world with basic monster's/location/skills etc. Make it pixelated… as long as the great mechanics and community of the game is kept at the bones of the design then this game is sure to be a hit.

    I really appreciate your time and would love some feedback on the above if possible. I have some suggestions of my own which I would be happy to discuss if required. However, I'm sure the creativity within your team would instantly spark some great ideas.


  8. Lol people saying Runescape is dead etc. A, it's not, it's growing.
    B, why are subscribed to the YouTube channel? Don't waste your time if your gonna spew out lies and hate.

  9. Old school players are like the everyday SJW and Liberal. 2 in 1.

    Old school logic 101: RS3 is too easy! Can't even kill Giant Mole.

  10. Any one else think it sounds ridiculous when he pronounces menaphos? I mean, it's probably legit, it just sounds goofy.

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